House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser | HBO Max

פורסם בתאריך 5 אוק 2021
Gods. Kings. Fire. Blood.

House Of The Dragon is coming to HBO Max in 2022.


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House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser | HBO Max


  • House Of The Dragon is coming to HBO Max in 2022.

    • Is this upcoming of Games of throne?

    • @Ali K different show runners this time

    • @Johnny Wednesday different writers and the ending is already written.

    • @Ян Моргаев Russian characters: troll.

    • Season 8 was awful

  • Can we get 4k please?

  • Some of these characters from this trailer is gonna die within the first season right?

  • A season 9 of GOT would be great

  • I'm still salty tbh

  • 00:38 More "woke" bullsh*t. BLM/woke bullsh*t is a disease and it destroys everything good.

  • Spoiler warning.. The first few seasons will be amazing. Then each subsequent season will drop in quality a bit and then the last season will kill your dog.

  • house of dragons, all about dragons, dragons made us kings....... NOT ONE SINGLE DRAGON IN THE ENTIRE CLIP

  • Черные Веларионы, вы серьезно?

  • Oh boy if only we still cared after the terrible final season

  • Gay of thrones.

  • I am only going to watch it because of 'The Doctor' is in the series

  • me watching this, knowing what happens 200 years after 👁👄👁

  • Please tell me that Dumb and Dumber have nothing to do with this.

  • 🎉🎉🔥🔥

  • *القرآن هو الملجأ الوحيد في متاهات الحياه 💔🌺فهل من مشجع 💔*

  • It's like the original game of thrones, but everyone's uglier.

  • If D and D are the writers producers or anything by involved with this one I refuse to watch it

  • No, no, I can’t go through the pain again...this one is going to have to miss me!

  • Game of thrones in Hindi dubbed

  • Whatever you say, GOT still brings that feeling which no other show can ever bring

  • Scared because they have even LESS to go off of for this series and we all know what happened the last time Martin wasn’t in charge of the plot line

    • George is part of this, they consult him so dont worry.

  • I will NEVER get over the season finale of much so that this prequel does not excite me at ALL!!! I will not allow myself to go on another GOT journey & invest my time and emotions only to be slapped in the face with a HORRIBLE, FLAT ending!!

  • The Game of Thrones universe lives on 🔥🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


  • I'm looking forward to

  • 00:29 looks like important character but not so glamorous for such a expected series..

  • Targaryens better have purple eyes. You have one job, get it right!

  • i still remember the DISASTER of S8 i lost all faith or interest in any GOT related series.

  • Not intereses after the s8 disaster

  • Olá, prestigiando seu trabalho. Lindas imagens parabéns " tmj"

  • The cringer

  • I'm waiting 😍💙💜💚

  • That like bar is too big in my opinion.

  • Iam waiting for GOT

  • Maybe i'm making mistake, but i'm gonna give them one more chance

  • The people complaining about the redo previous season still gonna watch this.. that's how it works with will watch

  • am I the only one who dont like that dragon armor? its too much in my opinion... like a disney fairytale

  • What Bjorn Ironsight and Lagertha are doing in Westeros? 🤔

  • Dragons didn't make us king,wheelchair did ~ Bran The Broken

  • I came here for THE DOCTOR!! and oh, dragons, too. Lol

  • 👍

  • Me: Were you satisfied with GOT's last season? Brain: Nope Me: Will you be watching House of the Dragon? Brain: Oh definitely

  • Hope it will not disappointed us. Fingers🤞

  • I can relate to house of Targaryen so much with family & strangers fighting over something that has nothing to do with them smh.

  • How about you teaser a new season 8?

  • Ang tagal

  • Where's the dragons, by the way.. I did not see one.. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • After all that has happen Jon snow will always be the king of kings his ending was another beginning. Legend

  • Will we see Sir Duncan the Tall????

  • Lessgoooo🔥🔥

  • *People who read the books are going to be the only ones who watch this.*

    • I'm gonna pass. Though I will watch dragon clips on ILaward and watch ppl complain about the costumes/wigs (they look AWFUL).

  • I hope dumb and dumber doesn’t have any part in this show.

  • Please come in India

  • "This world wasn't always so small and petty. Thousands of years ago, while the rest of men prayed to gods, the Valyrians became them."

    • Those lore videos with Harry narrating are glorious.

  • can't waittt

  • I hope they do this right

  • Can’t watch this after the BETRAYAL. They’ll do it again!

    • Well tbf HBO didn’t ruin GoT. Dumb & Dumber did

  • That's house of the "dragon" not house of the "dragons" so who are you pointing by dragon? Aegon I Targaryen or balerion? And the one who was mainly shown was aegon I? Or his blood? Because aegon I was the conqueror of the seven kingdoms not the King and he said "us" of course many people helped him achieving the throne, but ig it was not aegon I

  • I m not sure to watch it.. they will do the same filth at the end of it like game of thrones...

  • A girl has no dragons.

  • Take my money

  • I don't think they will mess this up since the books are written already.

  • nope, who is writing? D+D better not have any part. 200 yrs and the look and costumes haven't changed. Bad sign.

  • O universo de GOT vive 🔥🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • dude im so stoked

  • As good as it looks I’m sure the IMDB rating will be around 6-7 based on how angry were the viewers from the last episode 😂

  • u better redeem

  • I am not excited this series😖 got last season Dislike....

  • حماس مليارررررررر 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Nope. Still not over it

  • 00:38 Smh, all this "woke" bullsh*t is a disease that infects and destroys everything good

    • That turned me off too but look from the bright side, at least Daemon and Rhaenyra are not racebend.

  • Boleh Lah Bantu Full Jam Tayang 🙏😊

  • those people dont have technological advancement in 2000 years and always use swords and bows...

  • We will also get to see House Velaryon and House Hightower

  • Ahh, I see the usage of the Targaryen family wig has a long history... Seriously can we retire the shoulder length half-up do? Viserys and Rhaegar were ebough.

  • We are so excited

  • The final season of GOT made me take a break from certain kinda movies n you guys haven’t explained wtf that was… Now you feel like reopening old wounds I guess? If not then please explain what this is n why we should hold our breaths for it

  • this serie gonna mend all our wounds, mark my word.

  • Smack me down and take my money! 🥰

  • Dude plz be good😔 game of thrones is my life and I pray to god these characters and seasons are as amazing as game of thrones. But that’s gonna be an extremely tough thing to top or keep up with lol.

  • Bro I’m your big fan

  • I CANT be the only person who saw Doctor Who in the thumbnail and thought this was a joke

  • Where is the Tardis?

  • Is this real or fan-made?

  • I've missed you all, let the geeking begin

  • Awww man, we back baby!!

  • Littlefinger didn’t kill himself!

  • When next trailer ?

  • 😩😩😩 can wait

  • "Winter Is coming?" 🤥

  • does anyone care about this even?

    • Duuuuh, a redemption from s8.

    • Yeah ofcourse people cared this looks awesome

  • Err... who was in charge of the grammar.....? 😆

    • @Aquarium Shed im not a native speaker but how you pointer out the "an" and "a", it really seems off qnd now i cant unese it 🤣

    • @Siebe Degryse beg to differ. 'H' is a consonant so it needs to be "A HBO Production". If you had a vowel sound like AMC then it would be "An AMC Production". 👍

    • @Aquarium Shed an hbo production is correct grammar , a hbo production aint right

    • @Siebe Degryse "An HBO...." Doesn't sound right to me, and it's the first thing you see!

    • ???


  • House of the Dragon 🐉 2022 we gonna started with something good on that year

  • Nah

  • Melisandre please cameo in this