A Year of Ping Pong

פורסם בתאריך 26 ינו 2020
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This is compilation of videos that I posted or shot in 2019. There were MANY, MANY, MANY other fun points that couldn't fit in this video, which is why I created a Part 2.

Congratulations to @gustavotabletennis for winning the $100 gift card giveaway.

Btw, can you tell me in the comments which is the ONE point in this video that has never appeared in my ILaward videos before???

Thanks to all of the channels that helped me in 2019. Pongfinity, TableTennisDaily, and【卓球動画】WRM-TV [TableTennis] (Gucchy)

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I play for andro and my equipment is:

Rubber- RASANTER V42 (both sides)
Blade - Treiber K


  • There were MANY, MANY, MANY other fun points that couldn't fit in this video. If you wanna see part 2, click LIKE. If this video gets 2,000 likes in the first week, I will release a part 2 soon. Also, I hope you win the $100 Amazon gift card giveaway (details in the description). 8>D

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    • @its_aaron 09 because why not lol

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  • How does he do it?

  • 4:15 you killed the poor Taiwanese kid

  • Many have deceptive serves, but this man has a deceptive everything!

  • Knapa dia tidak tanding ajang internasinal

  • come on pongfintiy

  • Huhhh what happend ?

  • Love the Santa shorts

  • Hello

  • Joga muito

  • Adams defense is like 11/10

  • The energetic court longitudinally wrestle because napkin technically bang unlike a dapper sand. past, placid wrecker

  • Man u visited india...I feel soooo sad😪 ..I wish I could meet and play with u 😑

  • češkovia

  • Bro when you come to India tell me we will play

  • 👏👏👏👍

  • 3:08 🤣🤣🤣👍

  • I am way better at ping pong

  • he's like the chosen one

  • are those 9'x5' tables?

  • This is awesomeeee

  • It amazing how you became good enough to play professionals around the world in only a year of playing 💯

  • The shots that go around the table should not be allowed they do not go over the net and they LEAVE the field of play

  • Is you a Muslim because Adam is a Muslim name l am YOUSSEF MOHAMED from Egypt

  • yeah go philippines

  • 7:57 i like the heads

  • 2:50 7:13 I from Hong Kong!!!

  • AIYAH means "Oh my God" in Chinese. Well done on those fun clips. Greetings from Sydney.

  • You were in Nepal wow

  • I wonder how they would do against some Olympic players. I wish I could play like him, I don't have a table to practice on though

  • оч круто... Даже не уверен, что есть равный по силе азиат ))

  • I watched the entire video and in no way is that thumbnail accurate upon any of your spins. It’s a shame that you have to resort to clickbait with your talent. Disliked and reported

  • He is the finest of all..!! 😍😍😍

  • Is this guy a pro?

  • It's really amazing video because this play is impressive and the video montage is very good. So il llike this video wich is *original*

  • 8:15 can someone please tell me from what video is the extract from?

  • sapa vietnam from VIETNAm with love

  • la rubia es malisima

  • I've grown to love Adam! Please, what type of racket do you use?

  • Who the fuck is this guys??? Playing level: godlike

  • hohohohohho

  • hi people

  • He's like the Dr. Kavanaugh of boogie woogie :D

  • Who else noticed sonipat and delhi Btw love from india You are a professional player

  • Funny is that mostly he play vs : Girls, gwarfs, old guys, fat guys or randoms in the street :)

  • What happened

  • 우리나라 신유빈때문에 매일 찾아보는 탁구 영상들

  • I was trying to find a what happened guy gif on my keyboard, but i was disappoint

  • Why isn't he playing in the olympics?????

  • Come to indonesia

  • Wow

  • 3:02 omg I LOVE how they all just stop to watch that! LMFAO

  • ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/yaCsm56E1WvXlHo

  • ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/yaCsm56E1WvXlHo

  • ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/yaCsm56E1WvXlHo

  • Adam, I would like to play with you.

  • Wow! this is AMAZING!!! Welcome to Taiwan❤❤

  • oh shit!!! we were in nepal!!!.. I was looking at your play style and I like it. It has alot of spin shots thingy.. we just call it "check" for some reason. I do that alot too but I still dont know hot to hit those powerful shots. not accurate. any way not very good at it but I love to play.

  • Uầy Sapa - Việt Nam luônnnn

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  • How to do a human relationship due to a passion more serious than the technics and the competition, whatever or who you are, and where you are on this little planet.. THANKS for your fun Adam! 🌏🙏

  • IF THERES A PHILIPPINES IN THE VIDEO, theres always filipinos here

  • u should go china mainland and play with players there. That would be fun!

  • 8:59 OMG... I can play table tennis all day long here...

  • The sturdy goal intraoperatively march because family rahilly compare towards a obtainable cave. bizarre, flippant barber

  • Come to China to teach you how to be a man

  • Please challenge the Chinese Olympic pros~~~😁😇

  • Hats off to this dude amazing master I had seen yet

  • lol, how fun! great job 👏

  • Wow, you are the man~~~

  • 哈哈哈…非常有趣的影片!

  • Ask Yasya to marry you. If she accepts, don't hit her any shots like that tricky loop once you're married. it will only lead to no good......

    • wtf dude

  • ooooo u had 1v1 with pongfinity

  • 2:58 😁

  • He was in dude perfect

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • This guy is Forrest Gump

  • 你看台灣人很有趣吧(鞋子)

  • 6:29 who is she? so beautiful and skilled

  • пижон конечно, но заслуженно)

  • なるほどわざわざ地面近くまで落としてんのはどっちにかけてるか見せないようにしてんのか

  • 7:21 马龙 the goat of Ping Pong

  • 2:28 you are welcome

  • 4:36 seems near to qutub minar metro station am I right??

  • 這是什麼啦? 為什麼球可以跑s的?

  • welcome to challenge Chinese pingpong players😁

  • 2:53 Random chance bless the kid trying their damndest in the background

  • I wonder will u score, if your ball surfs beside the net? Like i mean does it count, if u are in the Olympics

  • 技术很秀,希望你来北京

  • Your videos r so inspiring and fun for am amateur like myself! The ping pong community seems so fun!!

  • 탁구에 미친 남자 부럽다 무엇가에 미칠 수 있다는게

  • 어케해ㅛ누

  • 為什麼不去奧運

  • It did be nice if I can see him play in the Olympics

  • 0:25 KEKW

  • I love how much fun he has! It brings out the best in others. Respect

  • why this guy don't go to Olympics to kick China's arse?

  • I don’t even play table tennis, but those shots looked sexy

  • Dude come to punjab...i challenge u, i can spin twice more than u.

  • This vid randomly popped on my recommendation. As I was watching Boom!!! 0:48 my home town