I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator

פורסם בתאריך 4 אפר 2021
Mr. Sandman, bring me a Dream...
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not linking Fundy. that man is getting nothing from me
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  • Alternate title: Famous youtuber crouches under sand for cooling unit.

  • Old technoblade was better.

  • he was hinting something (kinda) in the intro

  • I like techno blade now I subbed

  • This is the biggest hide n seek ever Cuz its trough the world


  • Techno really needs more subs this man needs it. a british child has more subs then u techno.GET SUBS

  • Can I have robux Technoblade

  • Technoblade I hate you this is why you ever killed dreaming Neville

    • Shut up technoblade is the actual best Minecraft player

  • Oh no his channel is Dying Quick upload a video

  • op

  • 8 millions views,damn

  • Tekno

  • techno: i must win mrbeast: you remember that times you killed many people to just talk about random stuff in skywars yes that was a little bit mistake mate

  • Techno and wild cat in the same server, what a collab

  • Techno in mc ultimate P0LAND have more kills than u!

  • Technoblade only uploaded 14 videos in 2020

  • I know every youtuber or whatever gets this like 24/7. But i love you so much techno (no homo ofc) your just so funny and i love binge watching your vids like every day and idc if i already saw that vid i always rewatch it. Hope you enjoy the extra views :)

  • I love how when Ranboo dies you can hear Technoblade shout "noooooo"


  • I_AM_WILDCAT looks like technoblabe ngl


  • Techno save dream at prison dream saved u from execution

  • i like your vids be cas they are funy

  • “It was the day like any other when BAM! New discord notification Its mrbeast

  • Whenever Technoblade uploads a video ‘ stonks ‘

  • *POV* : *your insane*

  • I like dave scream hahahaha 😂😂😂😂 lol


  • 5:51

  • I wonder if Technoblade knows about him being the leader of the group where he fights Dante in Skyblock

  • Techno blade:gets nuked me: not even close baby techno blade never dies

  • Bro Technoblade, plz train me bedwars I am not too good at it plz or make a video on it

  • Techno's Words of Wisdom: " I think the moral of this story is at the end of the day, sometimes the best camafloge is not hiding directly next to a man wearing a BRIGHT BLUE SONIC ONESIE!"



  • I can’t help but feel like the hunters kinda cheated by using creative mode and high powered explosives, like if they suspected someone was there they can just activate nuke mode imagine that in real hide and seak “I think they’re hiding in this room, ok come out now” and they’re just forced to be hound

  • so many commentary

  • do more hypixel skyblock please

  • That is the safest place-

  • 8 million views in 9 days good work bro

  • The biggest flex 0:00

  • What is the dream smp server coding

  • YES. that part was halarios Tecnoblade can u play minecraft edu

  • Afghanistan is the safest place :D

  • you are my new idol technoblade :)

  • dream fans-we get 1 video evry week?!?!?! techno fans-wait you guys are getting posts?

  • Imagine walking up to your mom and saying, "hey mom i won you a 5000$ refridgerator from mrbeast"

  • Tecnhoblade I know u prob don’t care but carrots are superior

  • Hey I forgot to tell you that naruto and suaske are orphans

  • The fact that Ranboo knew

  • When is this man gonna upload again

  • youno.k

  • I learned something. Don't give Techno boats.

  • Bro your youtooz are a scam I ordered it months ago and it STILL HASNT CAME

  • r we not gonna talk about how this man gets thousands of subs while not making vids for weeks

  • Do another minecraft vr video.

    • My baby brother wanted me to comment this.

  • 5000 better then 0 so sad connor

  • I just realised tommy has more subs than techno i never thought i would see the day would come (also great vid)

  • Why is there a clip button there

  • Why didn’t you share your potatoes with me >:c (this is a joke)

  • You’ll NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE. Best sentence

  • Dream vs tecnoblad not seen it yet

  • Wait can we talk about he has a Tommy skin lol

  • No entiendo el inglés pero me gusta ver los videos y directos de technoblade xd

  • I guess the world is flat. Reddit you’re right for once

  • i love how technos new videos sound like his old ones

  • Wtfff

  • Fundy won buddy is ok

  • PUNCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol

  • How does Tommy have more subs than you

    • Also were is this big red button u are telling me to press?

  • Commenting on technoblade's videos every day until he pins my comment Day 1 :

  • _Mr, Sandman, bring me a Dream..._

  • Bean

  • Techno: As long as no one looks at me tooo close Literally a second later Ranboo: SoMeThInGs A lItTlE Of ThErE

  • And the winner get a $10,000 fridge I had to have it

  • "did I really have it in me, to sabotage two of them just for a measly Refrigerator?.." . . 😃 ≤))≥ _| \_ Me: 🧍‍♀️.......🗿 Me: yes- Techno: YES. Edit: This is corny but I loved I so 🗿

  • why does techno have tommy as a skin...?

  • I can't wait for him to hit 6.9k subs

  • Mr sandman, man me a sand.

  • But TECHNOBLADE never dies

  • 3:08

  • He withstood the nukes

  • I'm so used to watching Techno Highlights that it took me 5 minutes to actually realise this was an actual Technoblade video

  • How should you get better at sky wars

  • Hey tecnoblade I have a qwestschon does you're friends like ramboo Tommy dream punz know how you look?

  • post NEW VIDEO

  • I couldnt help But press it But Im happy i did :)

  • I went to nyc the other day, and someone had a pet pig. This whole dude with an entire family taking their pet pig on a walk around the block. Just thought I’d let you guys know, have a good day.

  • techno look at my pfp : )

  • Did I really have it in me, to sabotage two of them for a measly refrigerator? *YES*

  • Flat earthers watching this like we were right all along 👁👄👁

  • Tommyinnit just passed you in subs. Where subscribers

  • Here to watch this for the second time

  • Get Rick rolled

  • What is your opinion on Mr Quibbler?


  • CAN YOU PLEASE UPLOAD TECHNOBLADE. i want no life technoblade back, the one that makes random skywars and bedwars vids

  • dream is better lol

  • techno pls do a video regarding u being voted as the rebellions leader is hypyxel skyblock