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3:21Chrissy Teigen Reveals Cosmetic Surgery on Her Face
Chrissy Teigen Reveals Cosmetic Surgery on Her Faceצפיות 23 אלפי2 ימים לפני
10:10Tyra Banks DEFENDS Olivia Jade's DWTS BACKLASH (Exclusive)
Tyra Banks DEFENDS Olivia Jade's DWTS BACKLASH (Exclusive)צפיות 6 אלפי2 ימים לפני
3:44Reese Witherspoon Shares 'Legally Blonde 3' Update (Exclusive)
3:53Cardi B Tries COOKING!
Cardi B Tries COOKING!צפיות 42 אלפי2 ימים לפני
5:07Leslie Grace Talks BATGIRL (Exclusive)
Leslie Grace Talks BATGIRL (Exclusive)צפיות 2.3 אלפי2 ימים לפני
2:47Taylor Swift Does Wildest Dreams TikTok Trend
Taylor Swift Does Wildest Dreams TikTok Trendצפיות 88 אלפייום לפני
3:37Watch Lil Nas X GIVE BIRTH
Watch Lil Nas X GIVE BIRTHצפיות 162 אלפייום לפני
3:01Watch Stormi Webster IMPERSONATE Mom Kylie Jenner
Watch Stormi Webster IMPERSONATE Mom Kylie Jennerצפיות 67 אלפייום לפני
1:41Nightmare Alley Official Trailer
Nightmare Alley Official Trailerצפיות 81 אלפייום לפני
4:38Howie Mandel Remembers Norm Macdonald (Exclusive)
Howie Mandel Remembers Norm Macdonald (Exclusive)צפיות 19 אלפייום לפני
3:01Lil Nas X Goes Into LABOR on TikTok
Lil Nas X Goes Into LABOR on TikTokצפיות 244 אלפייום לפני
0:55Watch Selena Gomez Get PIERCED on TikTok! #shorts
Watch Selena Gomez Get PIERCED on TikTok! #shortsצפיות 24 אלפייום לפני
8:01AGT: Dustin Tavella Reacts to WINNING Season 16! (Exclusive)
3:03Ariana Grande’s Fellow 'Voice' Coaches GEEK OUT Over Her
2:31Wendy Williams Has COVID-19
Wendy Williams Has COVID-19צפיות 110 אלפייום לפני


  • Hilarious!!!! She belongs in a nut house its called karma!!

  • The fans don’t realize they are making Selena look bad and embarrassing her. She is not as desperate as her fans like to portray.

  • He is destroying the African culture with those sh*t

  • Sza beautiful and sweet 😍

  • Sick demented mafiosos they all need to be taken out back and DEALT with. YOU HEARD ME ROTHSCHILDS YOU INBRED SWINE.

  • Why is fucking media are promoting these types of shit

  • Grandbabies.👍👍👍👍😍😍😍

  • White people, honestly dramatic asf. I would be a bit sympathetic if your fame were a result of some particular skill thats beneficial for our society, but if you're literally famous for dancing in front of a camera but you cant deal with the repercussions of fame ie; hate or criticisms, then honestly give it up. Give up the fame. You cant have your cake and eat it too.

  • Conor would've wrecked him

  • How the fuck is ja rule still a thing in 2021

  • Fame/Career really ruined their friendship

  • Let's go

  • He’s really pregnant!!! You’re a racist if you don’t believe him!

  • she so gorgeously stunning 💃

  • People need to grow up 🙄

  • I heard that emma makey leaves sex education... Is that right?

  • Megan calls her man a boy lol

  • I don't think this is what the interviewer expected when she pulled this out

  • plot twist ....it is mc gregor vs mgk

  • For as tough and arrogant as Dame tries to come off he can’t hide his vulnerability when it comes to Aaliyah I feel like she’s the only woman he ever truly loved

  • I love you Justin

  • Yo sex education is really playing with my emotions now whenever I think of sex education season 3 it makes me cry season 3 is like different

  • Weird! So fukin weird

  • He is so handsome

  • RUBY ❤️ OTIS

  • Charlie is rude AF though, if all his siblings canceled him then there must be something there.

  • I wonder If Ariana gets tired of people kissing her ass!🤣

  • Who tf is this Megan??

  • This season didn’t feel like sex education all the characters that previously had chemistry lost it and just the soul of the show completely changed like I don’t know it feels like every season strays away from the grounded journey season 1 set up and not in a good way.

  • No comment at all! smh

  • Hope Emma is in S4 and they actually have a relationship

  • her daughter is short and with a very round face, two things modeling houses dislike if it wasn't for her mothers connections she would've never been a model

  • That is so sad Selena and Justin have not been together for more than a bit now he's married and they are both on different paths leave these people alone

  • The “deflated basketball face” comment that woman made about her must have affected her self esteem

  • Wow there are literally no comments supporting Meghan or Harry. Never knew everyone could agree on something

  • So Kobe died and now no one can discuss the things he did? Lol aaaw you guys are cute

  • Ruby x Otis > Maeve x Otis

  • People should respect the couple, Hailey didnt deserve that

  • I’m so happy for them. 💕such a good couple.

  • There was no chemistry this season

  • Unmarried and unfaithful woman this topic hit them soo hard.

  • I think I need to give this season another watch as after watching it I feel like it was rushed, didn’t have the soul of sex education etc.

  • Biebers wife just called him a good kid. Wtf

  • they all look shit in those outfits but still people love them

  • They are trying to start a trend

  • Did she think Biniam don’t understand everything.sometimes white peoples thinks us that we born with out mind

  • That hollow just makes her jaw line look massive now.

  • This is sickening....🙄

  • I just finished bingewatching season 3 !💖🔥👌🏽👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿💯 Netflix we need season 4 like now !!!🔥💖😫

  • What is the purpose of this ish when NOBODY EVER WHERES THIS BS IN PUBLIC???

  • Don't call those people selena's fans...

  • As a girl i feel extremely disgusted, grossed out This is just so disrespectful towards women and all the girls out there in the world

  • Mashetani

  • May be the baby can belong not to biniam

  • Nothing left to the imagination there.

  • "Jack do not say anything sus"

  • Rob is a good man. I like him.

  • Yep

  • Y’all just don’t care lol no respect at all. But then again most of y’all are like 15.

  • Crowd is cruel. One jerk started to shout, everyone else copied. Awful.

  • Pencil chin.

  • Drake and Rihanna seem more like friends than a couple

  • Don't be rediculous , post the song or stop click baiting

  • You guys need to keep it going because you guys just can’t add the kids growing up we need to see that

  • His outfit was awesome, that girl who insulted his outfit is an a s s hole 🙄

  • I love how because of Rory and the whole time travelling nonsense, I really thought lucifer was going to die but then they managed to make it where he doesn’t see Rory even thought he wanted too. And his purpose in hell was good. Also remember when Lucy went to hell and came back and it had been thousands of years for him but about a few months for earth? Think about how 40 years for Chloe was probably 100 thousand years for lucy

  • Remember ladies. During tough timesno word can depict how u feel. But after solving the issue one can come out with a book with a million words.

  • Some demonic shxt outchea going on fr?

  • 2:07 SHES bleaching her skin. The dark circles, the black hands with the light face. She’s clearly 5 shades lighter since season one

  • I feel so bad for adam .

  • i think they'll find a new school and turn it into a sex school hahhahas or be in college and there will be a new characters i guess hahsha

  • I love how she said her daughter looked at her!!!❤️🥰🤩

  • 1:29 security guard in the back brought his emotional support dog lol

  • You got to understand, that Lady Gaga is not a bad person she is a human being just like the rest of us and when you're famous or you're rich don't let people try to take advantage of you because you got money, be smart.

  • Jesus christ is the way the truth and life . REPENT FROM YOUR SINS .if not you will go hell forever .

  • -Waht-