Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 - Must Have Accessories ( Wireless Car Charger Mount / S Pen Case and More)

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 - Must Have Accessories
Buy them here, - Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 - Samsung 25W Wall Charger - Baseus 100W Wall Charger - Samsung Galaxy SmartTag - Samsung Wireless Charger Trio - S-Pen Cover - Slim Armor Pro - Leather Cover - Aramid Cover -Wireless Car Charger

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    • @Flossy Carter Great!! Done! Thank you so much! Love the vids


    • I loved the wallpapers, where can I get them??? Thanks!

    • maybe if you can find a descent phone stand for us artists and gamers. something to prop it up at eye level on a desk similar to the car charger

  • I wonder if there is a battery case for this phone

  • do you think the car charger will work with the spiegen slim armor pro case installed

  • Hey brother I love you vibe can you tell me how you got the screen saver


  • Where did you get the ringtone?

  • Just got the fold 3 and waiting on it to be delivered today. Great video. Had to sub after watching it. Gotta get that car charger 💪🏾

  • Love your channel...Where else can you get great product reviews and snap crackle and pop!

  • That BMW 🔥

  • Broooo! No Jibber Jabber, and straight to the point review! Respect!

  • Just ordered my Z Fold 3 and decided to check out your video to see what i should get for it. While being super entertained by you chucking around the boxes and bouncing my head to your beats, I am going to order that car charger and smart tag. Great video and thanks for the help!!!👏

  • Hahaha you would have a popcorn tune on your bmw 🤣

  • Thank you for the shout out (old school cat)

  • Some of the s-pen cover case reviews say it's junk. I'll just say that it shouldn't cost more than maybe $10 over the price of a standalone s-pen. Especially true if you can't wear watches at work and need immediate access to the cover screen clock. The pen holder can be slid off the case. If you like to tinker, dig the magnet out of the flip cover near the spine, use a dremel to cut a flip cover case style window and greatly decrease the aggravation factor of this case.

    • Samsung missed an opportunity to make the Fold Edition s-pen great. The back half of the pen should've been made like a regular soft tip stylus so it could be used on the cover screen. A stylus on that skinny cover screen keyboard will let you swipe-type like a madman.

  • This video needs a warning not to test drive the Dearhot car mount on your computer desk or you might end up buying a 2nd one for the car. The clamps allow you to connect your USB-C to HDMI adapter so you can use Samsung DeX with your monitor, wireless mouse and BT keyboard. Thanks, Flossy for covering DeX. It's like having a Raspberry Pi or Mac Mini built right into the phone. A lot easier to justify dropping $2k on a phone when it buys you some time upgrading your old PC.

  • Love your reviews but would love to see you be less aggressive with the Packaging

    • Why? The package goes in the garbage, the video is about the products not the boxes 😂

  • The way he rushed taking off the protection at the start and just quickly folded and unfolded without doing some special reveal.. it gave me the jitters

  • Thanks a lot for your. video. You are amazing and I like your energy + straight to the point. I will definitely buy the cover and smarttag. It's really useful for keys, purse & phone

  • You know if you want to sit the phone open and flat on the table, the S pen and it's case slide right off the cover, they are in a groove

  • Hmmms smart tag... I think I shall invest. 😌 since I'm getting into the Samsung ecosystem 😆

  • Video was great, but that car was better

  • Been daily driving the Z Fold3 since it launched, really awesome video! That wireless car charger caught my attention because I've been using it folded up in my car and it sucks not being able to use the full screen.

  • I need the cover that holds the pen but like you, I hate the floppy top cover. Oh well, no other choice.

  • Is there any charging case for the zfold 3 on the market ? I mean the batterie is insine the case

  • Floss sold me another phone

  • 24:00 his bmw is probably gonna handle bumps better than a 96 cavalier- so your experience may vary haha

  • Thank you for being so thorough. Great! ❤️

  • I reversed the mount and use the feet for stability. And it stays in the vent perfectly. I didn't need to lock it like you.

  • Wait no charger at that price point? Unacceptable. Ok just saw the wireless charger, I can see how that would be preferable and then just using a power block while out of the house.

  • that's a real guy there . I like his style man everything is just real and clear. hey brother I would like to see some screen protection or like screen cover cases if its available in market for galaxy z fold 3. show us please.

  • Did you... recommend the S Pen Case? For real? i ditched that crap after the first month of use and ended up buying a ringke case and some adhesive holders for the s pen

  • Should I buy fold 3 or iPhone 13 pro max

  • Does the car charger work with the slim armor pro case? The hinge part is very bulky

  • Thanks for showing off that car charger/stand. I will for sure be buying that for that awesome unfolded GPS look

  • "must have" yet all would just take up space or get chucked in the trash. S pen is the only thing you need with this phone, and dont drop it.

  • Got the Z fold 3 yesterday, they had one in stock at my local store and grabbed it up. Ended up with the Samsung case with S pen. Great video!

  • Just got mine yesterday! Thank u for the video!

  • It is a cool phone tho just don't drop it to much and GET THE VRS FULL PROTECTION CASE BEST 55$ IVR SPENT and LOVE the contra ring tone

  • Don't buy That car mount if u got a cadillac

  • Amazing effort went into this thorough review. $1800 is a serious drop

  • What's that retro ringtone from?

  • Look like charger wanted to race lmao

  • With exception of the case ordering the spigen s pen joint

  • Floss Salute and bless good brother I copped it all up off of you're review good brother all is Sickness 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤜🏽🤛🏽

  • The car charger has to be 180° in the other way ;-) then it is way more stabile

  • Whiteshoes checkin in on u makin sure ur work'n

  • Flossy Carter, I need to know what kind of band that is on your watch. That red white blue joint 🔥. Let me know.. I need to pop that on my watch Side note, need that ESB screen saver too. Lol

    • @Flossy Carter No doubt. Good lookin'!

    • It's Thome Browne Galaxy Watch 4

  • Bro you sound like ownage pranks Tyrone the black voice impersonation

    • No, he’s trying to sound like me. I’m actually a Black man, he’s just trying to copy😂

  • 🤣you broke it. Flossy, my phone is scheduled to arrive on Monday 11/8. Watching this accessory video many choices from you.

  • Bro I like the video. If you don't mind me asking bro what kind of BMW is that you drive big homie?

  • saying "rah" before cutting the tape is absolutely crucial to the unboxing experience.

  • You do know less watts will make your phone life span longer and less ware.

  • Hey u should have got a cool skin for it , I have leather texture on mine. Oh n camera protector is a must, its like a screen protector . Must have

  • Got my phantom green hulk mode💪💪💪💪💯💯🤣🤣

  • Had to drop a like, and subscribed after that contra ringtone

  • For the car charger, has anyone tried driving around with the phone folded? On Amazon it says that it’s best secured when the phone is fully opened. Has anyone tried driving around with the phone folded and had problems with it? Like falling out or not being fully secured?

    • I say take a chance and try it, iPhones get so boring after years of continuous use lol

    • @Flossy Carter believe em you are one person that got me into this phone, I’ve been an iPhone user for like 6-7 years now but I want a change and watching your videos not just this one, but other ones also about the z fold 3. You convinced me and now with this video I have like 5-6 things on my Amazon cart ready to ship hahaha thanks man and keep doing what you do! I subscribe and will watch your other videos see what else you can teach me 👌🏼

    • Hahahahaha trust me bro, I wouldn't steer you wrong.

    • @Flossy Carter you’re amazing thank you! I have so many things in my Amazon cart now because of you hahaha

    • I use it either way. It's not gonna fall out.

  • lol Awesome reviews I love this guy!

  • Jesus how am i just now finding you? Instant sub then i heard the ring tone and said in the right place. Keep grinding!

  • I just came across your video's, and I think you might have already become one of my go to guys to check out spec on gadgets. Really like the way you make the video's! No useless info or long story's people don't wanna hear, just short sweet with a little dash of entertainment. Deserves a subscription Keep doing you!

  • This guy is great!

  • Yep I got the ZFold3 after Floss"s review. Man I love this Phone. Period Point Black 👊🏽

  • That steering wheel is sick and the ultimate flex

  • "Super fast" lol

  • What car you got

  • I got the smart tag to find my phone when I lose it ... not Impressed at all now I lost my smart tag and the phone....😁

  • 👆👆👆👆 thank you for your help 🙏

  • 😷 The fact that you gotta take the Z fold 3 outta the protective case in order to put it in the carmount is a deal breaker for me. So gonna stick with my Note 20 Ultra until the next iteration 😱


  • I bought the Z Fold 3 against everyone's advice to not buy. It's a great secondary phone.

  • Totally broke that clear case Floss!

  • Thanks for fucking up your car with those bumps for us lol 😆 😂 🤣 greatly appreciated, don't do it again lmao 😂🤣😂

  • Got the mount coming in today thanks for the video have my fold 3 coming in hopefully soon 🙏 . Have the flip 3 as of now so definitely going to see how the fold is going to be. Thanks for the advise. Shout out to white shoes as well

    • Just got it yesterday and the thing is fire. Love it can't put it down lol. And using it with the mount is amazing thanks for a great accessory video

    • @Flossy Carter thanks bro

    • You gonna love it bro!

  • Bro absolutely love this fold. Was a die hard apple fan boy. Great review I never thought I would laugh so much on a review, you made this video fun good stuff! Haven't had this much fun with a phone in a long time!

  • My dude was trying to give that charger the smoke 😂😂

  • Is that the galaxy watch 4 being charged on the trio? Trying to figure out which wireless chargers work for the watch 4. I've been reading online, only the old duo model (not the 2.0). Thanks! :)

  • Just got my Z fold yesterday, switched from Apple and I love this phone, Samsung definitely did their thing w the 3!

  • Lol... Love the sniff. and "flagpage"

  • Does the car charger work with the VRS terra guard hinge protection case?

    • Wanting to order it but don't want to of its not gonna work I ordered the case bcz of your review & love it... thanks

  • Can you review the status audio between pro buds?

  • This sold me on the car mount. Ordering one now.

  • Can't wait to hear your review on the ever expensive Note 22 ultra! Still have my Note Edge because of you.

  • My fold on the trio charger causes a loud ticking noise super annoying.

  • Your a legend. Respect for the real life trials on this gear.

  • Yo where you get that contra ring tone haha. yeah that car charger is bomb for car!!! I had it for my Fold Z 2. Hell yeah scat pack!!! MOPARORNOCAR. I got an hellcat

  • lol you have an new subscriber mane. Smells like the chronic lol

  • 👍

  • Thanks for the vid. Just got my notification that my phone shipped today so this video came in handy. Already placed the order for the car charger!

  • I got the Galaxy z Fold 3! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing this info! You rock!

  • Will the car mount work with a Slim Armor Pro case?

  • Gday mate! Thanks for the video. I didnt know I need that Wireless Car Charger Mount until I saw your vid. Just wondering, is the thing still holding up to this day?

  • Hey floss have you tired the car mount with the spigen slim armor does the wireless charge work

  • I'm commenting while watching this.... changed my life 😆 🤣 lol #levelingup

  • Good show bro!! Straight beast mode on that clear case. Classic!! I was laughing so hard!!

  • Love contra

  • Ur really committed to showing us if that car phone case works. U put that car thru those bumps lol. That charger was ready for the smoke lol

  • New sub. So happy to have found your channel. Great videos with no bs

  • I'm definitely buying that car mount!!!! Is the link below?

  • Floss what it do bro. PLEASE TRY TOAST CASE FOR THE FOLD 3. Real wood, customizable. You can order it engraved with your name and all.

  • Im just curious and anxious that over time the grease gets worse like some fold 3 of other ppl and the screen starts to literally come aparte at the middle

  • 13:36 man just goes and breaks the phone case. "what is that" it was the hinge