Olivia Rodrigo Performs "good 4 u" | 2021 VMAs | MTV

פורסם בתאריך 12 ספט 2021
Olivia Rodrigo performs "good 4 u" at the 2021 VMAs.

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  • Who is the drummer......wowwoowowowo

  • why did she hit the camera😕❔

  • Giving me hannah montana vibes and I’m loving it!!!

  • I love that she is singing live!!!

  • So cute

  • Thats so amazing u want to there badly😭

  • I like she is having fun in this performance.

  • Hahah. All I can think about is the dancers. Hahaha,really need to do away with that

  • So the last chorus is what everyone's talking about? SHE WAS JUMPING! Did y'all expected her voice to be stable 😭 **LITERALLY COMMON SENSE HAS LEFT THE CHAT**. y'all really gonna find every single mistake and ignore the fact that she sang this without backtrack while dancing and walking around but still sound the same to the studio ver 💀 also, a vocal coach reacted to this and praised her. y'all brainless frog don't have the right to judge her especially when you don't know anything about singing

  • I love how all these record labels and talented artists and music producers on here be hating. Yall need a raise and keep up the good work. Jesus get over the fact you can't sing fat fucks 😂 and enjoy the song and performance and if you don't then just switch videos lol dang.

  • Eu cantando no banheiro

  • 1:50

  • i think she did amazing!! but too much dancing at the end bc she ran out of breath.. :( i LOVE her tho!!

  • Wow just wow! AMAZING performance! You can just see how much fun she’s having and it definitely shows it’s her passion!

  • Y esta weona que no ssbe ni cantar le gano a dynamite? Me meoo se nota que los premios estaban comprados

    • olivia tiene recién 8 meses de carrera y tiene un montón de tiempo para seguir mejorando los bts ya van para la década y siguen cantando como el pico xdd

    • @Mathias Caminos y eso como cambia el hecho de que la weona nl puede cantar? Lmaoo

    • Bla bla bla llora*

  • i think the only reason people are calling it "bad" is bc of the echoing mic but she is sooooo talented and is a great performer

  • she sounds great! i do think there might be something wrong with the mic tho because her voice sounded kinda muffled at some parts but she sounded amazing on the chorus ^^

  • Sabrina would've sung this better. ✨ I said what I said.

  • Perdeu o fôlego, querida?

  • Olivia Rodrigo has left the Disney+ chat. 😂

  • I fell inlove with the drummer. 😍😍

  • go olivia! your performance was amazing! the fact that it is such a hard song to sing and you managed to perform it live that is amazing!

  • Olivia at the age of 18 performing,writing songs and winning a lot of award despite of hates while me being stock in my bed

  • Pov you see no hate comments

  • at her young age, sis. IMAGINE WHAT SHE CAN DO AS SHE GROWS OLDER


  • She sounds great shut up

  • She is so beautiful ❤️ And her voice is unique ✨. She is a phenomenon. 💖 Love ya Liv 💋

  • Rockera ? Saltitos de nena ? Jajaja

  • My wife.

  • Misery business xd

  • All these ppl judging her out of breath singing without walking a mile in a performer’s shoes…

  • Le falta aire y esta desafinada en algunas notas, aparte de no hacer la nota alta, supongo que seran los nervios y tampoco es facil estar en movimiento y cantar, aunque ella no bailo mucho :v pero ira mejorando con el tiempo xd

  • Integrante perdida de neverglow 😍😍😍😍

  • Good for You

  • Me enamore😳

  • Is Halsey the girl with green hair playing the drums?

  • THIS WAS INCREDIBLE. she is such an amazing singer!

  • dying goat if I tried this lmao

  • This was truly awful. She just walked around the stage and she couldn’t hold a note to save her life.

  • KAKKAKAKAKAKAKAK correu uns 10 quilômetros foi?

  • Wow did the camera actually break and was that intentional???

  • Why is she singing like this, her performance is bad full stop

    • Wie heißt die an den Drums? Woooooohoooo

  • 👁👄👁

  • Sounds bad

  • I miss it 😓😭😭😭 and I also missed it when you got to meet her 😭😓😭😓😭😓😭😓😭😓😭😓😭😭😭😭😭

  • La llorona rodrigo que disfrute de su fama que despues se le regresa el karma por meterse con Sabrina

  • I love how even though she couldn’t cuss the audience still did and they had to silent it

  • Everyone with a más, lol

  • Bad Performance.

  • She really has a beautiful voice, I just remain without comment before her,He has an impressive talent❤️

  • Why the drummer looks like Halsey or is it really Halsey?

  • La siguiente Miley Cyrus jajaja


  • nota: dó

  • La canción está perfecta y todos ,pero......¿era necesario romper la camara?

  • Wie heißt die an den Drums? Woooooohoooo

  • Saiu do palco pra bomba de asma

  • Ok but when the camera broke! I forgot how to breath, that shot was so sick!

  • Dónde está la distancia entre la gente del público???. Un evento en vivo con 0 conciencia social por la pandemia.


  • alguien en español 😅

  • Puedes hablar español a vesces!

  • Why are they wearing masks? The audience isn't.

  • She’s a global superstar! Wow ! 👏

  • Olivia 😍

  • Why was she so winded from the start and mostly all thru the song when she wasn't even dancing?

    • @Gonk Chloe was incredible!! the years of experience showed, she literally signed with Beyoncé's agency. there's no point of comparison between her and olivia, olivia never thought of being a pop star, she was just an actress who released a song and it became a worldwide hit and opened the doors of the industry for her. this is just her beginning

    • @vale Okay well I hope she gets better at it cuz when Chloe hit the stage it showed the massive Level difference in stage performance.

    • bc she was anxious like she hasn't been in the industry for 10 months and she's already on the big stage of course she will be nervous

  • She sounds terrible wow

  • 3.31 THIS IS I C O N I C

  • Jungkook le gana

    • @YOONGJINN1E Olivia no canta? Como podi decir esa wea

    • @Camila Alejandra como una weona q ni canta le va ganar al idol mas completo de la industria plss 💀

    • Ps claro que jungkook le gana xd

    • Olivia le gana a cualquiera

  • this is one of the greatest performances i have ever seen... wow

  • Her vocals are super strong in this, I don't understand the criticism? Plus she doesn't have playback? That takes courage, yeah, but she clearly knew she could pull it off! Sounds awesome

  • She can’t sing 😂😂😂

  • Man she’s so Badass

  • Not people judging her singing and being out of breathe when she's literally moving around, jumping and wearing what seems to be a tight outfit 🤧 Do better people

  • Olivia dissed bts D: I love bts

  • Trash

  • Hayley Williams is getting her coins right now hahaha

  • She lowered the octave cause she can’t sing

  • I would like to see you try and sing this live with all the choreography before you decide to judge her on this beautiful performance. it’s disgusting how you are hating on such an amazing piece of art.

  • I know people have already said this but...m this performance was amazing. She was perfect until she starting getting in there and dancing and I thought that only added to the performance. Literally sat there and tried to do it and the breath control she must have is pretty impressive. Girls got lungs for days. I can't believe she sang it as well as she did at the end. Would rather see that than a perfectly lip synced dance sequence any day.

  • there's a reason why not everyone born to be a performer.

  • Performance is very cringy and she sound bad i love her songs but her voice is kinda bad on live

  • That drummer ate this

  • she is so perfect 🇧🇷

  • Eu amei tanta

  • magaling pala si Halsey mag-drum🙂

  • Remember God loves you😊 John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Please change your life around and repent of your sins before it's too late.♥️

  • People in the comment section are the same who says kpop groups can't sing when they have such stable vocals while 'dancing' and not just 'moving around'. No hate to Olivia but the double standards of some 'fans' is 😒

  • Omg Olivia smashed the camera and she did really good

  • I was so happy when she new artist I was crying happy 🥲

  • Wow Olivia ist great at singing live!!

  • MTV we need more performances like this I’m tired of lil nas z girls kissing girl act let take it back like the 80s coming from African American person

  • The drumer looks like Halsey 🐣🐣

  • People saying she did bad at singing live. Well how about you go to the stage. Wear a bodice that's tight, run and jump around. Let's see if u don't catch out of breath. Honestly she did pretty great

  • ❤❤❤

  • everyone is doing her dirty by only sharing the last part of the song😭😭 it was her weakest rest of the preformance is great.