New Rule: Not In It Together | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

פורסם בתאריך 12 פבר 2021
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“We’re in this together” is the new “Thank you for your service” - just something to say to the people doing the dirty work so we can feel better about not doing it ourselves.
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  • this is the future for us all, its so much bleaker than the dystopian novels I read as a kid.

  • How abiut replacing the non-entry that means "fuck" etc with an underscore, say? Just sayin'.

  • I have been eating for years single people and childless couples should get a discount off their property taxes. Why? They don't have kids using public schools. Often people tell me, " we are all in this together and you should not get a discount off your property taxes!". I then reply, " if I'm 80 years old and can't drive will your kids or grandchildren take me to the grocery store?. Answer; probably not. My reply; Then we are not in this together.

  • I sell on eBay on the side and bring in $2k a month extra in addition to my FT job at a hotel. It's a treasure hunt for me that I enjoy. I also sell my artwork, which I create as a hobby but also sell. Many people have actual career they hate.

  • Bill is such a bad writer. Every minute he goes off on some unrelated tangent and never gets back to any point.

  • I never got married. Why? My older sister, after being married to a real pig of a man, finally got a divorce after a two decade slow trip though hell. Even though she is no longer with this looser, she is still miserable and will probably be in a depressive funk for the rest of her life. My other sister, has a husband who is paraplegic from a rare disease, and has been slowly dieing for the past six years. She also has a daughter who is first class asshole, and they fight all the time. Even though this kid is 19 years old, my sister still won't throw her out of the house. Because of all this, she has to work seven days a week and is always pissed off. When my mother asks why I never got married, my answer is simply, I don't want the same living hell my sisters are going though. I prefer a happy, quite life.

  • So maybe apply yourself and make a better situation? Sounds crazy, I know.

  • if the middle ages return and I by chance become an executioner, then this is exactly what I am telling them before chopping their heads of, "remember, we are in this together"!

  • sorry for your loss..never is not the nauseam..

  • the same as if you see something say

  • HES ALWAYS RIGHT.....USA can't get anything done EVER...truly pathetiv

  • Gig economy... You serious.. The trend is there because HR's in your corporate sector is just tremendous

  • Aww Mr hypocrite finally woke up....😂.

  • I want to punch people in the face when they tell me "thank you for your service"- it's insincere and you really do not give a dam because you would never soil your hands or do the hard work to do those things have had to do. Freaking two-term representatives get a better retirement package than I do....They served....I am a retired Army combat vet, four tours, and a total of 32 years active duty...SPOT on with the false platitudes of "thank you for your service" know how you thank me, vote for people who FIX the dam VA or send your privileged children into that very service that you say one thing but would never want their own children in it. The Service provided me away, like gladiators and Spartans of old, to earn my way into the middle class, because otherwise, I would still be in the hood and another dam statistic. During COVID our economy still grew, profits have already recovered...and people are still unemployed...Vets can not get jobs that are not lower-scale jobs. Got paid more in the service and get half that working harder after I have retired.

  • "Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution" Groucho Marx

  • Don't broadcast the joys of a singleton, childless existence, and then get upset because no one is celebrating your singleton childlessness. Don't complain that no one can date right now and that families (the most stable building blocks of society) get hypothetical priority, and then brag about how great it is to be alone. You can't have it both ways.

  • f-u bill back

  • I often disagree with Bill Maher but man does he have good points in this video. He is so right that single Americans are forgotten about in our society

  • actually, i work remote and have great insurance.

  • nice commercial for "only fans", Bill. how much did they pay to you? 🤪🤪🤪

  • It's far worse when people say this then attack anyone not wearing a mask or wearing a red hat. It's just another slogan to make their self-righteous a ss feel better.

  • "We're in this together" is the perfect feel good line of BS for a country that has always been about the illusion of success. It's always been a smoke and mirrors show folks! Chomsky calls it "rule by the big lie" (as opposed to rule by the big stick). What's interesting is that as income disparity grows our police departments are becoming more and more militarized. We may be in for more rule by the big stick as the small number of haves grows ever more fearful of a growing population of have nots.

  • To be honest. We should be angry at the institutions and government for creating this shitty economy. Uber and side hustles are our way of adapting to the rich taking over this country and leaving us with scraps.

  • When Republicans say "Families" they are specifically referring to middle+ class white families. They don't give one fuck-all about you if you're poor of any color, and they only tolerate/exploit the rich non-whites. Eg their base. It's all they care about. Trump said this part OUT LOUD repeatedly but people just said lol what a toddler.

  • Having family, any relationship takes hard work. Takes tools, support, humility, great desire for personal growth and a government BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE - NOT BY AND FOR THE CRIMINAL ELITE VAMPIRES OF SOCIETY! FREE WILL, FREEDOM OF CHOICE; EX: family vs single and much more are THE BIG ISSUE.

  • the ideological rot of this country is phenomenal, thanks for shining a light on this Bill!

  • Lol I never knew this guy was so blunt and funny 😄

  • How about who is essential and who’s not? Bill laughed at Tump when he suggested that we needed to bring back manufacturing jobs. Now the chumps that voted for Biden will lose their jobs to the mobs of desperate migrants who will work in these Democratic cities in gig jobs.

  • Isn't this the same asshole that said, bring on the recession?

  • I've heard that bullshit until I'm sick of it. The elite have done what they want to.

  • The young teacher gully transport because accountant willy soak circa a shaky edge. green grey grieving, amazing vulture

  • I for one applaud the liberal efforts of not breeding. I hope that they get their number to 100%

  • The rise of social media even before this pandemic has created a nation of lonely people. It promised to bring people together and get it seemingly has push them farther apart. All social media has done has made the CEOs and Facebook and Twitter extremely rich

  • Fappy Hour 😂

  • On bitter idiot

  • It's called a job. People ordered food probably after a work shift.

  • Mitt Romney trying to remind people he really is a Republican, and at least a little conservative, not one of those nut job lefties. Maher enslaving himself to the elites’ Malthusian fears and goals.

  • Bill is absolutely right. Some of us worked hard, and add value to society... some of us are unskilled, and don’t deserve anything. Enjoy your delivery jobs, losers.

  • So family offends him....... He came from a family not an egg!!

  • True comic relief

  • Oh shit you fung rule

  • Laugh if you want, gig workers can make bank. My BF made 30k in gig work on top of his six figure salary.

  • They tried selling the same garbage in Australia. Politicians on their comfy fat paychecks shut everything down and left thousands out of work.

  • Well, for a generation or two of people who have no marketable skills and majored in romance languages in college, and can barely multiply, divide, or write their own names, they should be thankful for those gig jobs because many of them aren't suited to anything else. Poor life choices, no motivation, no education, no skills, and of's somebody else's fault. The one thing we ARE in together is the shit storm of America's future thanks in large part to two ignorant, entitled, and lazy generations who can barely manage to change the tire on their hybrid so they can make those deliveries.

  • It seems like every hot and sometimes not so girl takin advantage of horny people. I wonder how many of those girls will one day will regret doing it. 🤔

  • COVID the China fu just a way to control the sheep. Thank god I’m a sheep dog. Woof!!!!!

  • Bill please retire, all of it, remove your vocal cords. Also, stop stealing bits from Doug Stanhope

  • Exactly!

  • I was gonna say single ppl are good cuz we need a population slimming, but i dont think its actually working like that.

  • On behalf of all single people worldwide, *thank you!*

  • When did bill maher get fashed ?

  • Duly noted. I'll go out and pick up my own food instead of paying someone else to do it.

  • He tries to dumb it down but it's still way to fast for his audience of seals.

  • Regarding the family thing, you can kiss my ass. Families do need more help. If they did get more help, perhaps more people would be having families. So that argument is fucking stupid on your part. Just thought I would throw that out there. Still love the show though.

    • @Daniel Ryan Agree 👌

    • @Pia Rossi tailor our sociology-economic expectations toward families made sense during the baby boom when birthrates were exploding and two parent households were the rule. That was a century ago. Times changed, we have to change with the times-because there is no turning back the clock, no matter what delusional types want to convince themselves.

    • @Daniel Ryan Agree. Why people get paid as a reward for getting knocked up, I will never understand.

    • @Daniel Ryan What? I have bought a house, car and insurance and there is no, nor ever heard of a "family package". People with families pay the same as Joe blow around the corner for everything. The only crumbs we get is 200 dollars a month child allowance which doesn't even cover diapers and wipes (not that I complain about that, just saying). As for your statement on incentives, your going to have to check where your moral code is at because people have kids out of love not out of greed. Of course it will look hard and it is hard but it's the very basis of how our civilization continues. What more incentive does one need? I have more or less lived pay cheque to pay cheque my entire life single and married. You make more you spend more. Point being is you need to take risks like anything in life in order to find the hidden success. In this case that success is creating life. As for Bill Maher's comment, it seemed like an unnecessary attack on people not quite like him. Which apparently he advocates against. One last point, throughout most of history families were poor. Just the way it is. Money isn't a measure of success, memories are. Peace brother and wish all the best.

    • All the best values on expenses like housing, cars, insurance, and much more are tailored to married couples with children. If you are single and childless you are billed to the maximum and care barely afford to live, let alone aspire to one day have kids yourself. You want to make more families? Start offering some of that flexibility to singles.

  • Wow I agree with you Bill

  • The virus while single is great. I can't imagine the living hell of being cooped up with a family.

  • Pretty sure it is actually a problem when you have such a large % of your population being single, since, you know... you're gonna need a "following generation" if you want someone to produce your stuff when you're 65.

  • The last part was fuckin awesome. Being single is frickin awesome. Get that peace leave when you need it and enjoy your life. Make sure to use a condom though lol

  • We do need to get our native birth rate up or people will increasingly view immigrants as a threat. So the family talk is t that bad but I agree we should focus on the single epidemic. Just increasing our depression as a society

  • I'll never understand handing over money to women on the internet or strip clubs and getting nothing in return!I want the real shit!

  • And where are you pothead Bill?

  • I'm gonna have to disagree on the family part of it. A lot of problems can be solved with having a stable and strong family.

  • TRUTH! and thank you for bringing up single people!!!##

  • Essential Workers = Robot Replaceables

  • I used to deliver pizzas, saved up my money, earned a college education with a professional trade at graduation. And I would do it all again.

  • When the Democrats say "UNITY" they really mean "Sit Down! Shut the fuck up! And OBEY!”

  • I've driven a cab off and on for twenty years in San Francisco and Kentucky, Uber drivers have come up to me asking how to hire on at the cab office. Uber must be fucked beyond recognition if their drivers wanna drive a taxi😆

  • Sounding more bitter and alone every year Bill.

  • Totally fine with folks opting out of families if they want. How about they keep their noses out of family policies at the same time? So many decisions are made about "the children" by people who have no idea what they're talking about but feel the need to tell us what we need to raise good kids in this society.

  • Hahahaha Bill Maher wagging his finger at those saying "We're in this together", all the while not being in it either. Shut your festering cakehole, Lefty.

  • "We're in this together" is the Leftist, Neo-Marxist "Look at my sub-zero refrigerator full of $20 a pint ice cream"

  • Maybe it's because families are the most solid structural unit there is.

    • @Pia Rossi I completely agree, that's why I see it as a problem with personal responsibility and this over sexualized culture of "I'm into having sex, ain't into making love" mentality. The African American house hold went from 25% - 75% single parent household in only a few decades and white households are now over 25% as well. This is a cultural problem that affects us all and as a result we wind up needing more government dependencies.

    • @IntegralLens Maybe that will happen when men stop abandoning their children.

    • @Pia Rossi The solution to that problem isn't less marriage and families, it's to take more responsibility and get married for the right reasons. People need to be less ego centric. The decay of the nuclear family is one of the worst things to happen to the human race from a broad perspective, but the best thing to happen from a government's perspective. It makes people more reliant on government when you don't have your own personal support system like a family.

    • When over half of them end in divorce? And the children are left in poverty?

  • I lost it at "Fappy Hour"

  • We are in the same storm NOT in the same boat Some are in yachts, others... don't even have a boat. And the ones on yachts are saying this kind of crap

  • Love this guy!

  • You can make $40+ an hour driving Uber, delivering Grubhub and other services, in most cities big and small. Feel bad for the $12 an hour workers, not us. Oh, also, people (mostly women), can make an absolute killing on OnlyFans. Women that do it as a side hustle for like an hour a night can and do make like 300k a year and upwards. That, my friends, is economic opportunity.

  • We do need to bring better jobs to America so people can still moonlight around holidays for extra cash and not try and make low wage work their primary source of income.

  • Why are the subtitles censored?

  • Why I don't use Uber Eats or Lyft, I can get my own food with public transportation. Less pollution that way

  • Red pill Bill

  • Oh so you mean people have to take non-dream jobs like you and your friend wtf?!?

  • 3:10 "poor desperate web girlfriends" vs. "losers in week old underwear" hehe....i see.....the problem is never with the women, they're not losers, dumb or stupid, just "poor" hihi....

  • Can we also talk about how the pandemic has pushed more people into alcoholism and substance abuse? If you do have a partner, there's a good chance they're drinking more, annoying the eff out of you, abusing you, not pulling their just want them out, but you can't because you need someone to help with the finances.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lost it at the end.

  • We were all in it together on 9/12 for like 10 mins , Then it was right back to the tribalism and blaming the other side for everything.

  • OK, Patriots, time to fight back. I for one am SICK and tired of seeing videos by smirkingdemonratmorons like colbertandmeyers. They criticize Fox for giving credit for the vaccine to Trump instead of hidin'biden, and smirkingseth actually said the new covid relief bill was "overwhelmingly popular with voters". lol Since it is impossible to block their channels (thanks fo YT) here's what to do their videos and AS SOON AS THEY BASH TRUMP or Conservatives, stop the vid (which creates a time-stamp), hit the 3-dots at the right and report it as being hateful, WHICH IT IS!! We need to report ALL the videos as hateful, you know, the SAME WAY THEY DO TO anyone with whom they disagree. Fight fire with fire, friends! Save America from the lyingdemonrats!! Remember, it's the host of this channel and others like him who SUPPORTED the theft of the 2020election, and which brought you the shut down. Funny how Florida is doing so well from NOT shutting down. So WE'RE in it together, everyone except the millionaires like Bill (who bashed TGRump for 4 years and now wants everyone to be nice-nice) and his buddies setjimmystephenconan, all the leftyultrarich who support the thievingdems and tell YOU to sit down and shut up,m and be HAPPY with a 1.9TRILLION $ bill of which less than 10% goes for covid relief.

  • The uneasiness of the crowd when he talks about onlyfans...

    • Half of them use it

  • Porn is free 😋

  • America needs more Bill maher

  • The drivers have the cushiest jobs compared to the people that are actually working with their hands and sweating for their money. These guys get to smoke seed all day and make more than blue collar workers. Your self righteousness and desperate attempt to make yourself feel better not only hurts the country but encourages the spoiled liberal rich to help the communists.

  • Politic always fail to catch up.

  • Don't be sad Bill This is the future that liberals wanted.

  • I don’t know

  • I agree with a lot of what Bill said but he seem triggered when talking about family’s 😂😂

  • Wow! Hit it out of the park, no out of the state! So refreshing to hear what so many of us are so darn sick of!! Thanks....

  • I work for grubhub. This is facts. We are completely divided.

  • It's nice seeing some sanity return to Bill during his recovery from TDS.

  • Real Time with Bill Maher just became Red Pill with Bill Maher...

  • never having to listen to a passive aggressive sigh.............priceless.