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Hey, I am Romina and I am addicted to TikTok, ILaward and Instagram!!

In this channel, I am posting:

- Cool TikTok Tutorials
- Tasty Food Ideas
- Hairstyle and Makeup Tutorials
- DIY Hacks
- Piano and Singing

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0:16This hair back is something else.. #shorts
This hair back is something else.. #shortsצפיות 15 אלפייום לפני
0:16Cap transitions!! #shorts
Cap transitions!! #shortsצפיות 49 אלפייום לפני
0:14Cap transitions tutorial #shorts
Cap transitions tutorial #shortsצפיות 48 אלפי2 ימים לפני
0:12This has the prettiest result! #shorts
This has the prettiest result! #shortsצפיות 105 אלפי2 ימים לפני
0:15This is crazy!! #shorts
This is crazy!! #shortsצפיות 343 אלפייום לפני
0:17Behind the scenes of the weird transitions!! #shorts
Behind the scenes of the weird transitions!! #shortsצפיות 120 אלפייום לפני
0:15This is weird!! #shorts
This is weird!! #shortsצפיות 73 אלפייום לפני
0:10When you are lonely.. #shorts
When you are lonely.. #shortsצפיות 491 אלפייום לפני
0:26What is Cryptocurrency? Explained for Beginners! #shorts
0:11Behind the scenes of this transition #shorts
Behind the scenes of this transition #shortsצפיות 135 אלפייום לפני
0:09I went through the door!! #shorts
I went through the door!! #shortsצפיות 131 אלפייום לפני
0:11Behind the scenes!! #shorts
Behind the scenes!! #shortsצפיות 115 אלפייום לפני
0:07My twin hit her head so bad!! #shorts
My twin hit her head so bad!! #shortsצפיות 244 אלפייום לפני
0:19I was so close!! #shorts
I was so close!! #shortsצפיות 131 אלפייום לפני
0:13This is how I made a phone house #shorts
This is how I made a phone house #shortsצפיות 758 אלפייום לפני
0:11This is so weird.. #shorts
This is so weird.. #shortsצפיות 364 אלפייום לפני
0:425 things to look out for before buying a house!! #shorts
0:15Tried this hair hack!! #Shorts
Tried this hair hack!! #Shortsצפיות 352 אלפייום לפני
0:19If makeup was this easy!! #shorts
If makeup was this easy!! #shortsצפיות 450 אלפייום לפני
0:19I risked my phone for this!! #shorts
I risked my phone for this!! #shortsצפיות 146 אלפייום לפני
0:25How much I earned from YouTube Shorts Fund!! #shorts
How much I earned from YouTube Shorts Fund!! #shortsצפיות 62 אלפייום לפני
0:15Spoon makeup hack?? #shorts
Spoon makeup hack?? #shortsצפיות 214 אלפייום לפני
0:19Behind the scenes of me making food #shorts
Behind the scenes of me making food #shortsצפיות 168 אלפייום לפני
0:11The makeup game!! #shorts
The makeup game!! #shortsצפיות 736 אלפייום לפני
0:45How is this possible?? #shorts
How is this possible?? #shortsצפיות 720 אלפייום לפני
0:15Would you eat this? #shorts
Would you eat this? #shortsצפיות 522 אלפייום לפני
0:11Where did my head go?? #shorts
Where did my head go?? #shortsצפיות 453 אלפייום לפני
0:22Behind the scenes of my transitions #shorts
Behind the scenes of my transitions #shortsצפיות 1.5 מיליוןיום לפני
0:15Best transitions!! #shorts
Best transitions!! #shortsצפיות 2.1 מיליוןיום לפני
0:16Behind the scenes of a cool video!! #shorts
Behind the scenes of a cool video!! #shortsצפיות 217 אלפייום לפני



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