13 Pro Max vs S21 Ultra Full Comparison - Sorry Samsung!

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Can Apple's iPhone 13 Pro Max take back the THRONE as the Best Flagship Phone out there? Let's compare EVERYTHING between them to find out!
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Timestamps ⬇️
iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Galaxy S21 Ultra - 00:00
Exterior Differences - 00:21
Speaker Comparison - 02:24
Display Differences - 03:32
Display Quality Comparison - 05:25
Geekbench 5 CPU - 06:15
Geekbench 5 GPU - 07:32
3DMark Wild Life Gaming - 08:16
5G Speed Testing - 10:29
Camera Quality Differences - 12:41
Battery Life Comparison - 13:38
Camera Quality Comparison - 18:45
Which is the Flagship King?! - 14:36

Apple's new iPhone 13 Pro Max might seem like a 12S type of upgrade, but in reality, Apple fine-tuned the features that had issues to create an excellent flagship phone!

Apple added a new 120hz ProMotion display, better speakers, better cameras and much more!

In this video, we compare everything including performance, benchmarks, cameras, display quality, 120hz smoothness, display quality and much more to find out which phone is better in 2021!

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  • Small correction: The S21 Ultra doesn’t support MicroSD anymore

    • I paused the video to go check mine and then I was like…..naw that ain’t right. What a huge miss.

    • @CIA 4GENT Yep, with that auto brightness

    • @Test 123 it’s brighter only outside under the sun!

    • @CIA 4GENT It is brighter actually. But samsung displays die too fast (You can see countless number of reports in samsung members app) over the years.

    • @jason gideon Many use it. It makes it easy for many to store their data and shift it from one device to another quickly. Just eject it from old device, insert it in the new device. And thats it, nearly 128GB or even higher capacity of videos, photos, and other files are shifted into the new device in seconds. Removing SD Card was a downside.

  • That’s what I love about tech nowadays. It pretty much comes to the user preferring iOS or Android. Both are great phones

    • @Snowfox s22u vs iphone 13 pro max would be a better comparison but people get excited when the iphone 13 pro max beats an older samsung.

    • @Had1_awresomboss iPhone 12 Pro Max would be a better comparison.

    • Idiots in the reply comparing s21 ultra an older phone to a newer iPhone 13 pro max and being like we destroyed samsung Hear me out what do you think would happen if we compare a s21 ultra with an iPhone 11 pro max? Spoiler:samsung destroyes iPhone.

    • @Nicholas Rivera I wish ILaward comments system didn't suck so much lol. I don't know which comment of mine you replied to, but still stand by the notion that Huawei was positioned to be the best across most categories (and with the Harmony OS ecosystem, maybe even top Apple on that front).

    • @Snowfox that's true. Huawei was beating every smartphone company.

  • That's the sound of millions of S21 Ultra owners looking for a micro SD card slot and sighing in sadness at not finding it.

    • @King Thank you.

    • wdym? im looking at my s21 right now that I got yesterday and it has an SD slot

    • @TechAndy very true….correct..

    • @AR the 21 ultra sold 13.5 million units this year

    • iPhone's users looking for more storage in iCloud paying...

  • For me it comes down to customization and that's where android wins. I'm using an Iphone 11 Pro Max but that S21 Ultra is looking really good.

  • I never liked curved screens. I stayed Samsung until they left the flat screen Note. Then I slowly converted to iPhone full-time. I just keep a Pixel 5a for keeping up to snuff on android now.

    • @B its funny who this is the only comparison I've seen Samsung lose lmfao

    • @Deep Mangat Our Note 8 AND 9 models both had burn in, the 9 being the worse of the 2 models. It's been a challenge to relearn things, MacOS and iOS are a different kind of experience. The lack of real multitasking is what infuriates me the most tbh. For instance, if I have YT open, and I want to go to a diff app real quick, it will stop playing. Amazon music will still keep playing though; so it's app dev for the most part. I will say though, the speed, batt life, build quality, ease of sync for Wifi setttings, photos/data, and fluidity are great on the iPhone. I'll be staying with the 13 PM after this upgrade, these phones are just getting too expensive.

    • iPhone and pixel 5a are a great pair. Since Samsung dropped mst, no reason to use Samsung pay. People keep saying screen burn like a thing of the past, but I keep seeing my keyboard on every app though.

    • @B screen burn is real my note 8 is literally burned , moving to 13PM arriving in 2 weeks . Hope the switching will be worth

    • We've had many Note models and got tired of screen burn in on all of them. Finally moved to Iphone Xr until the 12 came out, now moving to 13 Pro M. I hate not being able to split screen or multitask, but the iphone just runs and syncs with my new Mac Air M1.

  • Having owned a S21 Ultra and now the 13 promax 512gb, I can say that the iPhone is much nicer to use and feels more polished and refined. The picture quality and videos are also nicer. Samsung only wins on zoom ability however the zoom capabilities of IPhone 13 pro max are completely adequate. Another thing that really bugged me with the Samsung was the fact that it could not take clear photos of moving objects eg my kids suddenly moving or jumping on a trampoline. The shots always turned out blurry due to the very slow shutter speed. On the iPhone 13 promax this is not an issue whatsoever.

    • I will switch from s20 ultra to 13 pro max... ( never have s21) my first Iphone in Usa..🤣

  • I have both phones and in no way did i manage to get a good enough photo from the Iphone. Also like other people mentioned this channel is definitely biased and it has always been leaning towards iphone. Other reviewers gave quite better and unbiased opinion and showed how the processor is barely faster and let's not forget that iphone 13 pro max should be compared to the next samsung coming up as they would be from the same gen. I'm sure the apple maniac fans would fall for all the nice things being said about the iphone and while it can be good at things it is definitely not worth the hype. Just a matter of preference in operation systems honestly.

    • Iphone gives you much better flexibility with photo/video editing. Samsung is better only if you don't edit your photos and prefer what samsung does to your photos.

    • @DAMN hahahahaha 😂 😂 agree with the shit taking. This guy doesn’t own shite actually. Such a BSer firstly involving the channel owner being a biased traitor, then calling them iPhone owners maniacs and then at the end the BMW drops by 😂 😂. I hope this guy won’t pollute the environment around him 😂.

    • @Brandon Cornelius no 8 gen 1 performs 20% better then the a15

    • Spoiler alert, Snapdragon gen 8 is slower than the A15

    • @DAMN I'd gladly show you i have both even though i don't need to prove you anything. I have them simply because i didn't have to spend money for that plasticy garbage(the iphone). I am saying it not because i am upset that it's better but rather i'm upset people can be so biased and not look at things objectively. Like saying a BMW is worth the money when it's a piece of overhyped trash car. But people are loyal to the brand and like to close their eyes and praise this garbage. Same with all apple products. Yall are delusional. Bye.

  • Both great phones. I use android and iOS. Of the two I'd take the iPhone in preference.

  • I am an Apple user but seeing them side by side like that on landscape really does make the notch look very, very bad. Along with the thinner bezels, watching video on the Samsung does seem much more immersive. It's funny, Jony Ive always talked about his perfect phone as an end to end 'sheet of glass'. Ironic that it's the Samsung that does that.

    • I admire much of the work of Jony Ive but if it was for him we would still have super thin phones with terrible battery life and bad temperature management

  • Fact check: The Samsung S21 Ultra doesn’t have a MicroSD card slot!!!

    • @NVO immaturity at its finest. What are we, in 5th grade?

    • @The Dark Knight dwl so u really think that having more specs and higher megapixels means better ? It’s ok if u love Samsung gimmicky features but the software is garbage I’ve testers both and the only thing that s21 beats the iPhone 13 is in zoom lol that 8K video recording is trash with only 24 fps lol it’s universally known that iPhone video is way better it’s the best on any phone check every reviewer video test reviews and see for yourself don’t take my word for it

    • @Andrew Salinas you guys always says iphones got the best cameras but explain how the new iPhone 13 Pro Max have only 12 megapixels cameras? Y'all been using 12 megapixels cameras since the iPhone 6s. It takes good photos but quickly breaks down when you zoom in or crop in. Samsung is using 108 megapixels cameras and they take one of the best photos. Samsung got better stabilization and can record 8k videos. Samsung got better internal hardware. What does your iPhone have to offer that will make eyes roll? I have a s21 ultra and no one, not even family can trick me into getting an iPhone. I'm not downgrading!

    • @The Dark Knight Please tell me how it's better. You guys always say it's better and then the hard facts show otherwise.

    • @Lloyde Turner you can literally download anything off safari what are you talking about

  • But could you comment on split screen mode with two apps running and connecting to an external display either wired or wirelessly and having a windowed desktop experience?

  • Very interested to see a comparison between these two and pixel 6 pro

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max is amazing overall. I’m impressed!

  • But when it comes to customization and making your phone feel how you want it and having widgets that can do what you want, Android wins. Yes Apple has widgets and some are great, but a lot of features on Android just blows iOS away. But either phone is a win.

    • @settheworldonfire9 Hm it has an equalizer. The display is very good - made by Samsung. Ok you have limited access to data files but most people won't care. Widgets look better on Android but Apple's improving. I have my personal background image and ringtone. That's enough for my need of customizaton. Your issues with iPhones are not a big deal for me and probably for the average user. Bluetooth vodecs, sure, but I can live with it High end user should use wired headphones I still use my RHA T20 cable version and wireless Bose QC35II. That's enough for me.

    • @Squidward's ass is lit You dont even have a simple file explorer on those iphones or pro mode on the camera or an equalizer, Bluetooth codecs, it has shit display and those are not small things and having taken them as "standard" i can't believe iphones dont have them and i feel crippled and limited using an iphone and i hate it. So it's not just the widgets, it's so many other small things that people never mention but actually make a huge difference.

    • Let's be honest, people don't use most of those feattures you are referring to

  • The one we’ve been waiting for. 👍🏻 There should be one comparing the 12 pro Max vs 13 pro Max 5g capabilities to see if the new chip actually makes a difference.

    • Theres a bug with the current firmware on the 13 so its much slower than it should be

    • U don’t see it do you?

  • I just got that 5G UC update with iOS 15 and I went from a pretty slow 5G connection in my area to a steady around 100-150 MBps speed, so I'm pretty thrilled with T-Mobile, even more than I already did!

  • After a lot of thinking, watching reviews, camera comparasing, battery comparasing… I’m getting the Pro Max. I wanted S21U for a long time, but now… It’s clear. I’m both Samsung and iPhone user.

  • I can't bring myself to care about camera specs because I know the software is way more important. I used an s21 ultra for a while (although I actually got fed up with samsung's software and went back to my oneplus 8 pro) and now I'm using a 13 pro in my right pocket and despite "only" having 12mp sensors it's much better than the samsung or the oneplus.

  • Best thing about the pros this year, you get a great battery in the smaller pro (nearly s21ultra long), same great cameras as the bigger max, smaller price tag than both, you just don’t get s21ultra 10x periscope, and a smaller more pocketable screen. In the max, you get monster battery.

  • Two top companies trading blows. Love it! I prefer the extra hardware and software features of The Samsung, but both great phones! On that Note (S-Pen pun not intended)..... The S22 Ultra leaks look epic!

    • @Street Magus Trading blows, I meant S21 Ultra being top of the game, then IPhone 13. S22 Ultra leaks look amazing and may dominate again. I wasn't talking about these two phones specifically. However, in this comparison they only really tested technical specifications, rather than use case scenarios. Hardware wise, I use, which is missing on iPhone: Periscope zoom lens, s-pen support, reverse wireless charging, FP scanner preferred. Software wise, Samsung is better for multi-tasking, has Always on Display, support for different launchers, whereby I can load my existing Nova Launcher profile and settings. Can I live without some of these....Yes. Do I want to..... No. Don't get me wrong, if Apple adds some or all of these things for iPhone 14, I'll likely get that. I have no particular alligance to any company. I already use IOS with ipad Pro.

    • What blows were traded? It looked like one took all the blows. Also what extra hardware features are you referring to?

  • I had the S21 Ultra for 6 months and I thought it was super smooth and fast, but I just got the Pro Max Ultra and man it just feels so much faster and smooth! The only way I can really describe it is that it feels like it’s live. Opening and closing apps feels like breathing and exhaling. It’s my first iPhone and I don’t think I will ever go back! The simplicity of iOS vs the cluttered and bloated feel of android. And boy let me tell you about iMessage! It’s a whole different pleasant experience just messaging people! Anyway! I love The iPhone 13 Pro Max!

  • It's very hard to see my display on this Note 10+ in the shade outdoors when watching HDR movies.. I gotta grab a 13 Pro Max.. Nov.5th back In-Stock with my carrier at $35 a month, beats $50 for the S21 Ultra

  • the key for phone companies to get great reviewers is release them later lol . each year the later the phone comes out reviewers say that phone is better than the ones that came out before lol

  • It's strange how Samsung expects to compete with Apple, by taking away hardware features such as the SD Card; a major plus for sticking with Android phones and low price options.

    • Yes, the task of figuring out where to put the S Pen is ridiculous.

    • samsung isnt competing with apple anymore, samsung is the innovation here, apple phone just catching up since iphone Xs, with framerate, features, double sim, etc. I am just waiting for what samsung will comes up next year. Iphone will be the same, catching samsung or android features.

    • It's strange how Apple expects to compete with Samsung

  • Upgrading to the 13 Pro from the XS in coming weeks. Thanks and great video!

  • I am using Linux Desktop primarily for programming, while also have been testing macOS in VM, enjoying watching ILaward videos about M1 MacBooks and I would love to get my hands on Macbook 14 :), Unix, Optimised OS, Boosted ARM chip, Great battery; Unrivaled Laptop for programming

  • Timestamps ⬇️ iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Galaxy S21 Ultra - 00:00 Exterior Differences - 00:21 Speaker Comparison - 02:24 Display Differences - 03:32 Display Quality Comparison - 05:25 Geekbench 5 CPU - 06:15 Geekbench 5 GPU - 07:32 3DMark Wild Life Gaming - 08:16 5G Speed Testing - 10:29 Camera Quality Differences - 12:41 Battery Life Comparison - 13:38 Camera Quality Comparison - 18:45 Which is the Flagship King?! - 14:36

    • @Wise One see description of this video

    • You put 12 it’s the 13

  • I’m finally upgrading to a new iphone. I have had my iPhone x since it first came out. It is still pretty good, but it’s about time I get the newer gadget for at least another 3 or 4 years.

    • Same! If my battery hadn’t hit degraded mode and started throttling my phone, I’d be sticking with the X for another year even! Such a great phone, but time to say goodbye.

    • @1337 is the way u just broke

    • Thanks for your keen observations, guy

    • You guys are sad, throwing money out of the window

    • Good luck mate.. I miss that iPhone 7 jet black though.. one of my favourites!

  • Samsung blows Apple out of the park with a nice big middle finger. I just hope samsung gets a sleeker design. I'm really surprised the samsung ultra is lighter. That phone was already super heavy to me.

  • The HDR brightness more depends on the player settings where you could increase the brightness ( S21 was darker), for example the 3dmark demo shows on the contrary that S21was brighter. But those results do not bother me a lot anyway.

  • Gr8 video overall but I would just like to add that the pricing is now much different samsung made the the starting price to $999 so it's already $100 cheaper than 13 pro max and still other than that u can find so many gr8 deals on ultra cause it's a but older phone and because of that pricing the s21 ultra get some more weight in this battle. Other than that gr8 video as always!!!

  • I upgraded to 13 pro max from 7 plus. So much improvement from 7 plus ❤️

  • The S21 Ultra does not have a micro SD card slot as you mentioned at 1:32. You reviewed the phone over six months and didn't remember. Mistakes happen but dang😅

    • He's a iPhone user he doesn't even care 🤣🤣🤣

    • @F. Moussa au contraire, mon ami..what good is back up on an SD card which is in your phone, if the phone gets stolen or dropped in a river, sea, from the train, etc.. while a nice USB C dongle can be on key chain, always with me, easy to pop in ON the Go, literally...pop in, move whatever any direction, of the phone, onto the phone, pop out and done.. keep popping the SD card out so many times, how will your slot cover hold for long before getting damaged and start to let water or dust in...? You say you can have SD card installed PERMANENTLY in the device... yeah, but why? isnt the main purpose of the SD card to be able to physically take the data out of the device, into another device, or vice versa..? you can easily then just do the back up on the USB dongle, that is separated from your device, thus being safer and more secure option than SD card which is subjected to same type of catastrophe that happens to your smartphone..? Am I wrong? I just cant see it..sorry..

    • @Gene Holtz Your idea is nice but never a solution for no SD card slot. The SD card can be installed permanently in the device. You can encrypt it and so on. Your OTG solution is made for one purpose and one only, to transfer data from a sd card to the mobile, that’s it. You can’t use it as backup or anything. Because you would have to install it each time

    • @ILikeDogz Why would you not do it when you buy the phone itself? Or you could just use cloud storage

    • @ILikeDogz true, but this made lot of sense back when internal SD card, or eMMC card, was like 32 or 64GB, nowadays one can get 256 or 512GB base storage on phones, even 1TB coming now... I mean, how much crap do we need to carry in our phones??? haha.. as I said, I have tonne of photos and videos on my 64GB iPhone, probably had to delete about 64GB worth of stupid and unnecessary videos, some from vacation, some from my daily walks, 4K recordings of bunch of cows, or squirrels.. hardly to say I really needed those videos to have with me forever.. most of the things important to keep can be transferred on a more secure external drive (cant be stolen , cant be smashed, etc.. CAN but less likely than a smartphone.. videos do eat up the most of storage, huge part.. unless somebody is a professional videographer (with smartphone as main workhorse??), I can't fully understand why so much extra storage is needed , in addition to these options which are available today..

  • Both phones are top of the line, best of the best! I have iPhone 13 pro max 1TB. I still prefer Samsungs android phones

    • Such a waste, Get the 512 GB option instead it’s much cheaper and doesn’t cost like 1900$

  • My biggest complaint about the 13 pro max is the 5g and Wi-Fi. 5g was supposed to be better this year. But when I test side by side with the 12 pro max the 12 always beats it. And the Wi-Fi performance hasn’t been upgraded since the xs max. It may have a better chip and Wi-Fi 6 but it doesn’t work any better or any faster. I even have a Wi-Fi 6 router. My PC is able to pull 1.2 gbs on the 5 ghz band. My 13 pro max is capped at about 700 just like the xs max.

  • 7:43 - You keep saying it's 326% faster, but you mean 226% faster. 100% faster would be double, so 200% would be triple

    • Yeah you’re not correct

    • Teach me meth sempai

    • @Misha Voronenko 100% faster is 'the same' twice. Keyword is faster.

    • 100% is the same 126% tho would be 26% better

    • ​@Snorty McGout I understand where he got the 326% from, but he meant to use 226%. He's talking about how much faster the iPhone is vs Samsung (he mentioned over 3x the speed), so he wants a %faster figure.

  • But the weight difference gives the iPhone 13 Pro Max longer battery life, I would rather have that extra weight for better battery.

    • RVS

    • Agreed, it’s 10g for around 1.5hrs extra battery life over the s21 ultra… i would gladly take the small compromise

  • It's funny how the iPhone was brighter when he did the brightness test but when he was showing the HD videos the samsung was brighter. I have both phones and outside the Samsung is more visible.

  • apple uses samsung panels. and they are inferior to the ones samsung uses on their own flagships, so i am not sure what tweaks were done to make the apple look better screenwise. added to that, SD888 is now miles behind E2100 (granted, apple SOCs are and will probably be the best for a long time but the difference would not have been so huge), the real samsung flagship is the 21U 512 with 16 gb RAM (of course apple is best optimized HWare /SWare, but again the difference would not have been so huge), camera wise S21 is still better on photo (while apple was always better on video) the difference being you need to know how to use it. all in all i agree 13pro max is probably better (as it should be since it is newer) but i dispute the way this video was done.

    • Take some low-light photos w/ either 13 pro / pro max and come back, it is really impressive, I've yet to see anything else on the market produce that quality.

  • Wow impressive improvement over the 12 pro max.

    • @Armaan Singh Ultra got better screen color tuning and peak brightness. But its screen dies or damages too fast, look at the countless number of reports regarding display issues in samsung members app since S7 and still happening in S21. They can't even manage to fix it. So what's the use ? Its reported to happen right after the warranty expires OR after an update. (yellow/green tint, black screen of death, pink lines, flickering)

    • @Rest Assured samsung defo has the better display apple buy there screens from samsung

    • @Rest Assured superior to what honestly,cant say superior without saying in what

    • @Armaan Singh nah iPhone is superior

    • Bro trust me s21 ultra's display is better. I have both. He just dimmed the brightness of s21. See other youtubers like MKBHD. They are showing completely opposite. The bench mark he showed. S21 was on power saving mode I saw that in the video

  • I’ve been really noticing that 5-core GPU on my 13 Pro even coming from a 12 Pro which wasn’t as good at handling games at higher quality settings

    • @Super Mega PowerG which sucks, but it’s better already so I can’t wait to see what it’s like when the performance isn’t capped at all

    • apple still capping their performance useage until it total optimized yet.

  • Now... we'll watch with S22U: if the render are correct, iPhone may feel scared

  • I just took in my sister's iPhone 11 today, but I help and messed around with my mom's iPhone 13 pro max a few days ago and WOW is it amazing. I'm not a borderline apple nor borderline Android fan. I just get a phone that satisfies my needs. if I hadn't have gotten my sister's 11, I would have saved every paycheck from work to purchase a 13 pro or the max version.

    • The macro camera is amazing on the 13 pro phones!! You can take a stupid close of of an eyeball and see all the different layers of eye! Freaky! (Note10+ user moving onto S21U)

  • The screen brightness of Samsung phones seems to be the elephant in the room. People like to quote the 1500 nits spec but you never actually get that unless you're viewing HDR content in direct sunlight. The max indoor brightness for normal usage is really dim, and is one of the things that keeps me away from Samsung. It would be a simple software fix from Samsung but they've been this way for years.

    • @MemeClips He gave the Samsung credit for an SD card slot when it doesn’t have one. Scores of people would make a purchase decision just on that. That was by far the fishiest thing.

    • @jason thomas All it means is it’s an all around better performer. Not the end all, but pretty darn important.

    • I have a note 10 plus and I've never needed to increase the brightness over 50% (indoor), so i think it's a silly reason to keep you away from samsung

    • @MemeClips you're so obviously lying jfc 😂

    • Tell me why when I use both of these phones myself the iPhone display was never brighter idk bruh there's sum fishy about this tech channel, from other tech youtubers that do display test the iPhone was never brighter.

  • S21 was a downgrade or a pivot in many ways from a S20 as they predicted low sales because of the alleged pandemic and political turmoil. Apple is much more set in so their cpu, battery and camera can't be stopped even if they wanted to.

  • Simply put, iphone is untouchable in terms of processor power.

  • I think you can do a video exporting test between these two devices to really show their real power instead of using just geekbench to see how powerful they are.

    • @Rawrrr lmao misinformation at his finest

    • @Zedarına Instead of doing tests almost NOBODY does, why not do a real-world case like playing 1-3 of the most popular games? Genshin Impact or Pokemon Unite. iPhone 13 lasts like 1.5h when you game on it. Also slows down a lot. It loses 50% performance within minutes.

    • Saw a couple reviewer do them. The iPhone ran laps around the Samsung.

  • It sounds like I’m going to enjoy the iPhone 13 Pro I recently ordered from Apple! Also, I’m trading in my iPhone 12 in the process. 😎

    • Me too. I’m trading in my iPhone 10 XS Max with 256GB for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Why wouldn’t I? AT&T is giving me $1,000 for the trade in promo. So my new phone will cost me $199. That’s a no brainer!

  • Great work Max. Although im an iPhone user, I do appreciate the competition from other manufacturers. It keeps Apple on its toes.

    • @Dave why do u think they started to compare their phone to other phones in their events?

    • @Dave there is most definitely competition don’t say that. If there was no competition then you’d see something like what intel was doing for the past 8 years, stagnation

    • What competition??? 😂

    • Same here! Plus it’s fun to explore the new Android features lol

  • THE BEST flagship smartphone for YOU comes AFTER choosing between iOS and Android. Different for everyone! I need an Android for work since iOS is too finnicky as it lacks support in my country (The Netherlands, west-europe) at most companies. Like printers, WiFi, basic stuff just don't work well with an iPhone here. Also notifications are unreliable with the iPhone. Those two are enough for ME to go with an Android. Work comes first!

  • The fact that it's 2021 & 🍎still has the NOTCH, it's unacceptable. Only dummies pay premium $ for a 2007 design🤣

  • The S21 does NOT support a Micro SD Card like the video said.

    • @Gene Holtz iPhone does have OTG you idiot 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • @Krystian Stępień don’t talk no sense please.. do some research before commenting

    • This whole test is a complete rubbish. Samsung`s max brighness is 1500 nits not 500nits due to this video. Benchmarks on iPhone was run like 240p, etc.

    • @BΞRSΞRK discussion is good, sometimes we can learn from each other, and get better understanding of something.. but yeah, some people just need something to argue about and put others down and call them names... I guess everybody needs a hobby, eh? :D

    • @The Jevinator I care

  • Just curious if you had Video Brightness in the Advanced setting turned on for the S21 Ultra?

  • Having tried both phones I got a clear winner which is obviously S21 Ultra for so many reasons which are sad when 13 Pro Max Is new and still behind. People will be defending the slightest thing saying you can't see it or feel it etc. I use 13 pro right now since I do own other apple products and like the ecosystem itself but the phone is a different story. The Resolution on iPhone. I thought something was wrong with my display but just a bad resolution. Why no 1440p 500ppi? YOU CAN EASILY TELL, it shocked me. The 12mp Camera cannot be pushed more which can be seen. Not so sharp nor vibrant pictures other than good lighting it can give amazing pic. Videos iPhone wins though. Telephoto 3x and still got an F2.8? bruh, at least be on par with Samsung there or better xD The Face ID has been inconsistent so far. I've had so many times it says it's unlocking but I can't swipe and have to press the power button and then press again and then it works. 120hz has been so awesome on iPhone but inconsistent again! Dunno if it is because apps are adjusting, might be? Spotify for example with animations seeming like it is on 30 frames. It's like the phone can't tell what is going on and is ramping down........ Not just in apps but also when I scroll in settings it sometimes is like ramping down... Should just stay 120hz till the screen is still or the content is something else....... Also no Wifi 6E or Bluetooth 5.2! The Notch is still irritating, should have been narrower instead honestly. Love the battery life on the phone though! Amazing! Speakers great 2! So S21 Ultra without a doubt a winner between them. I just like the iPhone with my other devices personally. Can't go wrong with either though. No way iPhone 13 pro max dethrones S21 Ultra when it is lacking and still behind xD other than the clear one like the chip etc

    • Yeah, your experience is way different from mine bro… I have the 13 ProMax and S21 Ultra, and the Damn and the display is definitely an improvement to me…. Also, the same games play way smoother on my 13, I prefer photos on my S21 in certain situations, but video there is no comparison, 13 blows it away…. I love both ecosystems, but I do use Android a bit more because I also have the TabS7+5G…

  • 13 pro max is OP. I would go for it over the ultra

  • Whenever an iphone adds split screen functionality and the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously: then Maybe it will compete with the s21 ultra 🤔

    • Maybe when Samsung can actually make a decent processor Samsung wont suck as much.

  • During the gaming segment, the iPhone gaming looked a lot better and not just the frame rate but also the sharpness and overall clarity on the screen. Also I was wondering if anybody could tell me why the iPhone is so heavy? I thought it'd be the battery, but the Samsung has a bigger battery, yet it's lighter.

  • The s21 ultra could get as bright though with the video enhancer feature though just thought i should add that

    • I just love the iPhone vs Samsung arguments 📱

    • @Rousseau the samsung panel does have a higher peak brightness and can also sustain that peak brightness (like the iphone does, as both panels are made by samsung displays only), but I think there is a major flaw in the calibration of the panel on the samsung, while the iphone panel is perfectly calibrated. You can also see that in a side by side comparison of the hdr video performance of both the phones, samsung doesn't retain darker details in low lit scenes, while the iphone does retain them.

    • @Baby Yoda it's 8 month newer,shouldn't it be better?

    • @no one LOL.

    • @Rousseau how high it can go is the peak brightness which is 1500 nits Its not about how long it can last Its about the peak The top Tip of the mountain

  • The iPhone is siiick!

  • Watching this on my new iPhone 13 pro max 256gb Sierra blue which is my first apple coming from note 10 plus...I agree it's the top dog 🏆

  • My thoughts are that to make the comparison fair we need a new samsung to compare to the new iPhone not a generation older samsung to compare against the new iPhone we might as well do samsung s21 ultra vs iPhone 11 pro max.

  • The iphone 13 pro max is a beast beautiful phone and great quality

  • Video enhancer should be turned on for HDR on the Samsung. Either ways 13promax is a beast

  • Hello Max Tech. Can you do a full comparison of Vivo X70 Pro+ vs the phones on these video? Based on the camera comparison of other reviewers of X70 pro+ vs the 13 pro, iPhone was smoked especially at night mode. It's way way better. You will really get excited. Please please please make a full comparison. You are the one doing the best comparison videos.

  • My iPhone 13 Pro is more powerful than one of my laptops with an Intel Core i5-11300H.

    • @Dishant Seth s21 ultra has Spen support and split screen etc

    • @Dishant Seth s21 ultra bruh

    • Mec il faut pas abuser

    • @Rest Assured I can afford it and would never buy one, much prefer the S21 ultra which I have.

    • And you're using third of it scammm

  • Man everything is so convincing in iPhone 13 pro ,but the only reason i am controlling myself from getting it is ,the screen change next year or any big change which will be the norm for next 4-5 yrs. Already had that experience with my iPad pro.

  • Glad I waited the year for the 13 Pro Max.

    • Same I waited for the 120hz screen as well.

    • @VirtualVince same i just waited for the 120 hertz

    • @Race Of Knowledge I just upgraded from the 6 Plus I’m good but thanks.

    • Wait for 2 more years for 15

  • With the 13 Pro Max you have the advantage to choose 1TB of internal storage. The S21 Ultra is limited to half...512GB. Samsung premium phones don't have a slot to expand storage anymore...only in the budget, mid-end level. These two phones are great, great but expensive too...the two masters of the universe. 📷🍎🔭🚀☎️🎆🪐🌙🐳🇨🇦🙂 * The iPhone 13 Pro Max (256GB and up) is definitely the better overall phone between these two ... Kong vs Godzilla. Phones are just fun toys to play with. And Samsung is gong to need a lot more juice in the future to ketchup with 🍎 But that upper notch has to go, and same for that lightning port. It is what it is.

    • @CarlTheRenegade There is that possibility; we'll just have to wait and see. I can wait, I'm patient. 🙂 So far I'm impressed with King Kong iPhone 13 Pro Max in comparison to Godzilla Galaxy S21 Ultra, no doubt about it. The notch has to go though. And the 13 Pro Max cannot touch that S21 Ultra Space zoom. 🔭😎

    • "But Apple will slow down their phones in the future".

  • for me both have good specs

  • iPhone and S21 were both the same db level, but the iPhone gave a richer sound.

  • Thank you for the time stamps on the video time line. I'm sure it takes more time but I always appreciate it and leave a like.

    • @Armaan Singh one I don't need to secondly even if I did how third why?

    • @Ron prove me that u have both

    • @Armaan Singh @Armaan Singh i have both to compare now. IPhone screen is a little brighter when stuff like true tone and b auto brightness is off but it doesn't seem by much 🤷‍♂️

    • Bro trust me s21 ultra's display is better. I have both. He just dimmed the brightness of s21. See other youtubers like MKBHD. They are showing completely opposite. The bench mark he showed. S21 was on power saving mode I saw that in the video

    • Oh also I didn't notice the screen on the iPhone being brighter during video... is the pro max that much brighter than the pro?

  • Kind of a biased review I would say, but to each their own. I've had both and prefer the look, feel, and customization abilities of the Samsung much more.

  • I wonder what types of readings you would get if you tweaked the indoor 5G speed test so that the phones were not sitting right next to each other. It looked like for the outdoor speed test, the phones were not right next to each other thus avoiding any signal entanglement. But indoors the speed test had the phones right next to each other which might affect how the antennas are picking up the signal. Would be interesting to do a follow up and see what happens.

    • @Evacody124 I agree to some extent....but it also depends on other factors like your location, interference/barriers to reception, modem and router, and to some extent the phones 5G chip...so yes...simply put it depends on the carrier, but not just the carrier. The carrier dictates maximum speed, not actual speed. So what I'm getting at in my question are controlling the other factors possibly involved. If you want to argue that another phone sitting next to another phone has no effect on the first phones 5G speed, then go ahead...but we know this isn't true because a certain level of congestion does affect speed which is why all the hype with 5G as it creates more "highway lanes" for the information to travel on. So in this case, another phone probably won't affect another phones signal because there is not enough congestion (of course we don't know what other devices are using the same service/router) but then again maybe it will...not to a great extent but to a measurable extent. So I appreciate your comment but it's a very simplistic way of looking at how internet speeds really operate.

  • Great in depth video! Basically nowadays phones are down to iOS exclusive apps vs basically unlimited features from Samsung/Android. Some people value those iOS apps more, some like to have a ton of software features to play around with. Me, I’m simple. So iOS exclusive features just make my day to day life easier when communicating with people in my life. I’d still say if you are into posting content on social media or super into cameras in general, the iPhone is the way too go. Overall, they have the best cameras. Plus you don’t have to deal with Android fragmentation compression issues that make uploads and sending pictures/videos look like crap.

  • The performance difference is getting embarrassing. I'm really embarrassed for them and the s21 is more expensive.

    • @Jeffery Campbell well samsung not only has a fab (which apple doesnt) but like apple they design their own chips. Samsung has the capacity to be more Vertically integrated than almost any other company including Apple. They make storage controllers. They make ram. SoC. Screens. Camera sensors. Android is open source and modifiable so they can control that. They not only design the hardware but manufacturer it. If anyone can out do apple it's samsung. To be honest for a while there they were. Then it'd almost like they ran out of vision. They also stink at getting 3rd party buy in to support their products. Apple is eatting everyone's lunch right now. They need competition but I'm worried everyone is two steps behind in building a platform.

    • @Jeffery Campbell exactly 💯

    • It is sad that Android devices can't come close. I don't think it is all Samsung. I think a lot of it is Qualcomm and their processors. They are good, but need more refinement. They should technically be able to compete in a closer race based on specs. It is just not optimized enough.

    • @Armaan Singh ZFold3 but i use both. It's just a phone no need to insult other enthusiasts. Let's see if samsung with X2 cores and AMD gpu can make it a closer fight. As it is the iPhone 13 has one of the fastest cores in any processor period. The only things that compete with this core are the big AMD cpus in workstations and expensive gaming rigs. The iPhone 13 gpu I'd faster than/as fast as any integrated gpu in a laptop.

    • @• JɆt • don't talk to me until u don't watch the video of supersaf or mrwhosetheboss. They are telling the truth that s21 has a brighter display. And I am pretty sure that u have an iphone that's why u r crying for that eaten logo.

  • Samsung gutted micro SD in S20 series. Get Note 10 + for 45 watt charging, S-pen, and micro SD.

  • Samsung s22 ultra coming soon 🔥

  • The bars only relate to call signal strength on the iPhone. It doesn’t factor in cellular internet strength. It’s strange.

  • Love the 13 Pro Max! 👍💪

  • I have ordered iphone 13 pro max but after seeing so many reviews on utube and seeing this guy , He's definitely an apple maniac 😂 like when i finally decided to order the iphone the only reasons for that were good resale value and a better battery life(not that samsung's is bad) and apple has like no built-in features to take advantage of its highest processing chip like samsung does but to me i wasn't much more of a gaming or photography type of a guy, just wanted a phone that i could enjoy in a long-term period and still having a good resale price in the market. (Also i like iphone back design more then tha samsung's s21 ulta although completing ignoring the notch on the front that iphone has😒)

  • I totally agree. With a 13 pro max in hand, I am very pleased with it so far. I got just hours before a big family gathering, with hopes of capturing some great memories. I got it unlocked and just swapped my sim card. I did not notice how much it was charged, but the little icon at the top showed it had some charge in it. Two days later it was at 38%, so I just bumped it up to around 80%. The photos are amazing. I would recommend it to anyone as a great long term investment... If I had to nit pick to say something being not the best about it, I would say the weight. I do have a heavy duty case, including screen & lens protection on it, but coming from my 6 plus, ya you notice the extra weight. I think the extra long battery life is more then a good trade for that. Just loving this thing...

    • Mucho texto

    • no need for lens protection, it is sapphire, lens protection is just hindering your camera by having light having to go through yet another medium. Had a tech reviewer do scratch tests which convinced me the lens protection products are worthless. Mous case limitless with front flolab screen protector anti-glare is best combo I found thus far.

  • Thank you for not spending all the time in the video just talking about cameras. Other reviewers seem to think that the only reason a person chooses a phone is to take pictures. That's not true. I rarely use the camera on my phone. I instead use a real camera when I want to do photography.

    • That being said, yes, the cameras are not everything in a phone.

    • Meh… A lot of people don’t want or can’t afford to spend $1,000+ on a phone just to spend more $$ on a separate camera. I can see how people can be interested in a cameras comparison.

  • 1:29 there is no memory card support for S21 Ultra either!

  • I wasn’t aware of the S21 Ultra having a Micro SD card slot for expandable memory??? Awesome video Max. Fair, un bias, and full of detail. 👍

    • It doesn’t have one. He made a mistake.

  • Are use a Pixel, but if I had to choose between these phones I’d go with the iPhone because Samsung has screwed up android beyond belief.

  • That awesome bezel less, notch less look itself is a huge win for S21.

  • The speakers on the 13 Pro Max sound much deeper, but in terms of loudness i think they are pretty much the same so both have very good speakers!

    • Personally hearing the iPhone 13 speakers they do have more Bass, but in this video the iPhone sounded more "tinny" on the highs and the Samsung sounded more rounded. I preferred the Samsung sound on this video, but I know the Apple is a little more richer especially in the low end sounds. It is too hard to hear real sound quality through cheap laptop speakers. LOL

  • Love both brands!! Apple and Samsung are the best!

    • Have had a lot of bad luck with Samsung devices. Never an issue with Apple. If I was an Android user again I’d go for the pixel.

  • Make a full detailed gaming comparison and data speed comparison video between s21 ultra 13 pro max

  • Did you turn on the manual hdr brightness settings on the s21 ultra?

  • The iPhone panel looks brighter but for some reason the Samsung panel looks sharper to me.

    • Yeah i think both of these phone displays are as good, the iPhone has a brighter display however slightly lower resolution and Samsung with a higher resolution but with a dimmer display

    • I doubt anyone could tell the difference between a 1440p and a 1080p display through viewing a 1080p video comparing the two side by side (since the space used up on the screen by the phones respectively gives the camera much less pixels to work with than the actual resolution of the panels). That said, 1440p is better than 1080p, I just find it a bit disingenuous to make that judgment based on this video alone.

    • @Atis Basaki would still get that 1000 nit panel compared to Samsungs 500 nits, that’s a bigger diffrence than that resolution

    • @Shady Character iphone only 1K display quality

    • @Azlan Lan The Samsung gives people the option of turning off the QHD display when they don't need it, since it helps drain the battery more quickly. That's a good option to have.

  • Liked the video because I agree with the best flagship phone

  • Samsung sold the superior display to Apple?? Or is Apple getting displays from BOE or LG?

  • Let me just say this. If iphone does away with the notch up top, and goes to usb type c instead of lightning. Where will samsung be at then?

  • Can you guys please do a video editing speed comparisons with phones as well ?

    • Bro trust me s21 ultra's display is better. I have both. He just dimmed the brightness of s21. See other youtubers like MKBHD. They are showing completely opposite. The bench mark he showed. S21 was on power saving mode I saw that in the video

  • Wow. I’m shocked how much brighter and better the iPhone 13 Pro screen is over the S21 Ultra

    • Samsung has protectio from heatin if you do it manual and see thebelwarning of overheating it goes to 1500 nits i xant even look at it its so bright

    • @Rundown Galaxy nice cap dude

    • @Thrift Beast doesn't matter what year producción it is when 1 phone its 8 month never to the other,so honestly comparing its stupid since it should be spected to be better

    • You guys forgot the fact is that S21 Ultra has 8 core proccesor 😎

    • oh ? and talking about mac , just going to the basic with this video ilaward.info/the/wyd-w/3GGXq510up3Pooo , close the cases , your words was a joke 🤣 I DO EXPERIENCE IT BY MYSELF , DO YOU ? idiot

  • Hey, have you checked the read & write speed of drive in iphone 13 line? They will not just give latest tech in same price, as just to make more money, they came up with the idea of environmental stuff, so that they can sell charger separately. Why didn't they think of extra packaging for that charger. If plastic is a environmental issue, what about all the paper that goes for packaging. Do they know how many trees are required for that extra packaging. It's not only Apple, it's all the companies. But it was Apple who started this blunder.

  • Excellent video like always!

  • I was surprised at the iPhone 13 over the display HDR content, way brighter. I don't trust Samsung with their spec on the screen brightness nits.

    • Apple uses a 1-spec lower-grade display from Samsung. Funny how you don't trust Samsung while Apple uses a display MADE by Samsung.

  • Extremely nice video !! Keep it up Max and team ! Big fan from India !