Best And Worst Cases For Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

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In this video I'll be showing you which samsung galaxy z fold 3 cases to stay away from and which ones I would recommend.

Timestamps & Amazon links

1. 1:13 Ringke Slim Black -

2. 3:17 Ringke Matte Clear -

3. 4:24 Ringke Slim Clear -

4. 5:47 Samsung Flip Cover With S Pen -

5. 8:55 Samsung Silicone Cover -

6. 10:30 Samsung Leather Flip Cover -

7. 13:35 VRS Design Hard Drop Pro Matte Black -

8. 16:23 VRS Design Hard Drop Pro Metal Black -

9. 17:26 VRS Design Quick Stand Pro Matte Black -

10. 19:58 VRS Design Quick Stand Pro Dark Green -

11. 20:39 VRS Design Quick Stand Pro Metal Black -

12. 21:16 Spigen Thin Fit -

13. 24:03 Spigen Air Skin -

14. 25:58 Spigen Tough Armor -

15. 29:34 Spigen Ultra Hybrid -

16. 31:00 Spigen Slim Armor Pro -

17. 33:26 Case mate Tough Plus -

18. 36:47 GKK -

19. 38:15 Otterbox Symmetry Flex- NOT AVAILABLE

20. 40:34 Foluu Black Leather -

21. 42:25 Puroom Black Case -

22. 44:30 Foddom Dootoo -

Thanks for watching!

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  • Great video but you should get more cases that cater to people that want to carry around their stylus. Like the Samsung flip cover that holds the S-Pen you should do a review on more cases that hold the S Pen. That's what I'm really interested in.

    • My favourite is the spigen thin fit p

    • I’m sorry I tried but there were not many options at the time.

    • No one makes them is the problem. Samsung screwed the pooch on the pen case design.

  • I would also recommend staying away from the Samsung Flip cover with S pen holder. Very expensive and useless. Thank you for testing so many cases - so many to choose from.

  • Thank you for such a comprehensive review of so many cases. Subscribed because of it. I was particularly happy that you used the stickers on the Spigen Tough Armour to prove it works, as this is my favoured case at the moment (all other reviews I watched haven’t bothered). The only cases that protect the front screen are the official Samsung Folio Cases (with and without S-Pen). I have used folio cases for years to protect the screen of my phone and wanted to try the S-Pen, so bought the Case with S-Pen. It is a good idea, poorly executed. I believe it still needs a ‘frame’ cover to protect the edge of the front half of the phone (like most of the covers you reviewed). They could have incorporated a magnet in that to keep the cover closed. If I continue with this case then I will get a frame to protect the front half anyway. I also like my phone to sit flat on a surface and that is the only test you didn’t conduct. Even rocking on the camera bump annoys me. So while a raised ridge protects the cameras, it may not allow it to sit flat. Likewise the Spigen Slim Armour Pro and Casemate Tough Plus (and S-Pen Case unless you remove the S-Pen holder) will mean the phone will rock on a flat surface. It’s a shame the Samsung engineers didn’t put more thought into cases when they designed the Fold3. Even some detents in the edge would have reduced the need for adhesive strips.

  • a tip for the flip covers: use the front frame from the silicone cover. it offers extra protection, allows the flap to stay in place a little bit better, and makes it easier to open the phone.

  • Great video! Thanks a ton for taking the time to get this to us. One tip though, your supposed to open the phone with the thumb cutouts on the side of the front screen by the volume control and screen on/off button. It's much easier that way :)

  • Been waiting for a video like this on ALL currently available cases. Looking forward to updates when more inevitably come out. Very impressive getting this out so quickly.

  • I love the idea of the clear cases but they always yellow over time in the sun and eventually dust makes its way under so you need to remove it to clean. Which was only inconvenient before but now with the adhesive that would be a real pain in the ass.

  • Well done, excellent presentation of all of the cases I was very impressed with the VRS cases but, I think I am going with the Spigen thin armor pro. I got the Samsung S Pen case only because they gave the 200 dollars for accessories and I wanted to have a case immediately on arrival it is ok but like the guy says it flops around on the front and I don't recommend. And it does nothing to protect the front screen edges and doesn't help you open the phone at all without a case edge to get your fingers on it is hard to open very slippery edge.

  • Good stuff, thanks for taking the time. I'm leaning towards the Spigen slim armor pro after watching this. I have the Samsung w/spen holder now and don't care for it at all. They really dropped the ball with the lack of protection....or better said, zero protection for front half the phone. I'm wondering If I could glue a spen holder to the back of that case, like I've seen in other videos.

  • Hey, great vid. I pre ordered so i'm receiving the pen case from samsung, but what seemed like an idea to me is to us the folio case in combination with the left half of the slim silicone case. I bought the silicon case because the pen case takes 9 weeks to get delivered. But now i'm really curious if it might fit, because it looks like it might

  • Only guy I’ve seen so far to take the adhesive off to test the Spigen tough armor to test. All other ILawardrs wouldn’t take off the adhesive and then complained that the front part kept sliding off. All they were doing was using their Amazon return policy to make free content. Thanks for actually testing the case as intended. I am ordering the Spigen tough armor because of this video.

    • The only case from spigen you should use is the armor pro. I've used the others and the case slips off the front screen after some time. It also scratched up my screen protector after constantly rubbing against the front screen. I love the z fold 3 but 99% of the cases are mediocre at best

    • You do realize that even if they took off the adhesive covers, they could still issue a return and refund. People arent using the adhesives because some adhesives are actually breaking the MMwave antenna plastic cover

    • Hate spigen. It's garbage

    • @Rio the God yeah I took the adhesive off. The edges scratch the screen (plastic protector) due to the s movements the case allows. Also I sat on it once and the case slipped a lot more and made the scratches go further (I'm using the armor case from spigen)

    • Lol you're not supposed to take the adhesive off....

  • Thank you for the video. You did a great job. I prefer cases that cover the outer screen and includes the S-Pen. I'm waiting for more of those cases to come out. I also prefer a case that does not put the phone to sleep.

  • Really digging the new VRS cases. The idea of having a kickstand is genius 🔥

  • Thanks so much for putting together a video where we can see the bulk of available cases tested in one video. Much appreciated. 👍

  • This was incredibly helpful. I’m leaning towards the Spigen case; torn between the clear and green one. Thank you so much!

  • Great video. The duration scared me a bit but the timestamps help a ton. Love the thumbs up/down you gave on every case. Immediately placed an order for the Ringke matte clear as it suits my needs on a simple but safe case. Also I agree on the samsung pen case. I unfortunately bought it before watching this video and everything about it is just wrong... its unusable. The cover flops around awkwardly, makes it hard to type when using the front screen (folded) and the pen placing on the spine makes it hard to hold! Avoid it!

  • Just upgraded to this phone last week in the UK. After going to multiple shops and stores asking staff and experts what cases are the best for the displays on this phone I really didn't get anywhere with anyone actually reccomending a good case! So I started searching online for some reviews of cases. Stumbled across this! Fantastic, all these cases you see online all in one place. Very informative great video. Thank you!

  • Hi, love your video. Wanted to ask 2 things, 1) Is there a led case for fold 3 like other samsung phones have ? 2) Is there a clear case with the pen holder?? Would love to hear from you back.

  • Without a doubt the most comprehensive case review I've seen to date for the z fold 3. I'm still using the samsung s pen case that came with mine and it just sux. I'd be mad if it weren't free. I want a full coverage case and you know that as time marches on more companies will release them.

    • That Spigen hinge started jamming up when I opened the case so back it went. I'm back on that atrocious s pen case.

    • I ended up with the Spigen Tough Armor and my first impressions are I don't like how the raised case above the top of the phone on the outer screen makes it difficult to swipe down.

  • Very informative video! Thank you! I personally prefer the minimal cases, preferably the ones with less raised edges on the front screen cover because i find that i can maneuver and type better on the front screen.

    • When you eventually drop it on the concrete, you might feel differently

  • I really don't like the need for adhesives as I want to swap from a solid case to the Spen case depending on what I need to do. Wish the Casemate was less hard plastic as you said.

  • Finally a video covering almost all cases for the Z Fold3! I really like the VRS Hard Drop Pro because it provides a good amount of protection as well as it makes the Fold lay flat when put on a surface. My runner ups are the Ringke Slim Case and Spigen Slim Armor Pro. Hope you make another video when you get other cases for the Z Fold 3. Spigen has a case where the entire back part of the case can turn into a kickstand.

  • Great video but theres an issue. These are just first impressions but this does not cover long time use. The clear cases will have yellow discoloration over time so I would avoid those. The really thin cases tend to snap and break very easily so be careful with those. And lastly, those cases you put on without the adhesive, will likely start to slide off the phone over time which makes it incredibly annoying to have so your thumbs up will likely be a thumbs down. But if you use the adhesive, removing the case is a pain in the ass and now you have sticky crap on your 1800 dollar phone. Oh, and the adhesive is no longer useable once removed.

  • Thank you for the great video! I have been looking for the perfect case and you made it easy. Ended up with a Ringke slim and it's perfect. I did end up using 1 sticker on the screen side of the case after it started to slide out of place a little. Thanks!

  • This was a great help. Very thorough and much appreciated!

  • I have a bunch of these but my fav so far is the samsung aramid fiber case. I have a later case on the way which should be similar just slightly thinner i think.

  • Excellent video review! Worth every minute of viewing. Keep up the great work 👍

  • My favorite is the Araree Bonnet Diary case, great protection, easy to hold and can be used as a stand.

  • Great video man. I've been searching all day for a Samsung case and I'm glad I didn't find 1 as they seem to be crap and you ended up showing me the vrs designs with the kick stand and that's what I wanted in a case so thank you man. 👍🏼 and you gained a subscriber

    • Update: VRS scratches your front screen and bezel if you do not use the stickers to keep it in place. Don't make the same mistake I made

  • Great video but it would be really helpful to mention which cases specifically protect the hinge/ spine of the phone as most cases don't protect that part and this can easily get scratched when the phone is dropped..I don't understand how you missed talking about that after doing this lengthy video on fold 3 cases..not a marketing review I hope..I would say any fold 3 cases that come in 2 pieces ( for front and back) are not useful enough for those who want to protect the hinge of such an expensive phone even if the hinge might not contribute to the phone functionality..I think no:16 and no:17 are good cases to protect every spot of the phone if dropped

  • Loved the video, thank you! Also, I think it would be awesome if you added the Thumbs up/down in the description next to the time stamps. I haven't gotten a Fold 3 yet, but would make it easier when I come back to this video to decide on case :).

  • Ok so I've got the speigen tuff armor and I have to say that for me it basically makes the front screen unusable. The lip is so raised that you basically have to try to just get the tip of your finger right up against the raised area to use any of the motion controls. And typing becomes difficult with the letters cost to the left and right of the keyboard. The lip is just entirely too raised.

    • @arabguy10 yeah I bought it too and sure it makes it slightly less convenient to tap the edges but nothing that has actually bothered me at all. I can still hit q and 1 easily and my left side gesture action I just increased to size of the box abit and I have no problems with that either.

    • @Jon M it works fine for me, sounds like a fat fingers problem.

    • I wonder if it wouldn't work to just use a dremel to grind out that portion of the raised lip.

    • Did either of you figure out a better case? Im getting the phone soon and I wanna know what case to buy

    • This is my issue with the UAG civilian case im using and I'm looking for a replacement case :/

  • IM gonna be honest i think im going with the case mate tough plus of the spigen armor pro, I rather have one big piece holding and protecting my phone. Escpecially at that price. What surprises me with the folio cases is there's not even an attempt to keep that top lid close. I hope otterbox comes with a nice defender or symmetry that is one piece. IM also not a big fan of the adhesive stuff.

  • thank you so much for sharing it, including links to order them. You had helped me a lot! I'd like to see the edge menu on outer screen, does anyone have tested it?

  • Most cases are really similar with the exception of the Samsung with pen cover..I have a few of these covers and actually use the Samsung with the S pen cover and actually like it.Why do you check each cover for charging they all mostly do.

  • Very informative video. Wish you would have covered the Samsung Case for the Fold 3 that is a 2-piece, leather and cost about $80. Thank you for taking the time to show us so many choices in cases for such a great phone!

  • Great video, particularly love the timing for each case. YOu missed the Samsung Aramind Case - sad because this is the one I have ordered. I love thin cases and hoping this will work out. I have used Pitaka cases for years and love them, have all the attachments. It seems Pitake have chosen not to make a case for the Fold 3. Really want a case that is thin and allows me to magnetically attach to a car stand.

    • @HighTechCheck no problem, you can't review every case on the market. I have been using for a few weeks now, very happy with it. I am mourning that Pitaka, my favourite case supplier didn't make a case for the Fold. So I've modified the standard Samsung Aramid case by cutting up my previous Pitaka case and attaching to the back of the new case so I can use my Pitaka accessories. Works really well and also flattens the back of the standard case making it easier to inductively charge.

    • I had the aramid case on order but it wasn’t going to get to me in time, sorry about that.

  • I have a magnetic leather folding case for my zfold2 which covers the hinge has bumpers and it covers the front screen its pretty slim too. Unfortunately I have dropped it in this case she my phone has zero damage. This was a case I got off Amazon I love it gives much added grip. Zfold3 probably has similar cases. My advice do not put a skimpy case on a 1800 dollar phone . Get proper protection for your phone. Well done 👏 I enjoyed this video.

  • Ended up going with the dark green version of the Ringke Slim case, thanks for the detailed case review!

  • Great detailed video, many options reviewed , slowly and very descriptive, thumbs up, I know now what I'm getting

  • Def liked this video as a life long galaxy and fold owner. My only suggestion is to emphasize spine protection in your evaluations. Trust me, it sux when you drop your phone and do damage to that spine

  • It's nice seeing what cases are available, but I don't think you need to do a new overview each time there is a different color when the design and functionality hasn't changed.

    • @Kirk Peebles I'm not saying to skip over the color options, The available colors would be a "feature" of a case design, really. It's still the same features and durability, just in *PHANTOM GREEN*, so showing the available colors as b-roll would be much better suited for a review of many products.

    • I thought the same but seeing the green VRS Quickstand changed my mind on the color I wanted.

    • Right!

    • I’ll keep that in mind for the next one

    • Yeah that runtime has me nervous.

  • When reviewing cases, please also talk about how much of a fingerprint magnet the cases are. It would also be nice to see you place your fingers on the case a few times to see how resistant it is to smudges. Also, the leather case from Samsung with the strap is meant to have two or three fingers in it. The purpose is so the phone won't fall off your hand when using it one handed.

    • I literally just watched him do that in this video did you not watch it?

  • would've been nice if you showed us how easy it is to access the edge panel on the front screen with these cases on.

  • Which one had the tallest raised edge for the inside screen? Just got my replacement phone through insurance because the vrs design wasn't quite tall enough. Otherwise I was really happy with vrs.

  • Oh my god I have preordered the phone and as a result gotten the s-pen cover from samsung for free as a promotion and I really didn't like it - but I have seen this cover in several videos now and you are the first one to show (or discover) that the entire pen assembly can be removed - thank you very much!

  • Question. What wireless charger do you use? I have the Samsung silicone case for my phone and did notice the cameras needing extra protection as you mentioned. I decided to order the VRS with the kickstand after watching your video for my husband's phone. Thanks for the video!

  • It would have been helpful to see if any of the cases interfere when enabling/using the sidebar for apps.

    • A dermal can quickly fix that :)

  • You MUST use the stickers. I had one just like this and didn't and the movement that was caused by the case against the screen caused damage to the front factory screen protector. So, I'll be replacing that.

  • Very nice video. Indeed needed, thank you for the effort 👌. Any thought on having a case with S pen holder and stand as well. Again, great effort

  • Thank you for doing all these comparison.. helped me to decide which one to get

  • I prefer the Samsung flip leather case and don't find it that slippery. Also the stand is magnetic so probably more robust.

  • Thank you for doing this. Excellent summary of what's out there.

  • Before using the phone I already paid HK500 for the cases.But thank you for your review , really helpful…

  • that was detailed and excellent and VERY helpful thanks a million

  • That Foddom Dootoo scratched up the outer screen protector on my Fold 3, on the left side. Between that and the flimsy feeling of it where the power and volume buttons are and it feeling loose/weak there I'd suggest to stay away from it.

  • I noticed that some cases towards the end were only "wireless charging" as opposed to "fast wireless charging". Not sure how much that matters for folks, I'm still a cable charger guy, but I think it might be worth mentioning for some.

  • wow, your video was a godsend ! i was about to order the otterbox symmetry case, and you help me decide it was definitely good i did not !!! and i just ordered the spigen tough armor thanks to you

  • casemate was the toughest to take off, and the fingerprint sensor was hard to recognize with it on

    • The case is so hard to remove that it makes a drop seem like less of a risk. They should have lined the edges with soft rubber to let it be easy to take off and put on.

  • thank you for your review. I ended up with the casemate case as this was the only one that stayed together without stickers.

    • @James S. Thank you! I ended up ordering the case yesterday. I've always used Casemate cases with my iPhones so hoping that I like it for my Fold 3. I guess I won't really be taking the case off other than to occasionally clean the phone so it should be ok.

    • @Bindiya Chaudhri putting it on is easy but it would be pretty hard to take out.

    • That is the case I am thinking of getting. Is it really that difficult to put it on the phone and take off the phone?

  • Great job and work on gathering all these cases - I liked subscribed, hit the notification and I'm going to use your link to purchase the VRS gunmetal with kickstand. Thanks again for your hard work- you are very much appreciated brother and I look forward to your other videos.

  • I'm not worried about the tab on the Samsung case with the pen because I bought a Rodeo Wallet to put the phone into so I can keep my phone, my cards, and ID in one wallet. Plus the fact that it comes with a Pen is a plus.

  • UAG offers a pretty good case as well. Might want to check that one out. Great video

  • I had the Spigen Tough Armor but switched to the Spigen AirSkin because of the raised protection on the front display. With the raised protection it is very difficulty to use the outer part of the display, using the keyboard on the front display with the Tough Armor case is impossible.

    • @alvaro padilla No, it's almost "invisible" so you can use every function you want of the phone)

    • Is it hard to use the gesture with the Air skin? I have the Vrs quick stand pro and the front protection gets in the way too.

  • I'm rocking the tough armor atm. It's a really nice case. But the raised edge on the front display is not good if you are using gesture navigation 😭

    • Exactly why I returned mine for a refund....can't touch the edge for the Edge Panel, etc.

    • @100MPH Selfies I have the Samsung cases as well. I wish they protected the hinge too

    • That's exactly why I am sticking with official Samsung cases. Swipe gesture works great on both screens

  • I use the Spigen case on my fold 2 lots of protection but heavy

  • Thank you for this video! I'm stuck between the VRS and the Spigen with the spine protection...Fuck. That VRS Green is so nice. I couldn't get the Phantom Green (I got a discount through work but only the black) so the VRS Case could be my only way to live out my Green dreams! BUT THE SPINE PROTECTION SPIGEN

    • I prefer the vrs with the stand, do we really need spine protection? Yes it will get scratched if it falls on the spine but it won’t break like the glass.

  • 47 min of you trying on cases. You earned a like and a subscribe i'd like this twice if I could Thank you . You helped me find a case for my phone!

  • Awesome video, thanks for putting in tht much work for all of us folders.

  • Question I like the z fold 3 case that was case mate towards the end of the video. What do you do with all these cases that you don't use?

  • Great video. Thanks for putting this together and sharing it.

  • One thing nobody hardly mentions is if the cut outs for USB port are big enough for 3rd party chargers or not

  • Thank you! Thank you so much! You finalized my decision on wether or not to get the vrs case! Again great video, thank you!

  • so i tried the spigen tough armor for about a month, and the front screen has been somewhat unusable because of the raised edges. i bought the otterbox thin flex, only like 3 adhesives for the front part.. the back snaps on well.. i cant get it back off and it has no adhesive. i recommend this case highly

  • I have the Otterbox, and it does have adhesive for the portion around the front screen. Maybe thats been added recently.

  • Thanks for doing the vid, quite helpful... Some constructive critique on your production though, for such a long vid w/ so many items all a row, please use chapters and title them. As is, its hard to follow which case your talking about and its hard to skip back-n-forth. ✌

  • Thanks for this video man. You saved me a bunch of money and for that you earned a like and sub! 👍

  • Stumbled across your video. Great job! Great variety of cases and good in depth reviews! 👌

  • Fantastic review, thanks!

  • Thank you for saving me miserable hours on amazon trolling reviews, impressive🙂 presentation and nice selection of cases.

  • Liked and subbed after seeing the pile of cases and the video length. You're doing God's work, my friend. Thank you!

  • I got the spigen tough armor and had it on literally 1 day with adhesive stickers applied. Its good protection but phone damn near doubles in thickness. And mine also had issues where the rubber layer on the spine would not easily slide in just curve out and id had to push in with my fingers for it to go in. No go for me.

    • @CubZeke hard to get to corners of the screen if you have biggers hands/fingers. If your hands are on the smaller side you should be fine

    • Is the front raised lip edge an issue with using the front screen?

  • Excellent content thank you. I never thought I would see someone beat out Flossy Carter for case based content but here we are 😆

  • Can you use 2 different cases at the same time? Like the pen-case for the back And the outer Front screen top from another case To protect the outside screen that the Flappy pen-case doesnt cover?

    • Yes im currently using the samsung s pen cover case with a different front cover case.

    • ILaward comments and Z Fold Reviews from the Samsung website show that some users do that. Maybe if you attach the silicone front screen case with the flip case, the magnetic design will prevent your phone from turning on by itself.

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  • Have you tested the insipio cases for this phone as well? Kinda curious.

  • Thank you for doing it, it's so helpful!

  • On another review I saw that on the Samsung leather flip cover case you can insert your fingers in the strap. Still not the best design though

  • Odd how most all of the OEM Cases offer no real protection and near 0 protection for drops.

  • Good video, unfortunately I was looking for the aramid cover from Samsung, hope you will have a review from that one in a separate video

    • I have both the samsung leather with no stand and Aramid, both are great. The Aramid definitely needs you to use the grippy tape to stay in place, but it's not a permanent sticker on the phone. The Aramid case is my favorite now because of how thin it is.

  • Thanks for the awesome reviews!

  • Thank you, this helped me pick a case or two

  • You forgot about the Samsung leather case without the flap. It's a 2 piece Dark green leather case although the front cover is thin hard plastic the back piece with camera side has green genuine leather. My personal favorite and what I use. Highly recommended if you have the Phantom Green and still want to show off the green color.

    • Do you use the sticker with it?

  • Good comparison review, just one critique. Should have included a unfolded on desk test to see if the cases stop it from wobbling when touching the screen.

    • I would think that if there are any asymmetrical bumps on the back of the case, it's going to wobble. If the back is flat, then it shouldn't wobble. Could've been an hour long video if he were to show each one. 🙂

  • amazing content i purchased the spigen slim armour pro going to purchase the vrs kick stand case in silver looks amazing. thank you so much!

  • I got my z 3 fold a couple weeks ago and havent purchase a case cause i needed to know wich one was the best after seeing this i made up my mind and ill go for the vrs quickstand metal black thanks for the amazing review brooo!!!

    • I was thinking about getting the same one have you purchased it and if so what do you think about it

  • I just got the vrs hard drop pro but I also want a clear back case. I really liked the OtterBox but I wish it had adhesives. But which clear case do you like more? The ringke or Spigen? Also great video I have subscribed! :)

  • Are the raised edges for the front… inside… and camera the same for #14and #16?…or is one better than the other?? Thanks

  • thanks for sharing! it helps me a lot! concerning the spigen slim armor pro, can the spine fit the S-pen in?

    • Hi I do have that case and it cannot fit the s pen I love that cover tho

  • Thanks for all your hard work and expense in reviewing the cases.

  • Adhesive to hold a case on is so depressing. I like to take my case off every few weeks to clean my phone and I'd only be able to do that a couple times before that adhesive is ruined