Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review: The Four-Pocket Laptop

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I didn't realize how irreversibly changed I'd been by folding smartphones … until one of them broke on me.

As I covered back in April, the screen on my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 spontaneously spawned some cracks at the crease, their jagged edges reminding me with each swipe how precarious my seven-month-old daily driver had suddenly become.

To its credit, Samsung repaired my phone at no cost, with a minimum of fuss: a quick couple calls and a trip to the UPS store got me a fully-fixed Fold 2 returned to me in one week. And while I worry that a similar failure might befall my Galaxy Z Fold 3 (for reasons we’ll talk about), that experience ultimately only reinforced my commitment to foldables. See, each of the seven days I was without my Fold 2 felt less productive, and more frustrating … because I genuinely couldn't do as much on a conventional phone.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 only adds more features to Samsung's foldable family, and it does so for $200 less than last year's sticker price. That makes it my next daily driver, and my new recommendation for anyone who wants to get the most from a mobile phone. I'm Michael Fisher; join me for MrMobile's Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review.



MrMobile's Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Review was produced following fifteen days with a Galaxy Z Fold 3 review sample (model SM-F926U1) provided by Samsung and tested on Verizon in New York City. Preproduction device running pre-release software, version RP1A.200720.012.F926U1UEU1AUG8.

MrMobile does not accept compensation from the manufacturers of the products he reviews in exchange for producing content. No payment was provided and no manufacturer was afforded a preview or copy approval rights concerning this first look. The lone sponsor of this video is HelloFresh.


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  • I left a lot of day-to-day details on the cutting room floor this time around - and as usual, David Cogen put 'em all into his Real World Test! 😂 Check it out for info on pocketability, Labs, more battery life testing ... and the coincidental appearance of one of the camera test shots I found in Williamsburg as well!

    • If they bring back the 3.5mm jack, the external sd card, the brick ffs, and being in the emea, don't stick me with the inferior exynos soc, I'm sold, until then, no cash from me.

    • Well thought out video michael

    • Do you have that epic Star Trek set up on the Z Fold 3? Dying to get my hands on it

    • Does anyone know if there's a way to access your iTunes movie library on the galaxy fold 3 ? I considered just buying everything again on Google play but one of my favourite TV series is not available on the Google Play store.

    • ​@frank captivate not sure if she has a youtube channel but that looks like cherylnn low from engadget. She's pretty good at tech reviews and she has been in the business for awhile now

  • I really love Michael's take on the Z Fold 3 unlike some who largely base their judgement off of specs and activities that barely show the capabilities of the Fold.

    • @Jaxn that makes the Fold a good option for vlogging

    • @Walt Samarista thats super nifty

    • @Jaxn yes. Start with the phone closed first. Open the stock camera app, then hit the "selfie" button on the top right corner. You should be prompted to unfold the phone and once you do that, you should have access to all three rear cameras for photos and videos.

    • @Walt Samarista you can do that?

    • @Jaxn have you tried using all rear cameras for selfies/videos with the cover screen as viewfinder?

  • Love these "in the wild" style reviews! Including video and audio samples makes it even better. Keep up the good work as always.

  • My housemate and I both bought one (I bought mine after testing his). I love this thing. The crease bothered me at first, especially from an angle, but turning it sideways I forgot all about it, even looking for it. The quality of the display colors truly impressed me. The depth of the colors, especially the black was bluffing. The autonomy is.pretty good. I shared the connection to my tablet and I'm still at 56% after a 12 hour day. It was strain on my finances, even paying in 4 go's, but as someone who watches a lot of ILaward and streaming on the go, it's a damn fine investment.

  • Many of the major outlet reviews seem to be focusing hard on the wrong things, especially the Engadget one. You truly focus on what makes it great without ignoring its flaws. Perfectly balanced review. I truly can identify with every word.

  • I feel the same way as you. Foldables make the split screen abilities of Android actually usable. Can't wait for my Fold3.

    • Trying to decide if I should wait till the galaxy fold 4

    • I love using 3 split screens + pop up apps on my Galaxy Tab S7 all the time. I have never seen multitasking this amazing, not even my iPads. Samsung multitasking = best out there 👌🏻

    • @Janoy Cresnova Cutting edge tech is the best!

    • @Fallen family assuming they were 100% purchased, that's a small number of them to watch for. 3k.

    • @Jeremy Hanson you might be able to find one on eBay or something later. Because there's no doubt that one of the employees will end up selling the phone

  • The side task bar may be the best improvement in mobile interface i've ever seen, for multitasking and productivity... I hope it kinda evolves into something similar to KDE's Plasma panels or the like!

  • Ordered my Fold 3 a week or two ago after all your coverage of the Fold 2 and the initial thoughts you had. Arrived yesterday, replacing my S10+ and whoah is it so much MORE than any of my previous phones. Glad this review only confirms that 🙂

  • Great video, Fold 3 is the first ever all in one device, phone + tablet + pc (Dex). It is amazing how far mobile devices have gone. The price here is really justified and Samsung even dropped it by 200.

  • Thank you Michael! All these reviewers complaining about having a hard time typing using the front screen and you show them that swiping to type (which I keep telling people) is the way to go. It's so easy and intuitive.

  • This is why you're one of my favorite ILawardr, the video is just so damn detailed and entertaining, awesome stuff bud!

    • Agreed. Mr. Mobile needs more followers and deserves so much more credit that he's already getting.

    • @Jack Wilson Agreed - Bur what do you mean by a “Apple product seller”?

    • Micheal is truly my favourite "ILaward"

    • Indeed, he is one of best reviewers with passion for tech instead of a sellout Apple product pusher like most of the big ones. (He would get more subs doing the latter, but would sacrifice integrity in the process)

  • Another superb review from the man single handedly driving the mass adoption of foldables! Love your fold series and thanks for this great review also - I’ve bought the fold 3 and got the spen and case free from Samsung

  • Great review. Can see your passion for tech has not dropped one bit! I would say that I’m not yet convinced about the foldables Yet, however it’s time will come. I look forward to your reviews then as I do now! 😃

  • The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is going to be my first foldable device and I can't wait to finally pick mine up from AT&T. As usual Michael's reviews are the always my favorite.

  • I think removing the protective screen and not replacing it with another one quickly causes the cracking. The protective layer helps the glass longer. That's what I've found on my fold 2.

  • I really enjoy your videos. The reviews, the series with the old phones especially. I like how they are quite focused on real world use and not spec sheets.

    • Plus One Six Eight One Six Two Zero One Four Three One

    • Congrats you have been selected among out shortlisted winner W * h * a * t * s * a * p * p ..

  • Another informative and well presented review 👍👍I took the plunge and received my fold 3 Thursday. Traded in my Note 20 ultra and ordered S pen and case, watch and ear buds using the $200 far so good.... thanks for all the great information 👍

  • Excellent video as always! I’m very curious to see how I would use something like this in my personal life if I were given one. Not sure if I’d find it particularly useful as I prefer doing most things on my iPad Pro instead of my iPhone when I can, and most of the time I don’t wish my iPhone 11 was larger.

  • Out of every fold 3 review I watched. This was well detailed, video detailing the fold itself and well very entertaining

  • Usually Flossy Carter's reviews are the ones I look forward to the most, of course Mr. Mobile is right near the top as well... But when it comes to foldables, MR. MOBILE is always my most anticipated review!

    • I bought a iPhone 13 pro based of reviews boy what regret never again funny thing is i bout both the samsung fold 3 and flip 3, s21 ultra without watching reviews and love them but since i have airpods max i needed a iPhone so got the 13 mini trash phone

    • @Mr Kring Gotta back u up on this one. People are falling for visual effects but his content in itself is dull. I dont think he's trustworthy since his whole thing is being first but he doesn't actually put efforts in reviewing the devices

    • @André Gomez id take Marques out of that. Damn most overrated reviewer out

    • Flossy is good but I feel like Mr. Mobile has better video production team

    • I have 4 reviewers experts that I look foward: Flossy, Marques, Thao Huynh and our boy Michael. Each has its own style.

  • A great detailed review. I'm not unhappy with the S Pen as a Note 20 Ultra user. And I do use a BT keyboard as a productivity tool. I also agree that the front is good for one handed use.

  • Using my Z Fold 3 to watch this video now lol but seriously, worth every penny. I don't think I could go back to a regular slab phone. And the tech is only going to get better from here.

  • 13:36 THIS! This is why MrMobile is excellent. This use case is something I regularly struggle with using my phone/ipad. Also, the signing documents part. But no one seems to mention these real life scenarios in reviews except Mr Mobile. So glad to see this is possible in the Fold. I’m going to save up for the nth gen so I can ditch my current phone + ipad setup.

  • I've had all three of the folds... Hands down best phones I've ever owned. I can never go back to a standard candy bar phone. It's truly revolutionary and worth every penny. The 3 is just amazing. Awesome review!!

  • Man you make me so excited to get my fold three in a few days. I have an S21 Ultra right now and I'm skeptical since the cameras are so much better and the battery life but you make me feel at ease! Awesome video!

  • Excellent review here Michael! Do you think the price delta and extra features are worth the premium for someone looking to purchase their first foldable? Or would an entry level person find enough utility in the Flip 3 and then see if they want/need the other (Fold) form factor?

    • They are very different devices. The Flip is normal smartphone that is svelte and small. The Fold is a small folded tablet that is big.

  • Amazing freaking review as always... it really is refreshing to see someone review samsung and this phone in particular with so much optimism and good energy cause that's exactly how I feel writing this on my z fold 3 very first foldable after long time note user and my god what a refreshing experience I'm a kid all over again looking for aimless reasons to pull out (that's what she said) my phone. The hate is so real frome (they who shall not be mentioned 🍎) that actually hearing a review share my excitement is just .... well.. reassuring that I'm not going crazy cause phone fucking folds 😂

  • MrMobile. You are in a league of your own.Honesty & genuine reviews ALWAYS

  • Exactly what I've been waiting for, the review from the true folding phone expert of ILaward. I now feel completely justified in making the pre-order. Can't wait to get mine!

    • @PSYCHO I think it's perfectly reasonable to want a device (hence why I pre-ordered before this review or any other review went up) and use the reviews of ILawardrs (who have way more experience with smartphones than I do) to support that opinion. I've also consumed opinions and reviews from a heap of other sources to decide on whether the Fold 3 was going to be good for me, but this review is the one I was waiting for because Mr Mobile is the most day to day authentic review experience I have found.

    • @Wass im I'm a bigger fan of his than YOU. 😂😂😂 It doesn't change the fact of what I said. Too many people wrongfully rely on OTHER people to influence their opinion on something whether it's a movie, TV show, video game, TV purchase, smartphone purchase, etc. Watch something yourself. Play the game yourself. Use the device yourself and form your own opinion on it. Returns exist for a reason. If I want to see what having a dual-screen phone like the Surface Duo or LG V60 is like, I'll buy both and try them out and see if I like either of them and/or see which one fits my needs. Same goes for foldable phones. If I have the Z Fold 2 but want to see if the Z Fold 3 is a big enough improvement, I can try the phone at a store or buy it myself and use it for a week and return it if I don't like it.

    • @PSYCHO That's true except the fact that Michael Fisher is not any youtuber :)

    • Thing is, you shouldn't have to justify your purchase based on what any ILawardr thinks. You should buy any product you want and try it out for yourself and if you don't like it then you can return it for a full refund. It's not difficult.

  • That thing gave you 2,5h more screen on time than my S21 did at 16h without changing. The battery life on that was awesome nothing to complain about

  • I don't know why but I just feel Michael's reviews are much more genuine and honest for a tech enthusist. Made me start to look at foldable smart phones from a different view. But always excited to see his presentation of new Tech 10/10 my favorite tech guru🤙🏼

  • The first weekend with my Fold 3 has been a blast. Getting the Fold 3 bundle (S-pen, Duo charger, Galaxy Buds2) as a preorder gift was icing on the cake. 👍

  • One thing I really miss that I had on my Note 10+ after switching to the Z Fold 3, is the ability to download additional edge panels! I used the To-do list and calculator panels ALL the time! And I've tried using multi-tasking and dragging the calculator out to pair when I need it, but it's not the same or as convenient.

  • I’m still really satisfied with my Fold 3, the amount of features this thing has is simply insane. It’s camera however isn’t really the best, which rocne nicest doesn't really bother me as I’m always carrying either my Leica CL or FujiFilm X-Pro 3 in my bag.

  • A great unbiased, fair and reliable review of this absolutely fantastic phone. Really enjoyed watching.

  • Great video as always. Once the price comes down on foldables, I might consider them. I like the concept and they have come a long way, but still too many compromises (mostly related to durability) for the price.

  • This is the first review I've watched that doesn't feel like you had a prior agenda, excellent stuff. You've swayed me towards the Z fold 3 😁

  • Finally made the fold purchase since I had to replace my iPad. I couldn't imagine going back to carrying two devices.

    • @Todd Hacker best of luck and my condolences for the furry you will have to endure from them for the Z Fold. But I'm certain it will all pay out in the end.

    • @nehem Sharing info between apple devices is what has kept me from leaving the ecosystem, but the function of the Fold may sway me enough to take the ass chewing from my wife and her family.

    • @nk they have a whole guide on the website

    • @sailboatking but need server settings. Any guess what's this.

    • @sailboatking thanks a lot 👌didn’t know it existed. Getting a cheap Mac mini

  • Hi Michael, I enjoyed the review, but was just wondering if your four pocket laptop would have benefited from changing to DeX mode instead of leaving it in "standard" android mode, or is that not possible on the Fold 3 like the Galaxy Tab S7/+?

  • it seems like a great upgrade for anybody looking to get a new foldable device. I'm on the fence about these for upgrades though, since many of the enhancements are based in software. I like the idea of the new main display cover. The stylus is cool but horrible idea to not mandate a holder. Personally I'd take a $200 better camera instead of the same cameras for $200 less, but I understand their decision. I guess the big mystery is whether a hypothetical Fold4 will be VERY different, rather than an incremental upgrade. we'll see...

  • Thanks Michael for this very informative video!! I ordered the green one with 512GB for myself. Getting it in a few days. I had already the Fold 2 for a month some time ago. I'm really excited! So the battery life is not too bad? I also want to sell my iPad to do all tablet things with one device. I want to point out your always top of the line professional videos which I (and many others) appreciate very much! And already for many years! Greetings from The Netherlands!

  • Having been an avid Note user for a good few years now and because of the lack of Note release this year and the s-pen support, the fold 3 was top pick for me. I do miss the pen integration but managed to snag a free starter kit case with pen. I do wish there was a more elegant solution to the pen issue but I'm more than happy using the device, in fact I'm over the moon with it. I'd like to see a Note fold maybe in the future but after 2 weeks of heavy use I'm glad with the purchase. 👍🏼

  • I am absolutely in love with my fold 3. Its such a great device, if they can just make the next version's screen more durable and overall lighter weight, itd be perfect.

    • No jack in alla that space

    • Z Fold 2 and 3 have garbage aspect ratios. Waiting for Samsung to release one of these two Bi-Fold beasts instead: 😎

    • @Hugo Paz It's called 21:9 aspect ratio like the Mate X2.

    • Wider and a place for pen that would be my only change. I love mine as well

  • What a nonstop, absolute showcase of excellent editing and direction over a video just pouring excellent B-roll and tech nerd entertainment. Mr. Mobile's masterpieces just always seem to top the last and I can never get enough.

  • Really great video. You blended some real world tests with a great review. Totally agree with the screen size, you can do real work, review a document or excel, that on a normal slab are possible, but just horrible. Cameras, I don’t get why people need to keep pushing for better, for my normal human use, they are just fine in most phones. Get the spen into the chassis next year and I might just defect from my Note.... Enjoyed that a lot!

  • Man why have I never come across this channel!? I love my usual favourite reviewers like Sakitech and probably my favourite Flossy Carter but this review was great! Done perfectly and covering all aspects quite fair. Nobody is talking about using it as a potential second monitor etc! Great work man and you've gained a new subscriber 👍👍

    • TRUE ❤️❤️❤️ SUBSCRIBE 👍😍👍❤️

  • Love all the star trek stuff you put in. Still hanging on to my Note 9. Once that fails I'll probably get the Razr flip phone, I like that usable cover screen as the Z flip still seems to small.

  • Actually just picked my Z Fold 3 up yesterday, I'm absolutely loving it!

  • Still waiting to see if Samsung really comes out the Z fold soon and what the pixel fold will be.defintely glad to see the tech is maturing quickly

  • I’m deep in the Apple ecosystem but, damn, these foldable phones make Android look so alluring.

    • @Brian Williams I think I’m gonna do it and get the fold 3 tomorrow. Worst case when I upgrade in a year I’ll go back to apple if I don’t like it I guess

    • @Greg Pfaff the cameras on the iPhone 13 are awesome but a little beyond even what the techiest person like myself needs. This is the first time since my my first iPhone, the Verizon 4s, that I didn’t order. I don’t know that I’d fully convert but I am considering picking up one of the foldables and rotate with my 12 Pro Max.

    • I have had every iPhone since the 4S and currently I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max and I plan on getting the fold 3 tomorrow. iPhone 13 has done the bare minimum update. Fold 3 looks amazing and ready to try something truly new and innovative

    • I switched from apple last year after 10 years with them. Best decision ever made. I started with the note 20. I wanted the fold 2 so bad. But I wanted to start small and get to know android first. Now I have the fold 3 and I'm never going back to apple.

    • If it's not a task you can get one and use it with your apple phone

  • Love your videos man. Appreciate your selection of natural area and your own apartment rather than studio for shooting videos. Video looks so lively and doesn't look like an announcement. Best reviewer in tech!

  • Love your reviews Mr Mobile. You are very informative 👍 with the information given. Looking forward to your update on the fold 3 in the coming months.

  • I'm currently waiting for my pre-ordered Fold 3. Will be interesting to try out and see if I too will go into the fold. I'm glad foldables are getting popular so that we hopefully will get more apps optimized for non-candybar android usage, both foldables and tablets. Great review Michael, the effort you put in these really shows. Hope you get a few more realaxing weeks ahead. Take care.

    • And this is a tiny thing really, but couldn't they have made matching S-Pen for each color? Would have been nice with a silver pen.

    • Just struck me. Are Samsung still running their Consierge service, with on demand servicce, meal discounts and occasional box of chocolates they were running for the Fold 2? Guess not since noone has mentioned it. Perhaps the Thom Browne people.

    • Never having owned a Note I find myself prefering the more standard sized S-Pens, I just hope it has a nice weight and balance to it. A clip, and possible a cap or retractable nib would make it easier to store the pen in a shirt or jacket pocket.

  • Michael is the most enthusiast tech reviewer for foldable phones, he reviews deeply and thoroughly It shows that he really, really loves foldable phones I think i remembered his first phone was a flip phone?

  • You could already force all apps into multiview. It's under developer options. I did that with my Z Flip 5G on day 1.

  • Ive been using mine for about a week , the crease really doesnt bother me , and you can hardly see it after a little while... really solid device , once I have time to set it up good, ill enjoy it more ...

  • A self healing plastic screen or glass panels on the fixed sides and a folding middle crease would be nice! 😬

  • Undefeated content. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your videos 🙏🏼

  • I think that foldables are the perfect form factor for mobile work. Typing on a tablet is basically impossible without a split keyboard, even in portrait mode. Trying right now and I can't do it unless I rest my hands or the tablet on the table... This phone is far lighter than my tablet obv.

  • That persistent taskbar reminds me of the Galaxy Note Edge... a phone that started all of the curved shenanigans that Samsung would do until they came out with folding phones, but utilized it better than the other phones because it added more real estate to that giant (at the time anyway) canvas.

  • As always, fascinating script and best in the game review from THE BEST. Thanks Michael

  • Imagine if the fold could do Dex like the Samsung Tablets do without the external display. Could make the 4 pocket laptop alot more useful

  • The screen protector, when viewed side on, looks really cheap. I have to imagine using two pieces of glass, with a 1/32 gap would be better. But I guess if anything got caught in that gap, it could crack the glass.

  • Impressive phone! The price in Germany is, right now, about €1380. That's still too much for my taste. However, with tech advancing I can see myself buying one in the next three years. At that point, hopefully many apps have been adapted. While smaller than my "fun" notebook for sure, I could see such a phone one day replacing it.

  • Michael... Thanks for bringing a different perspective into the review. This clearly shows the difference between someone who might have just reviewed one for few days vs someone who religiously uses one as a daily driver. Pls keep up the great work. Big fan of the MrMobile channel from India.

  • Such a masterclass in reviewing. Love the content Michael.

  • I love ALL of the Star Trek references in this video. Just got my Fold 3 and I'm looking to love it, but my iPhone 11 has spoiled me with its cameras and use. I also want the pen but I'm unsure just how much I'll use it without a native casing for it. Thanks for the video!!🖖

  • While others like MKBHD give a good specs-wise comparison and a conservative take on a fold device, Mr.Mobile tested it out with real life use case scenarios and how a fold can really improve your smartphone experience. I wish more reviewers took the pain to actually use this device, blend it in to their daily life, before coming out with a review.

  • Great review every in-depth loved the camera comparisons shows differences very clearly. Plus use of laptop mode.

  • Great overview of the fold 3. I'm a big Note user, so have been looking forward to the addition of the pen. Disappointed that it's not built in though...

  • Refreshing, friendly and yet very professional. You truly are one of the best reviewers on ILaward, and my go to source of info before I decide to splurge on something. Pls keep it up MrMobile

    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I work in mobile repair, and have seen a couple Fold 2s come thru my store. Every time I was enamored by it. I was already on the fence about buying one for myself, but seeing it and holding it for myself confirmed for me that I wanted one. I got my 3 a couple days ago and find it to be worth every cent, even at the steep-ish asking price.

    • @Ahmed360 Any phone will break. Your focus should be on how the manufacturer treats customers who need repair. Every single Fold repair story I've heard including Mr Mobile's is a quick call and a replacement or fix. No genius telling you that it's totalled and you might be better off buying a new one. And then there's Flossy who handles his devices and both his Fold and Flip from last year are more than fine.

    • @Ahmed360 it's not wide spread and I can't really tell you what the reason is but I assume some massive dirt comes into the hinnge and causes it to crack when you fold it I assume

    • Do you happen to know the cause of Fold 2 self-cracking folding display? Ist wide spread? I'm considering one however worried about the longevity of the screen.

  • Just had my Fold3 delivered this past week from my carrier...I blame Mr.Fisher here for me ordering it. But damn what a phone! The gimmick quickly fades when you start discovering the abilities this thing has and that's a good thing!

  • Love the "for pocket laptop" hahaha. Honestly I purchased the fold 3 just for this just in a different manner. I have Monitor, mouse and keyboard setup and I'm hoping to cast my phone and use the monitor with dex mode.

  • i am excited to see what improvement Samsung would make to the Fold 4 next year.. hopefully the price wont go up.

  • man, i forgot how incredible your reviews are! your scripts are always top notch, keep it up!

  • I think Michael is quite literally the go to person for all things foldable. Really appreciate your take an analysis 👌🏿. Will recommend your videos to anyone interested in these phones

  • If the crease holds up well for 2 years, this could be worth buying for the feature set and convenience of a foldable tablet in pocket!

  • I'm currently using a Surface duo and the larger display has been a game changer. Combine with noise cancelling ear buds I can take my kindle library anywhere, something that was barely tolerable on my old note 20 ultra. I've preordered the fold and can't wait. The Duo is good but sometimes I just wish it was one big screen.

  • Hey Michael! Awesome content as always!! Do you think the Z fold would tolerate a pop socket?

  • Fold 4 might be the fold to get, I got a hunch it will enable pen input on the outer screen and the only things thats holding me is the camera setup not being on the same as the S21 ultra.

  • Thanks for the great review but I still wishes for a wide front screen as my fold 2 front screen is really hard to use as a daily driver

  • Having had my Fold 2 since launch last year it has been a truly awesome experience and I have had no issues whatsoever through daily use. The Fold 3 looks to be a decent package with its upgrades over the Fold 2. However, I feel that the Fold 4 will be the one that will get people really thinking about a foldable device and it will definitely be my next upgrade. The quality and feel of these foldables is really something else (when they don't screw up haha) and picking up normal phones really highlights the true engineering feat that Samsung is pushing. If you're on the fence then you're obviously a techie person and I would say go for it as there is truly something special about owning one of these and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

    • Yeah I agree with you. Keep your fold 2. Fold 3 isn’t that much different. I bet that we will have to wait till the 5th generation for the fold to have an embedded spen. The fourth gen will have spen compatibility on the front display I bet. Then the 5 will get the embedded pen.

  • To be able to watch this video on my z fold 3 is a blessing, loving my first fold so far.

  • Mr Mobile publishes, I watch. Also, never thought I would endorse a creators sponsor, but Hello Fresh truly is awesome. We already love cooking, but HF’s recipes are just outstanding and uses spices that we would never think to use. Anyway…. Waiting for an  foldable since I’m entrenched in the ecosystem. Oh well. Cool phone…..erm….tablet. 😐

  • I've got to say, a perfect way of approaching the subject matter at hand!🤓😎 Who would have thought 25 years ago you could obtain this helpful buying decision info from your cell phone about a cell phone like we see here. It's only going to get crazier!🤯🤪

  • I enjoyed this review very much. My only question is: In your opinion, is the lack of the S-pen a deal breaker?

  • I have had this phone for a week following my note 20 ultra. Love it...not perfect, but great for me.

  • A great phone on its own but as a Fold 2 owner I was hoping for more.

  • Excellent review. Probably the best Fold 3 review I've seen. Very nice job.

  • Just ordered the Z Fold 3, and I'm so stoked to finally get rid of the candy bar form factor I've had for the past 22 years. Except for screen size, it's basically still been the same concept, physically at least. Sure, more functions, and they've replaced other cameras, but there's only so much excitement that can be had with incremental updates. This is on par with the excitement level I had when I went from laptop to the Surface Pro 3, which still serves me well today, but now I'm hoping to even be able to leave that one at home in more scenarios.

  • Always wondered why it's not as wide as a Note or S+ or Ultra when folded (making it even bigger unfolded), but your explanation that it makes it usable one handed makes sense. If you need two hands folded and unfolded it would make the folded version redundant.

  • End part goes further beyond in further review and testing than many videos so far in the past 2 days - week. Thanks! I wanted to know more about the Samsung Dex

  • Just found your channel. Really enjoy your content. Particularly how you scripts and narration are more of a story you tell vs just talking to the camera about your opinions. Definitely checking back in when new content drops.

  • I still cannot leave my N20U yet but I think Samsung is in the right track. I can see myself using it for my work and personal life in a few years later. There are too many Samsung haters but I thank Samsung for bringing real innovation and excitement in mobile phones.

  • Like I said in your introductory of the GZF3, "Not right now... Needs some more improvement in the durability department before I could see myself with one of these in my pocket!" BTW, I cannot wait until your first impressions and full review when the Pixel 6 finally gets here, and all the changes made with THAT!

  • Awesome review as always❤️ Fold and Flip 3 selling like hot cakes as recently published

  • I'm quite impressed by the cameras. They are pretty good!

  • How do you feel about using something like the duo over the fold? I'm trying to decide which to go for. I have a note I use for social media and video editing and I feel the duo style device would be better for this type of task over a fold as my next upgrade?

  • This is the best ZFold3 review so far! I really appreciate your work on foldables!