I Opened $1500 Worth Of Scam Items

פורסם בתאריך 24 נוב 2021
Check out part 1 HERE:

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  • Check out Part 1 here where you made me buy all this stuff ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/1qZ523qavaLXd34 and maybe you'll even see things that Wish didn't send over 👀

    • So I’m an American, and I am one of the few who has the pleasure of a bidet in my bathroom, it is a game changer! I refuse to wipe my ass.

    • ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/3Yd906uanWaTnpQ🙏

    • Cayman is now open for tourists and job hunters! ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/s2h5tqylxYOQooY

    • Super annoying

    • This video is part 2/1? hmmm I dont think that adds up XD


  • You didn’t give some of them the chance they deserved you needed to put the pregnant belly on underneath your shirt also not wearing the dress properly

  • wait, how connor got mr bean to collab with him.

  • Snorlax looked like he aged 70 years....

  • “just put the child back in” 10:06

  • so you gonna drop the link to the portable bidet or...

  • Anyone else watching this before part 1 lol.

  • Connor has reached his final form and returned to monke

  • lol maybe someday connor will wash the clothes he orders before wearing them

  • finally, I get to see my username saying "hi youtube" KEKW

  • Connor needs to wear a pregnant belly to trash taste

  • Ya know when Connor stuck that sausage in that monke.... He was actually doing the mating ritual

  • 7:17 SaNsssssss$$$Ssdsss

  • Cursed Mr Bean looks like he’d get cancelled within a day of being an influencer

  • “ I look like the Mc from howl’s moving castle”.. so… howl?

  • Nintendo PSP... omfg

    • That Nintendo PSP could probably sustain a video just on its own. I would love to see just how bad its many ports are.

  • That mr.bean mask is terrifying and the black and white filter makes it 100x's worse 😨🤣

  • connor why did you do this

  • Sanji’s prince outfit?!? 😮

    • Dang never mind it’s a idol girl outfit. 😂

  • 13:58 for my favorite part MONKEY SUIT!

  • Lmao your Mr Bean impression is so good!

  • Nice Merch

  • Am I only one enjoying the cheaper mic over his $1000 mic.

  • "This video is part 2 of 1" wait...


  • part 3 is the charity stream where gamers rise up to buy these random things

  • Recent sub, making sure i’m subbed to both Connor channels.

  • petition for buff Pikachu to be named *gigachu*

  • Whoever edits your videos are golden

  • Is that a Gon t-shirt?

  • That Nintendo PSP could probably sustain a video just on its own. I would love to see just how bad its many ports are.

  • The amount of times it was called the "nintendo PSP" and not the "nintendo PS Vita" while forever fuel my unending hatred.

  • That reminds me of spider man 3 when he gets venom off

  • has a no english speaker and someone who only see like 2 or 3 vids of him i must say that he sound SO MUCH has a no american

  • Loving the MILF hunter shirt 🤣


  • Connor: the mc if Howl's moving castle. Me: *facepalm * Me: his is name is Howl. It's in the efing tittle.

  • The monkeyforce is strong with this one.

  • Monke stand. But monke not flip.

  • Good video

  • And here you’ll see Jesus Christ holding the more popular character from Jojo *crusader noises intensify*

  • Connor’s Mr. Bean voice was actually so spot on

  • 1:14

  • I really love it 😍

  • Anyone else think of the music video for "The Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang when Connor put on the monkey suit?

  • whoever the editor of this video is, please give this man a medal okay? and feed him .. never let him go ... Never

  • Props to Mudan and Luca for their immaculate editing on this parade if travesties lmaoooo

  • We need Killer Drone subs

  • Howl is actually Welsh in the books so you could pull off howl and be accurate in that regard too

  • Connor ankle went yeet

  • "this video is part 2 of 1" ...how? HOW? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE, HOWWW????

  • That monkey one piece suits him sooo well! Lol

  • Dude you look tired

  • The monkey costume reminds me of this music video outfit. Can we get a parody video with you and the trash taste boys in the costumes singing the song 😂 its the do it like the discovery channel song from the 90s/early 2000s. You guys could do it in front of the green screen with hentais in the background. Make a burner youtube channel so you guys don't get demonitized 🤣 🙏🙏🙏🙏 ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/25Wmk3yI1KGbXZw

  • A Mexican shoujo x A monkE. Dora the explorer In real life.

  • Hey I have a bodea thank you very much

  • Missing the Amogus suits and the “cum” workout tee!

  • well yeah connor... you are supposed to have this things UNDER your clothes... not even the expensive fake pregnancies' bellies you can get here, look realistic over the clothes xD

  • The cursed pen looks like RuPaul

  • Full of cursed imagery

  • You specifically bought the balls with no battery 😂 bruh

  • Yo anyone knows the song here 4:15

  • i would subcribe but you spam too much ironmouse cringe content

  • 2:27 2:51 my comments made it in the video.

  • You gotta use dish soap for the second one :(

  • Chadmander was 100% the best purchase, no doubt

  • Ayyy, i have that same thicc magikarp pin lmao

  • Dude mudan is insane bro

  • Why did Connor by a douche-

  • I think the sound that the mask produced at 13:30 is from the step up conversion circuit. The glowing wires need high voltage which is usually produced by pulsed dc or ac, which in turn can (at the right frequency) be heard due to induction causing vibrations.

  • I remember watching the stream of buying items. I've never laughed so hard.

  • I know for sure the gatling works, they sell them everywhere where I live, and I've been tempted to get one lol

  • I immediately started laughing at this at 8:30AM. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING YOU CONNOR. 😂😂 The drone explosion was perfect. "OOOW" Your editor is everything!!

  • The Mr. Bean mask will forever live in my nightmares...next to you in the Snorlax beanbag cover...jesus...hahahah

  • 5:25 the "this guy fucks" comment was me letssgooo seadog definitely does fuck

  • mr bean impression was fire, he does indeed speak

  • OH NO, I recognize that "Professional Mic Condenser". It looks like one of those BM-800 condenser mic, which is a budget mic. You know what's funny is that some people have been making rip-offs of the BM-800 (to reiterate, a budget mic) by replacing it with a smaller circuit board making it sound worse. I could be wrong and the one in the video may be a different kind of budget mic.

  • Fellow Americans says the Welshman lol

  • NGL you sound better in the $10 microphone than the one you had

  • Love the Hunter X Hunter shirt!!!

  • Connor dipping the bubble gun in water and expecting it to blow bubbles 😶 you just use straight up dish soap dude. Lol. Undiluted. I demand you retry this at once before classifying it a scam. 🧐

  • Connor you look very kawaii in that dress.


  • and Monkey suit....Aki leaves the country

  • I barley realized I didn't subscribe for watching you for 2 years

  • The monkey costume is bringing back memories of the bloodhound gang video for the song the bad touch. 😂

  • dude that drip jacket costs like 2000 bucks or even more, this is dedication for the meme

  • Connor in the Monke suit is like the dudes from The Bloodhound Gang

  • 5:51 Welp, time to cancel.

  • I'm starting to wonder how much extra "free" work Mudan puts into this just for the lulz. This CANNOT be the same price as the other videos xD

  • My man better donated to Team Seas :p

  • Connor being inside the Snorlax may be the best and most cursed thing I’ve seen all week

  • Grown man flipping stuffed toy monkey over and over

  • I love Connor dawg

  • Love the Hood!!! Keep that!! lol

  • That BM800 mic actually has a cult following behind it. It's a pretty solid bit of kit for cheap.

  • Opening mistakes decided on by mistakes. Nice.

  • connor noooooo!!!!!!

  • 19:16 might’ve been the funniest 3 seconds I’ve seen in ILaward this year.