We Spent $10,000 On iPhone 13 Accessories - What's The Best Tech You Can Get?

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New iPhone 13’s are here! We’ve been reviewing MagSafe compatible accessories all year to figure out what are the best products for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro/Max and iPhone 13 Mini. In this video, we’ll cover the best accessories for screen protectors, wireless chargers, wireless battery packs, battery packs, cases, skins, wallets, normal chargers, multi-device chargers and car mounts.

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What else have we discovered about the iPhone 13?

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The iPhone 13 isn’t as strong as the iPhone 12: ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/rHlqr5irqYywhXI

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Here are the links (and codes if we have them) for the best products in each category. The majority of the links will re-direct you to the nearest Amazon online store :

-Best Screen Protectors For the iPhone 13-
#1 FloLab NanoArmor 2: "MRE10" @ www.flolab.io (I think this code still works)
#2 Mous Hybrid Glass: 10% off link: mreh.ca/GetAMous-Dec21
#3 Shellrus Sapphire X: "MREH10" @ www.shellrus.com/

-Best Wireless Chargers For the iPhone 13-
#1 Apple MagSafe Charger (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3lZwHhd
#2 Spigen PowerArc ArcField Magnetic Charger (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3CEBX0m
#3 Mophie Snap+ Wireless Charger: mreh.ca/3oVld1l

-Best Wireless Battery Packs For the iPhone 13-
#1 Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini: mreh.ca/3oVld1l
#2 Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5k Charger (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3lTtq2E
#3 Apple MagSafe Battery Pack (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3ET83Hr

-Best Battery Packs For the iPhone 13-
#1 Moshi IonGo 5K (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/2XPAl4A
#2 Anker PowerCore 10000 PD (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3ue2caL

-Best Tough Cases For the iPhone 13-
#1 Mous Limitless 4.0: 10% off link: mreh.ca/GetAMous-Dec21
#2 Spigen Tough Armor (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/2ZzmKPZ

-Most Useful MagSafe Accessory For the iPhone 13-
PopGrip (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3CQs27N

-Best Clear Cases For the iPhone 13-
#1 Casetify Ultra Impact: mreh.ca/GetCasetify

-Best Slim Cases For the iPhone 13-
#1 MagBak: mreh.ca/GetAMagBak
#2 Caudabe Sheath (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/39GMX0C
#3 Spigen MagArmor (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3zM1G50

-Best Skins For the iPhone 13-
#1 Phantom Skins (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3AIBfOR
#2 FishSkyns: https (Amazon Link)://mreh.ca/3oariGO
#3 Toast Skins (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3ud4GpW

-Best Magnetic Wallets For the iPhone 13-
#1 PopGrip Wallet (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/2XTI2HG
#2 MagBak Wallet: mreh.ca/3i8bEI5
#3 Apple Leather Wallet (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/2WgERsE

-Best 20W Chargers For the iPhone 13-
#1 Apple 20W Charger (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3lYYChc
#2 Anker PowerPort 3 Nano (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/2Wc8Phi
#3 MagBak 20W PD: mreh.ca/GetAMagBak

-Best Multi-Device Chargers For the iPhone 13-
#1 Belkin BoostCharge Pro (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3zJ63ht
#2 Logitech Powered (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3CPeDwO
#3 Nomad Base Station (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3EWQyq2

-Best Car Mounts For the iPhone 13-
#1 Spigen OneTap (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3ogRPlw
#2 ESR HaloLock (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/2Y4FXZf
#3 iOttie One Touch 2 (Amazon Link): mreh.ca/3CMP5jX

In this video:

0:00 Intro
1:08 Screen Protectors
3:30 Wireless Chargers
5:01 Wireless Battery Packs
6:08 Battery packs
8:15 Cases
10:44 Skins
11:54 Wallets
13:15 Chargers
15:41 Multi-Device Chargers
17:14 Car Mounts

Have an accessory you want us to review? Let us know in the comment section below!

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