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פורסם בתאריך 8 אוק 2009
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(Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Stig Anderson)
© 1976 Polar Music International AB
Published by: Universal/Union Songs AB
Video produced by: Lasse Hallström

Music video by Abba performing That's Me. (C) 1976 Polar Music International AB


  • Such a catchy melody that's so addicting and their harmonizing is so stunning. I love how they sing "Are you sure you wanna hear more?" it just sounds so pretty and I love the backing vocals. Just brilliant.


  • АВВА возвращайся ! Ждём!👭👬🎧🎤🎹🎸. 👏👏👏 👍


  • Great song, I love all their songs for nearly 50 years, right from Waterloo to now. Even the new music is quality, simply the best ☺️🎤🎹

  • What gorgeous talented girls they are! I must admit to falling in love with Anni-Frid from a very early age. I have always liked older women ever since! I found her so seductive and beautiful. I still do!

  • Modern feminists, this is what femininity really is, soft power. The stunning ladies could wrap any man around their little finger with a song, that's real power.

  • ❤️

  • Love, love, love those harmonies at 2:28 to 2:40. Such an underrated ABBA song... should've been a hit.

  • This is not the video


  • O.Enders,Bjorn is right.Frida"s and Agnetha:s unison is incomparable.A cosmic meeting.The perfect co existence.Its like salt and pepper or a chocolate/vanilla icecream.Nothing tastes as delicious without both being put together.One needs the other to create this kind of unsurpassed magic.

  • I'm a 23 years old man and I love all the old songs from ABBA. ABBA is the best group of the world, no group is better than this 4.

  • I had the honor to grew up with ABBA. At the age of 8 to 18. It was amazing to hear their hits in the radio.


  • E preciso dizer o nome.. ABBA a sensação internacional

  • Re the way you could send MK ai SINGULARITY

  • This song "That's me" by ABBA Belongs to Dian Rubianti/ Owned by Dian Rubianti/ Created by Dian Rubianti.... This song "That's me" Taken LIVE on air by Dian Rubianti's vocal/voice only from Dian Rubianti's home as stealing Dian Rubianti's private home daily New song creation of 21st century. "That's me" Release by ABBA IN original style how to sing this song and original complete song as it taken on creating alone in home by Dian Rubianti (the way this song singing by ABBA just the way this song full "complete" was sung by Dian Rubianti as creator on creating (composing) alone in home without music instrument by Dian Rubianti--one take only, complete/full song ) Xtreme quick song creation by Dian Rubianti -- Xtreme quick taken --this song "That's me" still owned by Dian Rubianti release by Dian Rubianti's lyrics in english language created/sung by Dian Rubianti on creating this song with new lyrics by ABBA changing/replacing unlanguage words on melody created/sung by Dian Rubianti on creating this song. title song "That's me" owned /sung by Dian Rubianti on creating this song. Imaginery old song/fake old song by ABBA New song creation of 21st century by Dian Rubianti. 181181 X

  • Thank you for posting this video 👍I had forgotten how good this song is and how the two beauties harmonize so well.Also the blokes are so cute as well.❤👍

  • damn this song never existed, damned mandela effect

  • A song about female empowerment. ABBA was so ahead of their time.

  • ABBA eles são maravilhosos magníficos. principalmente as meninas Anne e Agnetha eu sou apaixonada por éssa dupla maravilhosa ....schow schow são o máximo duas divas até hoje gratidão por tanto sucesso muita Luz pra vcs ...queridas 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤

  • Fun Fact: In a recent interview, Bjorn said he has never met any women who can sing in perfect unison as Agnetha and Frida.

  • And Whitesnake

  • I love you guys 🥰🥰🥰

  • Dancing Queen is really incredible...but That's Me is much more a dancing song! This synth is a ticket to heaven!

  • ABBA are so underrated

  • What does Carrie have to do with it!? Can someone answer me? :)

    • The name of the woman is Carrie. Who says that it has something to do with THE Carrie from Stephen King if you think that? A lot of women are called Carrie. It's just coincidence as it is with all names ABBA used in their songs. "Carrie" rhymes well with "marry" so that's the reason I think.

    • @Steffi O i know 😁😁

    • @AH Against all odds yea nah

    • It's "Carry" or "Carrying" lol 😁😁

  • Agnetha Honey in her Smile And Fire in her eyes What a Strikingly Magnificent Viking Shield Maiden she is Makes you wish your Name was Ragnor

  • Plenty of songs i discover now!

  • Beautiful songs in this album. ABBA, your music and group dynamics always fit the times.

  • Me: *listening to this song in loop* Also me: *wants to change song after the hundredth replay* ABBA: "Are you sure? Do you wanna hear more?" Me: "Uhhhh... Perhaps Chiquitita."

  • Come on UK AꓭBA fans download their new singles from your favourite music apps because they have slipped from 6 & 7 to 7 & 8 in the chart over the last few days!

  • 2:29 ... Benny's driving ... kind of think he was the main driving force in the band (maybe I'm wrong but just wonder how many of these awesome tunes started as Benny's piano ideas! ;-) )

  • Riascoltarli dopo tanto tempo è un viaggio nella mia gioventù .


  • Just Brilliant Genial Band

  • One of my favourites. In this day of fake instruments and boring lyrics, ABBA were pure artistry at every level and that’s why they are eternal and unforgettable. True musicians in every sense of the word. 💖

  • Its a wonderful disco melody and song that could have been a hit, and the video is so cool

  • Are you sure do you wanna hear more What if I ain't worth the while Not the style you'd be lookin' for If I'm sweet tonight Things look different in the morning light I'm jealous and I'm proud If you hurt my feelings I'll cry out loud I'm Carrie not-the-kind-of-girl-you'd-marry That's me Are you sure do you wanna hear more Would I be the one you seek Mild and meek like the girl next door Don't you realise I may be an angel in disguise It's lonely to be free But I'm not a man's toy, I'll never be I'm Carrie not-the-kind-of-girl-you'd-marry That's me I don't believe in fairy-tales Sweet nothings in my ear But I do believe in sympathy That's me, you see Are you sure do you wanna hear more Won't you have a drink with me Just to see you're not really sore I can't help my ways I'm just not the girl to hide my face I'm Carrie not-the-kind-of-girl-you'd-marry That's me There's a special love Like an eagle flying with a dove I'll find it in the end If I keep on searchin', but until then I'm Carrie not-the-kind-of-girl-you'd-marry That's me

  • Лучшая группа всех времён!

  • 祝Reunion♪

  • Haven't heard this for 30+ years and just sang it back knowing all the words. Thats class pop writing.

  • My dear Agnetha 💖💞a Frida 💓

  • Извиняюсь! Но не вижу искренности в поцелуях : -) !!!!

  • Yes we are getting to hear more! Big announcement tomorrow🙌

  • Amazing. In my 57 years this is a ABBA video I have never seen!

  • They re-used some parts of the _Knowing Me, Knowing You_ and _Money, Money, Money_ videos on this one

  • The Harmonising is so elegant.

  • Such an underrated song by ABBA. One of my all time favs.

    • @David Siegfried Klinger Hi I wasn't criticizing Abba as a band,but I can recall certain Media types saying they were not that good,in about the mid 70s. Underrated was another term. But I agree with vandamme514,with what he said. Abba was one of the best bands in the 70s. I still collect their stuff. Thanks Goodbye.🇸🇪🇳🇴

    • I repeat ABBA were never underrated

    • @Bruce Kilby Arrival was one their finest albums and ABBA were never ever underrated!

    • Arrival is a Great Album,Realesed in 76 and it All sounds good Still. And that is not Nonsense. 🇸🇪🇳🇴

    • I agree, I just love this song. "Why did it have to be me" is also not very well known but good. Arrival is my fav album from them.

  • The b side to dancing queen from arrival the album was their Sargent Pepper

  • One of my favourites!! 💙

  • ❤️❤️❤️🎶

  • All pop stars: Trying to keep their private love afairs away from the public eye. ABBA: kissing each other in their videos back in 1976 ...

  • These two ladies were a set apart but that line, wont you have a drink me..... Good god yes!!!!

  • where can i get those abba necklaces :)

    • Out of stock right now... Google: *abba the museum necklace*

  • August 05, 2021.Still listening to this song

  • This song "That's me" by Abba came from Dian Rubianti's home by Dian Rubianti's voice ( A song belong to Dian Rubianti/owned by Dian Rubianti).. This song was created (composed) by Dian Rubianti by singing alone in home as home private art daily song creation (this song written by Dian Rubianti)../composition melody & style/how to sing this song created by Dian Rubianti/came from Dian Rubianti. Song produced by Dian Rubianti Taken LIVE (from Dian Rubianti's home) as private home daily song creation of Dian Rubianti. Released by Abba IN original style (how to sing this song) and full song/composition song melody came from Dian Rubianti/sung by Dian Rubianti/created by Dian Rubianti. (released by Abba with Dian Rubianti's lyrics and the other's/Abba's lyrics) Tittle song "That's me" owned by Dian Rubianti. Imaginery old song by Abba/fake old song by Abba. letter from Dian Rubianti myself. New song creation of 3rd Millenium by Dian Rubianti. 181181 X

  • One of my cousins (sadly no longer with us) got me into this song. We were staying with his family for the weekend and he and I were playing records in his bedroom. He said he was going to play me his favourite ABBA song, and he bet that I'd never heard it before. He was right, I hadn't, but I loved it straight away! Then about 20 years later we had a surprise 80th birthday party for my aunt (also now no longer with us) and this was the first song the DJ played, which was strange as it was only ever released as a B side (of Dancing Queen I believe?) and an album track, so no one but any diehard ABBA fans in the room would have ever heard it before! So anyway, this song holds special memories for me, as most of them do, but this is right at the top of my list, along with "My Love, My Life". 😊

    • what a lovely story and something to keep that reminds you of that time

    • This is my favourite to

  • Muito...BOm.👍meu tempo..nao volra mais😃😃😃😄😄

  • Man if we would only get that new album.... years and years in the making..

  • Though the role of Frida is brilliant, this song is distintively made for Agnetha

  • This is a great song, my favourite ABBA song. It isn’t even in the top ABBA 20 list.

  • At the end , Agnetha's lips movements are quite sensuous .


  • Brave ragazze brave talentuose..

  • This song is the opposite of "Angel Eyes" lol

  • 😀🙂🙃

  • What year did this song come out?

    • @Lou Nolastname But this video was uploaded on ILaward in 2009 right?

    • It was recorded and released as the B side to Dancing Queen in 1976. This video was made the same year for the TV special ABBA-dabba-doo

  • One of their best...very cheeky! x ;-)

  • Thats true


  • ABBA always have the best hooks 🤩👌

  • I always thought this could have bern a single

  • This song has a good rythm :)

  • All those recycled shots from "Money Money Money" though ^^ I love how you can clearly see both videos were taken either immediately one after the other or even simultaneously :D

  • Great Band. Great Music. speaking/singing the natural instinct of human thoughts through this beautiful ever living song. However, it's good to stick to one's soul, not lust.

  • 2:41 Extreme close-up!

  • 👍🇦🇺👏🏻❤💙💚💛🧡💜👍🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Love this song but can't help thinking that the hook line could be improved by substituting 'Carrie' with clearly.

    • I’m Carrie, not the kind of girl you’d marry. Clearly does not rhyme with marry.

  • Gówno

  • Agnetha❤

  • Mi tema preferido de ellos

  • 2021 still great!!!

  • The 886 who give ABBA the thumbs down 👎...Definitely don’t like any ABBA songs. Or don’t like ABBA at all....Every ABBA song on ILaward as got thumbs down...These people have got NO taste in good music...I wonder what shit music they like and give the thumbs up too....If you don’t like ABBA Don’t listen to their music...

  • Quem Está Ouvindo Em 2021 Está Aqui Sucesso Total Show👏🏻👏🏻

  • Eppure sembrano così innamorati non credo che fingano

  • Simply love it.

  • 👏👏👏❤

  • ❤❤❤

  • Abba forever 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • They are the best singers and musicians ever ❤

  • I can rember this song

  • Beautiful

  • even one of the most undervalued songs abba has would quietly be among the 40 best in history

  • These people were making videos when there was basically no where to show them... appreciate that...

    • the world wanted more abba so they made these "recordings" since video didnt pretty much exist - I remember them being broadcast on national tv -,the first video we bought was in early 1980s and we were swedes and had money to spend -maybe people in like usa or japan had more to spend on electronics back then and in both Abba wasnt that big .(not shure about abba Japan thou )

  • Loved their songs when I was a teenager. Now I'm an adult still loving their songs.

  • Are you sure... you wanna hear more... Yes, Agnetha, I wanna hear more.

  • That look at 1:52... wow

  • For some reason agnetha's smile reminds me of Gustavo's mom.