The Weeknd - Sacrifice (Official Music Video)

פורסם בתאריך 6 ינו 2022
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Official music video for The Weeknd “Sacrifice”. Available now, on ‘Dawn FM’:

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Directed by Cliqua
Produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney
Executive Producer Alli Maxwell, Tim Nash
Production Company Somesuch

Director of Photography Norm Li, csc.
Production Designer Carlos Laszlo
1st AD Kenneth Arnold Taylor
Abel Costume Design Matthew Henson
Abel Prosthetics Mike Marino + ProRen FX
Casting Jonny Problem
Cast Costume Design Lisa Madonna
Choreography Nina McNeely
Choreography assist Ayesha Orange
Production Supervisor Joe Keenan
Gaffer Spencer Scranton
Key Grip Nick Kirsten
Editor Nick Rondeau @ Work Editorial
Post Producer Evan Cohen @ Work Editorial
VFX by Foreign Xchange
Visual artist Benjamin Gordon
Color Joseph Bicknell @ Company 3
Beauty VFX Sunset Edit
Sound Design Raphaël Ajuelos
Film provided by Kodak
Film processed + scanned @ Fotokem

Music video by The Weeknd performing Sacrifice. © 2022 The Weeknd XO, Inc., marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • This Weeknd album is a different era in the music world. At the beginning I just listened to the album without a thread and found it strange at first, but this morning during my walk I listened to the album from beginning to end and I have to say: Wow. It was made with so much love. Every detail is on point. It just makes you feel good on the Dawn FM radio station and just makes you want to go out and dance. Weeknd is one of the most kick ass artists of our generation in my opinion, and I'm lucky to be alive in his lifetime. Awesome!

  • Fact: Everyone can agree, The Weeknd’s music is great any day of the week! Giving good vibes. He hasn’t had a bad song yet & his voice/tone is soothing.. a genuine talented Legend!💯

    • true !!!

    • Yeah, his music is 🔥!

    • I’m sorry but this video is nothing but bad vibes


    • Idk about that whole good vibes thing, my dear melancholy and house of balloons were depressing

  • Short and simple.... THIS IS BADASS!!!

    • that's why my name shilpan...

    • This seems dark , this is a mockery of what is to come


    • yoo I wrote a song that sounds like The Weeknd, mind taking a listen? :) I'd love to hear what you think!

  • Popular opinion: everyone agrees, The Weeknd’s music is excellent. A genuine Legend with endless talent!

    • @Ever Greatest lmfao how???

    • @Ever Greatest the video creepy, I feel you

    • @aegisgfx maybe your taste in music is different

    • @aegisgfx umm one right now??

    • heyo! I made a song that sounds like The Weeknd, mind checking it out? :)

  • this guy is legend , great music with great story

  • Ironically, The Weeknd music is perfect for any day of the week.

  • Good to see MJ's beats are still fire!

    • this is Alicia myers

    • It's basically Thriller.

    • Could blend with MJs Thriller

    • Thats not MJ thats Alicia Meyers I want to thank you

  • Ele mescla as batidas de baladas com um toque dos anos 80 muito bom

  • I've been listening to this song non-stop for days in a row, how can I stop doing this 😂

  • Love his music 😍

  • This man is on to a next level. He never fails. Can’t stop won’t stop.

    • On a song he said catalogue looking Legendary and I was like Damn he ain't lying. His catalogue really is Legendary

    • @Jesse Deleon His album sold 134k first week😅😅😅...Donda sold over 500k first week.

    • @Tebogo Modisane he’s beyond that at this point.

    • @Queen Marilyn1

    • Same here

  • Que álbum do caralho , que genialidade ,tô apaixonada

  • Amazing artist


  • When The Weeknd releases an album, don't rush to listen it. Find a perfect time, sit back and get lost in time by listening to it like a million times.

    • Basically

    • wont lie I rushed into the album did not like it at first like his previous ones but damn bit by bit these songs are growing on me now...


  • The Weeknd eres el mejor

  • His artistry fills all of the senses that nobody can compete with. I can smell the funk dripping off this track. Absolutely delicious.

  • Mi cancion favorita

  • this album was a work of ART.


  • It has finally made it to the top charts on Apple Music! 🍎🎵

  • No habrá alguien mejor que the weeknd

    • @Calamardo Guapo y kunno pa?

    • @el eso brad tú si sabes

    • @Luzbel habla en futuro, no pasado

    • Michael Jackson :)

  • In my opinion, there are no bad songs on this album, I love all of em Love Dawn FM

    • @Amazigh808 gosoline is literally art

    • I always wanted to be in a music video with the weeknd !..


    • The no.1 station to free your soul😭

    • 💯💯💯

  • Im always a metal head .but this artist is real great and amazing music and voice ❤❄❤

  • Temazo , comentario en español no debe faltar!! :D

  • Talent multiplied by genius!!! This composition makes the history of the music of the future!!!

  • All right "Dawn FM" is such an addictive album, I mean the more you listen to it the more it gets better!!!! 😩😩🤩❤️

    • So true at first I was like ok now I can’t stop playing it

    • True

    • Istg broo

  • I love the retro feel, so sick


    • 💯💯💯

    • The weekend should sign him


    • I have faith that I will grow a lot on ILaward

  • Это шикарный клип! Начиная от музыкальной аранжировки, цветокоррекции, движения танцоров, движений самого Уикенда - стиль музыки, темп, это реально как возвращение любимого Джексона! Особенно когда в конце песни Уикенд поет высоким голосом и его движения в конце клипа - просто гениально! Все, кому я включала этотклип, сразу говорят - это похоже на Майкла. Но это не повторение, а гениально новое произведение!

  • I love this song so freaking much!!! Omg the Michael Jackson melody and the beat. Ugh this is sooo great!!!!!!🙌🤗🎶🎵

    • @BaqaB All i hear is Alicia Myers sample and inspiration from Justice/2008 French house vibes

    • It's song faked at MJ THRIILER

  • Eres Grande The Weeknd,tus músicas son la alegría en mi vida

  • Amoooo...!! las músicas de él me dan unas vubras a las de Michael Jackson!🛐

  • Weeknd has that Michael Jackson vibes on these Retro songs & it’s sounding awesome 🔥🔥

    • If you take Thriller and Alicia Myers Thank You you have this track. This track is pretty good for a modern song but there is no touching Thriller or Alicia Myers.

    • But Michael Jackson said they don't really care about us. The weekend is "they"

    • @Red Papi

    • Yesss!

    • @Red Papi se

  • The Weeknd made my night this weekend 😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  • 2:13 sounds just like michael jackson! so amazing how he was able to recapture that energy

    • He has mentioned many times that MJ is his role model and why he wanted to get into music

  • He's not just a musician. He's a legend. There'll never be anyone like this guy.

  • All his music is amazing, I can hear the teachings of Daft Punk in his last albums, and I just love it!

    • Yes definitely, especially with this one , I could have sworn that the beat was something from daft punk.


    • he named them as an inspiration :) also hi! I made a song in The Weeknd's style..check it out?

    • Actually thought it was daft punk behind the music

  • The Weeknd doesn't need The Grammys, because The Grammys needs The Weeknd.


    • @Jack Sir just gonna paste this link into discord to find the actual video and not watch it if its something other than the weeknd

    • I always wanted to be in a music video with the weeknd !..


    • @timothYEE chalamet

  • Michael Jackson vibes so hard!!! you can tell he’s an inspiration to Abel. The Weeknd has always been poetry to me🖤🖤


    • PLEASE the weeknd come o Brazil

    • brazil

  • The best album I have ever listened to till date!!! Love from India !!!

  • Great tune 🙌🏾🙏🏽

  • I love that The Weeknd is trying to bring back that disco feeling mixed with the music of this decade. Absolutely love it

    • Lots of songs are trying to do that lately I find! He's just the best at it imo. He's 10 years in the spotlights now, and looking to go down in history as the next king of pop

    • 💯💯💯

    • @JustAnotherProtogen

    • ikr lol btw i know some of you guys hate self promoters, but if you're really interested to check my song called end of the day out, i'd be glad tho. thank you :)

    • All underground music sounds like this since 2011

  • Amo a the Whekend , soy su fan, hola te quiero mucho💞

  • Music, lyrics, voice & choreography .. God dam everything is awesome... 😎😎😎❤️❤️❤️

  • Dawn FM still on repeat..

  • Weeknd is great, Dawn FM is amazing, one of the best albums i've heard in years. I can't stand it though when people say these BS comments like "lucky to be in this generation." Like what kind of stupid comment is that? Apart from the fact that this music is basically 80s revival, but music has always been great, if anything he is an exception in a quite bland time, but listen to what people were creating in the 70s and 80s and really anytime before the 2010s.. before the internet completely numbed our brains...

    • This album reminds me of Confessions on a dance floor--excellent melodies and every song is catchy and makes y.ou want to dance. I actually think the music is more interesting on Confessions, there are more real instruments used along with the programming. I find too many of the first few tracks sound the same on Dawn FM. This is one of the 5 best though.

    • Lol. This comment .. really? On wich planet are you live darling ? MARS ,VENUS, PLUTO ,SATURN,,NEPTUN ,URANUS,JUPITER,HAUMEA,MAKEMAKE,ERIS , on EATRH-,I'AM DOUBT! AND ITS SAD ,SO F***ING BAD!


    • @Katlego Sedibe I can tell you're South African

    • @Katlego Sedibe groundbreaking 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sacrifice literally entered top 1 after 10 minutes of being first played on stream. I’ve been listening to it since the beginning, can’t wait to see more of the story, you’re a legend!

    • @Janki Jeevika


    • Yo vi q esta en tendencia 26 q hablas

    • he is now a slave to the production industry and Satan.... the "woman" in red symbolizes Baphomet open your eyes he is a sacrifice on an altar well he would never portray a depiction of him sacrificing another person. Because that would make Them look bad you need to do research Open Your eyes its time to walk into the dark and illuminate it with gods will. these evil beings are out in the open now they are working in front of our own eyes and You cannot see it. Yet people like me are here to show you if you let us. do not be so closed minded. Our ancestors had to fight "them" off or join them and they joined them because Jesus had not come yet. but he has now and they are truly weak without (Him aka God the one and only) listen i know i sound like some bible thumper but please just open your eyes do some reading into the Bible. We have let this happen because we have been blind folded and its time to remove the cloths and open Your Eyes and your mind. If not then you will be fine with your mind being there's. look up Aleister Crowleys depictions on LAM. he was a demon he summoned that told Aleister that it was a angel/alien. after you see the drawing of lam think of what it looks like.... mhm its a grey alien and "they" have easily manipulated us into thinking that these demons are "aliens" i have heard whispers that in a few years they are going to use these "aliens" and there ufos to trick us into going into a new world order. look up (project blue beam) Also guess who made the plan for the new world order? it was no other than Aleister Crowley and Adolf Hitler! and want to know what those two have in common they are in the dark arts occult and hated all religion. Especially Christians because both of their mothers were abusive and Christian. so ("their") plain was to dismember all religions with the new world order and these "aliens" then after that the "aliens" will leave and the government will be like oh we have that microchip you to you to make sure you're not an alien. do what you will this knowledge but please think about what I said. And look up some of the things i have wrote in here. And just do your research.


  • Fact is, the more you listen to this track, the more you fall in love with it.

  • The part where he channels MJ looking up to the sky gets to me. It could mean so much and be an entendre, but it could mean something much more. That’s what I love about this

  • I love the whole album. Its basically a modern version of the Thriller album!

    • Yes just thriller is better IMO

  • Masterpiece !!!

  • Can we all just appreciate, that The Weeknd never disappoints us with his beautiful music 🔥

    • @Lil Marvee I'm not in to rap that munch. I don't know what you can improve to make it sound better. Maybe get a better microphone but that's it. Good job

    • @Hydrxz

    • 💯💯💯

    • The weekend should sign him

    • The Weeknd Shot to Death In Miami Florida RIP💔💔

  • Beautiful vocals, and interesting effects.

    • Yep


    • hi there! I made an original song that has a similar style to The Weeknd 🎵 would you mind giving it a listen?

    • ..... ..

  • El mejor del mundo The Weeknd

  • The influence that MJ still has is incredible. It's 2022 and people still talk about him and how some songs sounds like his songs. He was a great inspration for the following generations. Every second comment is about MJ. He was really larger than life and the King of Pop.


    • Ragnars Revenge even more of a shame that you’re a sheep

    • Just a shame he couldn't leave the kiddies alone.

    • MJ is the greatest entertainer of all time.



    • heyo :) I made a video on how The Weeknd songs sound like, check it out!

    • Bot

  • The whole album is a masterpiece, the transitions between some songs are mind blowing, my favourite is between Best Friends and Is there someone else? . Abel never disappoints, putting the extended version of Take my breath on the album was a brave but undoubtedly wonderful decision. You can hear the work behind every single piece, the atmosphere of the interludes leaves you with an immersive experience. It doesn’t feel like a normal album, it creates a more personal impression, it feels like you’re part of it while you’re listening.

    • Yeah , to a 9 year old

    • I wouldn't say a masterpiece, its not bad at all for something modern but a bit fatiguing before halfway, that's just the overproduction on most new albums that are mixed quite upfront and don't really have any ballads or a change to the style to give a bit of breathing space. I like the transitions but that's been done with Grand Theft Auto and probably many other albums. A masterpiece is something you will want to play in 40-50 years time, I doubt you would with this. Not a lot original going on with this track for instance, Alicia Myers Thank You is the main chord sequence and a dash of the Thriller/Billie Jean beat and synths.

    • Two things are similar to Savage Mode 2, it had narration by God himself and the transitions were smooth as hell !

    • @Janki Jeevika


  • It's amazing song!

  • legit started jumping around dancing in my room. This album is just wow.....

  • The Weeknd always overcoming! THE BEST!🇧🇷👊🥰

  • Man the weekend makes perfect music he's forever going to be an icon, also fun fact: the beat he use is actually from Thriller from Michael Jackson R.I.P

    • This is not the identical instrumentation of thriller by a long shot. It is mj inspired though for sure.

  • Bons demais, nostalgia MJ, que venha the New era

    • The Weeknd Shot to Death In Miami Florida RIP💔💔


    • Ayoo 💀


    • @Rafhael Trajano Yesss! I was looking for this comment

  • absolute masterpiece as always

  • This Man Here Making Mad Hits 💯

  • I love this song it’s even better the 2 time! The weeked gives me Michael Jackson vibes

  • Gracias otra vez por esta canción

  • The whole album is more than fantastic. The scenes in which transitions are used are perfectly timed. AMAZING $!!!

    • 💯💯💯




    • ❌⭕️

  • instant classic

  • Used to love the Weeknd, but now after awakening and seeing how dark the music industry is, this is anything but original and creative. It follows the same exact blueprint used by countless music videos with ritualistic symbolism, right down to the color red representing blood sacrifice and occult initiation. Wake up people.

    • cite the vc article

    • it’s about love. It’s about him realizing he dosent have to “sacrifice “ parts of himself just to be loved. Thst he can just be himself and still be loved. I believe in god but y’all need to open ur minds and read the song for what it is . Not what u think it is

  • Fantástico !! ✨❤️

  • This is a beautiful song n great visuals

  • The Weeknd has Sacrificed his time in order to give us this great album

    • @Bad Vibes interesting...

    • The Weeknd Shot to Death In Miami Florida RIP💔💔

    • listen bro My music is actually FIRE.. but UNFORTUNATELY I dont get the RECOGNITION that I deserve🤦🏽‍♂️😤 If I Get 20k on my song "Nauseous" I might be able to get heard by somebody and change my life🤞🏽 We already at 1.9k I know yall can help me get there Imk if you rockin with me💪🏽💙💯

    • The Weeknd Shot to Death In Miami Florida RIP💔

    • noissim eht rof

  • This deserves slot of awards!

  • IT is not just a song but MASTERPIECE

  • He never disappoints us

  • Son incroyable, Clip incroyable, la claque !

  • I love that The Weeknd is trying to bring back that disco feeling mixed with the music of this decade. Absolutely love it

    • 💯💯💯

    • artist

    • If anyone can see this at all I’d appreciate your feedback on my new song Green Bands much love🤘🏿❤️

    • This is like mix of Daft Punk- Voyager and Michael Jackson's earlier works. 👏👏👏

    • @Cribby Yup. It is a sample. Great song too.

  • Just loving the Weeknds Aesthetic man it's incredible.

  • I swear The Weeknd is the best artist we will ever have. (21th century)

  • It's a music to listen to every weekend

  • Great song

  • This album becomes a part of you… it syncs with you.. he is nothing like other artists, he drops quality and quantity. Abel, the earth is 5 billion years old, and I’m just grateful to be living at the same time to witness and listen to beautiful piece of art. 🔥

    • @Typical I disagree. I get being a fan, and everyone has opinions, I'm abhuge fan as well. But every weekend album is NOT a classic. Statements like that is fanboys get laughed at. Not even every Mike jack album is a classic smh

    • This track, not knocking it isn't a bad song for something modern but it cannot ever compare to MJ or Alicia Myers Thank You which it has borrowed the chords from.

    • @Rio the God this is one of his best projects actually. But it’s hard to compare his albums because all of them are classics

    • I always wanted to be in a music video with the weeknd !..

    • @stormiezxo

  • I love this album! Does anyone know the brand of sunglasses he’s wearing?!

  • Wonderful Artist , Diff Vibes 👀✨

  • Weekand is on next level and making are day better with her songs 😃

  • Fucking Amazing music. Absolutely love this

  • Huge Michael Jackson Thriller vibes he even pays homage by not just the beat and the style of singing but also the dance moves at end of the vid❤️🔥💯

    • Yes absolutely

    • The Weeknd Shot to Death In Miami Florida RIP💔💔

    • Ayoo🤣🤣 💀

    • @FlexPlayz Dude I hear what you are saying but this album payed a lot of homage to 80s music (which is super cool.) so if you don't like 80s music and prefer modern music then this album is not gonna be it for you. After Hours was a great album but honestly Dawn FM is the best in my opinion. Cheers bro

    • @Horatio Weewee you liar

  • Tremendo rolón

  • Excellent feel good track. Makes me think of Mariah Carey’s “Make it happen” from 92

  • I can see myself skating to this....yessss...I'm loving this vibe🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Otro Nivel

  • He's an icon, he's a legend and he's the moment!

    • 💯💯💯


    • The Weeknd Shot to Death In Miami Florida RIP💔💔

    • Leave the internet groomer


  • I loved this music it has a lot of energy

  • All right "Dawn FM" is such an addictive album, I mean the more you listen to it the more it gets better!!!!

  • Definitely one of his best songs, I’d say he’s the been best artist since 2019

  • Unfortunately this guy is taking music to another level for sure 🥰

  • Wow this was a banger! One of your bests by far! 🔥

    • The Weeknd Shot to Death In Miami Florida RIP💔💔

    • Grrrrr

    • Ayoo🤣🤣 💀

    • Lol sounds like his last 3 albums

    • **

  • Mashallah...such a great song it❤💯👌

  • This album is 🔥

  • I fucking love this song.

  • You bring Daft Punk in my life in the newest version! Love it!