MKBHD Studio Tour 2021!

פורסם בתאריך 26 יול 2021
Welcome to the studio channel!

Fully furniture:

00:00 Intro
01:35 Meet the team
13:58 Top Down Room
15:47 Set Room #1
16:45 Rec Area
17:08 Robot Room
18:30 Center Atrium
20:21 Gaming Station/Kitchenette
22:15 Set Room #2
24:08 WVFRM Podcast Studio
26:59 Gaming Room
27:34 Prop Room
28:28 Camera Room



Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds


  • I guess I should take it as a compliment that the camera handoff was smooth enough a number of people didn’t notice, but I was the cameraman for the video lol.

    • Timestamp ... Am part of a number of people lol

    • Hey Hayato - great camera work / stamina. May I ask what lens you used on the A1 ?

    • Who asked tho

    • #Respect

    • Ya I noticed well done

  • Dope👍🏾

  • thank man, you show your office with us honestly.

  • I love stevejobs I love apple 🍎

  • hey marques, can you please give me the link of your wallpaper(the blue)

  • That dog!

  • When u see multiple mac Pro‘s 😵‍💫

  • This is an astounding amount of gear...just aputure 300s and sachtler flowtech tripods and red cameras lying around and stuff.

  • Amazing studio. Been watching this young man since he was a college kid. I wish he had more diversity in his office. Can't help but notice it's all caucasian males.

  • 21:20 Can we have more information in the Eames style barstools - are they bespoke? Fab

  • I was wondering for whole damn time that who is the goddamn Cameraman and eventually the man came out to be my favorite man, Hayato is the best!

  • Mack

  • I need the link to the daft punk helmets plzz

  • The ltt waterbottle😂

  • Jesus! you have money and a great team behind the scenes

  • I realy apreciate your studio presentation thanks for all.

  • I love apple but magic mouse???🤢WTF

  • Awesome video, would love to know where you got those surfaces you shoot the top-down shots on.

  • Hey Marques, I like your channel! I have sugjustion if you can review a robot vacuums maybe a three best ones. I understand that this is not exactly your area of expertise but new the ones become like a computers that move around with laser mapping other stuff etc. It is become confusing for consumers like me. Your studio is big enough to play around and could be fun for your dog :) Just an Idea. Thanks and have a awesome day! Vlad

  • Lol that thumbnail , reminds me of the night king on game of thrones

  • what was vihns keyboard

  • Dude started as a young teen and never gave up much respect

  • this workspace is very diverse !!

  • Love this man! Cant wait to watch more about the behind the scenes.

  • what is the headphone holder that Andrew has @2:11? Looks pretty clutch

  • Not a single black man person on your team🤦🏽‍♂️

    • and?

  • How does the plant survive if there's no sunlight?

  • damn near got the mkbhd campus

  • This is A LONG WAY from a one person , shooting from an Imac in a bedroom somewhere, editing with Imovie and Audacity. I wish I had this studio, it would be much more fun to "make" content.

  • amazing to see how successful and rich you can be through youtube

  • I didn't see any black tech in your studio 😕 😪

  • In short,‘ He is a Rich BOI ’

  • Working with a bunch of passionate people is better then a high salary

  • Thats alot of expensive office chairs

  • #1 rule of video production: Never clap near a microphone. #2 rule of video production: If you have to clap, fake clap. It amazes me how many top creators clap in the mic and it is like having poor lighting or a bad microphone. It's just 101 stuff. If you do clap and you have an in-depth editing workflow, edit out the clap noise.

  • Can anyone tell me what chair/stool Brandon is using it looks good for my current setup and might get one if I ever get a response.

  • Awesome video, could you please tell me what mousepad tim is using @ 10:00 thanks :)

  • You didn't hire any black people, am I right? Not saying about women. That's pretty racist and sexist environment.

  • Wow the budget for this is HUGE. Incredibly productive and professional studio. The only thing I think could be improved is the coziness in some areas. It feels too blank and cold in certain spaces.

  • Great tour !!

  • More respect to you Marques

  • Everyone kept moving from room to room xD

  • anyone else notice mmarquees is the only black dude?

  • 28:40 it feels like he is entering a arsenal room but for cameras

  • who else saw the other sandal in the second storeroom?

  • They are all working on the video that we are watching lol

  • I couldn't be the only that used to think that all these tech ILawardrs shoot and edit all their videos by themselves. It wasn't until know I realized just how much time and manpower goes into producing a single video.

  • There's a lot of testosterone in that studio. It would have been nice to see a talented gal or two.

  • A few of you tech-tubers should swap studios for a week as a whole team. Make your content within someone elses set up and document the experience. Like an office swap with LTT.

  • 5th time watching this video. Interesting! Thumbs up to you Guys ✌🏾

  • SUPORTED by MAC..... In the shadow

  • What materials are used for topdowns on desk?

  • Adam wearing g shock adr is refreshing to see.

  • Just started watching the studio channel and the amount of ADHD shit that happens is crazy and makes me feel at home. 😝

  • Awesome studio! Though no women or black people. Diversity 😂😂

  • shoutout for the great film camera collection!

  • I really love your channles but I couldn't help but wonder...where is are the female and diversity representations?. Otherwise keep up the good work!

  • Love the setups

  • 1:57 That linus water bottle

  • Where are the drones? How much money you make in ayear to keep this running? Very nice work/hobby you have man !!! Congrats

  • “UPS guy?” Lol

  • 5:14 holy!!!!!! There's a Vietnamese member in the team! I'm so proud! He got the same name as mine too lol!

  • its crazy to see how he got his whole team to move around the studio and play as characters in this video!!! insanity.

  • Cools studio tours ....

  • The technology in this video has got to be well over $500,000.

  • Damn, did you buy a whole warehouse?

  • is this studio rented, leased or have you bought it @mkbhd, its my genuine query

  • Beautiful studio, working on mine. And the money also.

  • Very inspiring

  • More plants in the office area would really tie it together

  • This is the kind of Heaven I want GOD to send me to...

  • Dope tech ^__ __^

  • I love it, want to get involved in this sphere of tech. One thing i have to ask, all of you use apple comuters, and ive understood they are great for creative purposes. Im curious about that and would like my thought to be confirmed or further complemented. Would an apple computor be a great choice for me, that isnt yet editing anything and might never do. So far its been gaming from my part but as age are creeping in, i value some other romantic picture of computer use.. Makes any sense? Basicly, should i buy an imac? ☺ and, great job with the studio, such inspiration.

  • i just realised they leaked the iphone 13 design

  • 3:47 I would like Marques to tease me.

  • I bet the bathrooms have an 8k ultra wide tv too... You know hang out😆

  • remember the cheerios and the dormroom?

  • Incredible that the whole video is a single shot.

  • This man knows how to utilize an office space as a positive driven workspace.

  • Hot Sauce Goals!

  • Inspiring to see. Gained a bunch of 'set-up' ideas from this video 🙌🔥

  • pewdiepie headphoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • The best part of this video was Marques. Also, is that Linus' sandal?

  • Was hoping for a 3d printing setup/room. And maybe a VR room.

  • Cool... 👍

  • wallpaper link of the mkbhd's wallpaper used in pro display XDR

  • It's crazy how at 18:17 in the robot room the phone there shooting is the iphone 13 and this video was made 2 months before that phone came out 😭😂

  • No mention of the film Hasselblad... And was that a Pentax 6x7?

  • puberty hit like a truck

  • ya'll have too much moneyyyyy lol but seriously I don't understand how you don't have a traditional edit bay anywhere? where do you do color correction etc?

  • Only MKBHD would have 2 trash can Mac Pros as “props”

  • Awesome studio...a ILawardr's dream. Now that you're an employer what's your thought on workplace diversity and how would you rate yourself?

  • Who clean the place? With all of this equipment and testing future products, will be hard to find someone you can trust

  • Why not "The team at MKBHQ"??

  • Can we come

  • You can tell these guys are really comfortable with the ladies - the only woman they have in the office is a plant named Gladys

  • What about the camera man?

  • Who is the head of security?

  • 🥴I wanna see it physically fr.. It's a dope studio btw😌

  • Commit to having 3 women on the team - it is a really glaring shortcoming in the diversity area.