Ronaldo & Fernandes seal vital win over the Gunners | Manchester United 3-2 Arsenal | Highlights

פורסם בתאריך 1 דצמ 2021
See all the highlights from an eventful night at Old Trafford as a first half strike from Bruno Fernandes and a brace from Cristiano Ronaldo gave the Reds a vital win over Arsenal at Old Trafford in Michael Carrick's final game as caretaker manager before leaving Manchester United after 15 years of service to the Reds.

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  • If Ronaldo is the problem I’m just happy we have such a problem😌

  • "Your love makes me strong , your hate makes me unstoppable ." - Cr7

  • 800 career goals for Ronaldo. The guy just doesn't stop scoring.. The best... 🐐🐐🐐

  • We'll miss Michael Carrick, delivered well whilst he was acting coach.

  • Loved the way how Sancho celebrated Ronaldo's iconic celebration alongside him

  • Ronaldo is and will ALWAYS BE THE GOAT!!!!! Timeless danger!!

  • Ronaldo Again....👏👏

  • Say what you want about Fred but he is truly a pioneer in midfield creativity. Not even Pirlo had ever thought of helping the opponent whilst helping his own team winning the game. He truly controls the match in and out, beyond our mortal comprehension.

  • Love how Sancho replicates Ronaldo's celebration. For such a talent with a hefty price tag, he sure has a phenomenal attitude.

  • Ronaldo always gives hus best, and i like the way he hits the ball

  • To be honest Sancho and Rashford's pressing game was Amazing that opened up space for CR7 pretty well!!

  • As a Chelsea fan, I should have been happy with all the turmoil and issues in United.

  • Ronaldo always delivering for united. Incredible. Congrats to him for scoring 800 goals (now stands at 801).💙

  • Dalot and Sancho doing SIUUUU with Ronaldo was everything.

  • Carrick was superb. The way he used Fred to press high on the pitch, helped United in the 3 games under his management. Sancho burst to life too.

  • great achievement for MU especially Mr. Carrick for the last dedication 😭. Congrats for The GOAT CR7 for the 801 goals.

  • This guy Ronaldo will undoubtedly finish his career with 1000+ goals. The most iconic football player ever.

  • The fact that Ronaldo has more goals than most players have appearances 🐐

  • my man hitting penalty with knuckleball technique

  • 801 goals for CR7! Congratulations! It was a tough match to experience but we got 3 points and that's what's important! Thank you Carrick for everything!