Playing SQUID GAME In Real Life!

פורסם בתאריך 13 אוק 2021
We played Squid Game In Real Life with 20 Subscribers to compete for the cash prize of $100,000!!
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MrBeast if you're reading this please let us play in your Squid Game youtube video.


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  • Annyuesuo is hi

  • No one likes kat

  • I am subscribe it is so funny

  • You forgot glass steppingstones

  • Why is he twerking when hw dies

  • The guy how said it a rocked ship it was a boys thing

  • I watch your ILaward channel and I love them and I love you I love you so much guys and I watch all your ILaward channels and I love you say hi but that’s very

  • Done

  • good

  • I’m a fan of you

  • I am a ILawardr with you

  • Kat: today’s the day we prove woman are stronger than woman. Subscriber: Go woman. Soldier shoots them, Alex: Why did you do that. Soldier: woman will never be stronger than man.

  • I love squid game

  • Brian cheated

  • "DONE"🥰

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  • Yes

  • Stokes Twins , you forgot the glass brigde!


  • I SUB "DONE"

  • Squid game prices Brent : $5,000 Ben : $10,000 Stokes twins : $100,000


  • Men is strong

  • I want to 🏆 if im in 🇺🇸 but im in the philipines

  • I’m going to win that money if I joined a game in complete all the games six games

  • Do you actually kill people.

  • One of the players looks like player 067 in the squid game

  • you mist it

  • what about the glass brige in squid game

  • Men is more stronger

  • Can I be in one Of your video please

  • 8:12 why is one guard so small

  • Stupid girls that squid game guy was right

  • Bruh I would run away if I got illuminated I would not like to be abused by a bunch of kids 😓

  • I'm subbed and you didn't hang out with me 😢

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  • I saw the kid in the squid game outfit

  • Really how to play squid game

  • How to play squid game

  • Hi dare you say man our stronger then female

  • Done strokes twins

  • Dude stokes twins didn’t play glass bridge

  • Yes

  • This is acted lmao

  • I would really wanna be in one of y'all video's but i don't have chance so it's probably never gonna happen ...:(

  • 4:06 That kid on the slide be like: 👁👄👁

  • this is..... kinda trash :/

  • Hi

  • I like a geyser ILaward videos make some more he's here I love you guys make a really funny joke makes big fat jokes

  • Skip glass stepping stones

  • He was like “the strongest and smartest in the front and the dumbest in the back” HE DISRESPECTED ALI 😂 plz don’t do that

  • Player 111 cheated

  • Hello baby

  • My dad watches the squid game

  • Can you fly me out please

  • The no laws mr beast made it the last to leave gets 10k thers more

  • Hey man I subscribed to your ILaward channel can I get a shout out and can I hang out with you please

  • Brain cheated in Spuid game

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  • 340 was wired !

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  • Glass bright

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  • i was watching on of their old vids and I just realised that the girl with the black hair in the last game was from this vid

  • I love Kat

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  • What its only5 games were glas brige?

  • Don't play with the food such as eggs please... There r people with empty stomach out here

  • 456

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  • That death song 😩

  • They moved so much in green light red light

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  • omg i have wanted to be in one of your video sense 2017 !!!!!

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  • are you saying if I subscribed I will be in your next video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Go to India for the next video I promise its a beautiful city there but i love squid game tho

  • Was this ur first kdrama?🤨

  • player me eliminated