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NF - CLOUDSצפיות 7 מיליוןיום לפני
3:02NF - Chasing_(Demo) ft. Mikayla Sippel
NF - Chasing_(Demo) ft. Mikayla Sippelצפיות 9 מיליון4 חודשים לפני
NF - PAID MY DUESצפיות 38 מיליוןשנה לפני
3:56NF - Change (Audio)
NF - Change (Audio)צפיות 18 מיליוןשנה לפני
3:28NF - Options (Audio)
NF - Options (Audio)צפיות 8 מיליוןשנה לפני
4:31NF - I Miss The Days (Audio)
NF - I Miss The Days (Audio)צפיות 14 מיליוןשנה לפני
5:13NF - Leave Me Alone
NF - Leave Me Aloneצפיות 67 מיליוןשנה לפני
5:04NF - Nate (Audio)
NF - Nate (Audio)צפיות 13 מיליוןשנה לפני
3:54NF - Returns (Audio)
NF - Returns (Audio)צפיות 10 מיליוןשנה לפני
3:23NF - No Excuses (Audio)
NF - No Excuses (Audio)צפיות 6 מיליוןשנה לפני
4:09NF - Trauma (Audio)
NF - Trauma (Audio)צפיות 7 מיליוןשנה לפני
4:22NF - Hate Myself (Audio)
NF - Hate Myself (Audio)צפיות 17 מיליוןשנה לפני
4:39NF - Let Me Go (Audio)
NF - Let Me Go (Audio)צפיות 12 מיליוןשנה לפני
4:14NF - My Stress (Audio)
NF - My Stress (Audio)צפיות 26 מיליוןשנה לפני
3:14NF - Thinking (Audio)
NF - Thinking (Audio)צפיות 3.3 מיליוןשנה לפני
0:50NF - -Interlude- (Audio)
NF - -Interlude- (Audio)צפיות 612 אלפישנה לפני
3:47NF, Sasha Sloan - Only (Audio)
NF, Sasha Sloan - Only (Audio)צפיות 16 מיליוןשנה לפני
3:29NF - Like This (Audio)
NF - Like This (Audio)צפיות 6 מיליוןשנה לפני
4:04NF - Time
NF - Timeצפיות 57 מיליוןשנה לפני
4:01NF - When I Grow Up
NF - When I Grow Upצפיות 135 מיליוןשנה לפני
4:52NF - The Search
NF - The Searchצפיות 94 מיליוןשנה לפני
3:25NF - If You Want Love
NF - If You Want Loveצפיות 47 מיליון2 שנים לפני
3:12NF - WHY
NF - WHYצפיות 69 מיליון2 שנים לפני
3:04NF - NO NAME
NF - NO NAMEצפיות 53 מיליון3 שנים לפני
3:36NF - Let You Down
NF - Let You Downצפיות 166 מיליון3 שנים לפני
5:13NF - You're Special (Audio)
NF - You're Special (Audio)צפיות 45 מיליון3 שנים לפני
3:39NF - 3 A.M. (Audio)
NF - 3 A.M. (Audio)צפיות 18 מיליון3 שנים לפני
4:00NF - Destiny (Audio)
NF - Destiny (Audio)צפיות 8 מיליון3 שנים לפני
3:13NF - One Hundred (Audio)
NF - One Hundred (Audio)צפיות 4.5 מיליון3 שנים לפני
3:36NF - My Life (Audio)
NF - My Life (Audio)צפיות 18 מיליון3 שנים לפני


  • I’m still here

  • Hearing this guy for the first time. Can we get an Amen? No? Ok...

  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Wow

  • whatever you are going through God wants you to know you will have to turn to him.

  • 7 Million views in 6 days 😳😳🔥🔥 Can't wait for the whole album to drop

  • Pennywise ....... NF. YOU WANT A BALLON

  • The lyrics describe my last ex pretty well. It makes me a bit sad and miss him a little but we ended for good reasons. I hope he's doing well.

  • my first song was let you down i was here for 3 years i love every song

  • Calmly feel myself evolving Appalling, so much I'm not divulging Been stalling, I think I hear applauding, they're calling Mixtapes aren't my thing, but it's been awfully exhausting Hanging onto songs this long is daunting (Yeah) Which caused me to have to make a call I thought was ballsy Resulting in what you see today, proceed indulging As always, the one-trick pony's here, so quit your sulking Born efficient, got ambition, sorta vicious, yup, that's me Not artistic, unrealistic, chauvinistic, not those things Go the distance, so prolific, posts are cryptic, move swiftly Unsubmissive, the king of mischief The golden ticket, rare sight to see I stay committed, embrace the rigid I'm playful with it, yeah, basically Too great to mimic, you hate, you're bitter No favoritism, that's fine with me Create the riddles, portrayed uncivil Unsafe a little, oh, yes, indeed It's plain and simple, I'm far from brittle Unbreakable, you following? I'm Bruce Willis in a train wreck I'm like trading in your car for a new jack I'm like having a boss getting upset 'Cause you asked him for less on your paycheck I'm like doing headstands with a broke neck I'm like watching your kid take his first steps I'm like saying Bill Gates couldn't pay rent 'Cause he's too broke, where am I going with this? Unbelievable, yes, yes, inconceivable See myself as fairly reasonable But at times I can be stubborn, so If I have to I will rock the boat I don't tend to take the easy road That's just not the way I like to roll What you think's probably unfeasible I've done already a hundred fold, a hundred fold It's probable that I might press the envelope Ideas so astronomical Sometimes I find them comical Yeah, incomparable, replay value phenomenal Beat selection remarkable, slowing me down, impossible I don't rock no Rollies I don't hang around no phonies (No) I don't really got no trophies I don't know why God chose me (I don't know) Got something in the cup, ain't codeine (Never) Change my style, they told me Now they come around like, "Homie" Man, y'all better back up slowly, back up slowly Woo, who are you kidding? How could you doubt me? I've always delivered Ripping the teeth out of the back of my mouth's The closest you get to my wisdom See my initial thought was to wait But what can I say? I had to come visit Check on you guys, you doin' alright? Your year really sucked? Yeah, that's what I figured They cover they heads up whenever I drop Shake the whole industry, put 'em in shock Come out the clouds like a meteor rock Then land on the earth like "Ready or not?" Ain't no one like me, the cream of the crop Don't even front, better give me some props I pick up your body and throw it a block Okay, I admit it, that's over the top, not Deer in the headlights looks every time I step my foot on the ground I get mistook for a lame with no weight to his name Ground just shook, let's not beat around the bush Even my B-sides throw 'em off like how's he do it? Some say I'm a great influence I don't know about that, but I did do the best I could "Hollywood, Hollywood Hope Nate doesn't go Hollywood" You think that, you don't know me good You think that, you don't know me good "Hollywood, Hollywood Hope Nate doesn't go Hollywood" You think that, you don't know me good You think that, you don't know me I always advance, say how I feel, you know where I stand Raising the bar, I gotta expand Top of the charts, I'm setting up camp Pound in my stakes, I put up my tent Shoot for the stars, they fall in my hand Stick to my guns, I don't even flinch Can push all you want, ain't movin' an inch I rarely miss, you know I'm relentless Ain't got a choice, no way to prevent it Just who I am, and I don't regret it See what I want and then I go get it Followed my gut, I'm happy I did it Beat all the odds, I ain't got no limits Cannot be stopped, you paying attention? I ain't gotta say it, they know where my head is They know where my head is

  • I here shit like this and it blows my mind that anyone dislikes it.

  • videaso

  • I fav NF songs 1. Green Lights 2. Let you down 3 when I grow up

  • this is my favorite rapper keep up the good work so much talent

  • One of the hardest endings omg

    • I AGREE!

  • NF is literally a top tier rapper, he doesn’t even need swear words to spit bars, that’s just talent

  • How do hate this song broooo

  • This guy is just hitting my headphone

  • Also Taylor Gibson. You lied. There aren't that many reasons the real number of reason goes on forever its infinite.


  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Respect ✊

  • This shit hits so hard on some seriously deep levels.. music is something that can honestly encapsulate raw emotions and turn something so sad into something so beautiful

  • Im listening to this and its 2021. I've been listening to this type of music since I was 8. Im 11.

  • Best ever 🔥🔥🔥

  • A young goat setting up shop🔥🔥🙌💯

  • ....Well there goes all my data

  • I Love your music @NFrealmusic. Respect , really :D

  • 2021 anyone?

  • Sensational! Uoooooou

  • The new Eminem.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • If I kept ending up in random places like that it would be so chaotic 😂

  • This was what Eminem felt like back when he spoke like us

  • When the ping is shit and you're lagging all the time

  • Noice

  • Is your Song is fantastic!!!!!

  • Without the music, it would be just some random guy teleporting to random places confusing and terrifying people.

  • "they push me- I'm gonna swing"

  • wow

  • unbelievable, yes, yes, unconcebable good

  • The growth is crazy

  • Your music helps me so much. I'd love to go to one of your shows one day but probably not gonna happen cause of my Hyperthyroidism but you are amazing and you have my support. Good luck!

  • Ok, i admit it, im here again

  • I didn't search for this it just came up in my feed 😌


  • I don't know who's more boss nf walking against traffic lip syncing or the camera man walking backwards trusting his spotter behind to make sure he walks back in straight line and. Filming by zooming cars.

  • This just made my day!!👊🏻

  • This is what I like about NF's music. It's not like other rappers. People compare him to Eminem, but his and Eminem's music are two very different things. Eminem is good, but NF has that feel that makes you freak whenever the beat drops.

  • absolute god tier Nate

  • مريض

    • @souhil chahna فان كبير؟!

    • @YOYO 2017

    • @souhil chahna من متى تعرف NF 🙂؟

    • @YOYO هارب

    • @souhil chahna مثلك🤣

  • No sé cómo llegue aquí . Pero es fascinante 💋

  • We love it so much I cry well not actually but I dance to it

  • We love it so so so so much I’m using my moms phone and I’m a kid I’m always sex and my name is Avahs not all of it only onefrom the Perkins family

  • His verses are just 🔥🔥 nf never disappoint

  • Dear strangers that read this hope you have a beautiful future

  • waw futur eminem


  • Snickers just called. They need their bars back and you're bankrupting them with your earcandy

  • Is this that 8mile movie you young kids are watching at the drive ins these days?

    • @Phil Spaces he is really good. He is also very unique on how he connects his music and albums like marvel movies. This song connects to his outcast songs head in the clouds lyric line and continues from paid my dues.

    • @Nikki Mubel exactly what I did. 🤣

    • ? I am 42 and he is nothing like eminem 😂 What did you watch this song only and say eminem?

  • SICK BROOO!!!!

  • This song is sad but also good to 😢😅

  • Nf is the Goat 🐐

  • Wow so Beautiful I am using my moms phone she told me to watch this I am a kid six years old avah Love this so sad and so beautiful

  • One of the best NF songs I've heard. Lyrics and delivery on point.

    • I agree with you

  • Cinematic.

  • kinda reminds me of the Ultra Instinct OSt ngl

  • I'm getting a young eminem vibe here and I love it!

  • 2:58 eminem diss

    • B sides are mixtapes as well. He has his mixtape coming out. he means his B sides throw the critics off like how does he do it? The whole song is about how he disrupts things everywhere he goes.

    • There is no eminem diss in this 😂

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Unbelievable

  • NF : stopping me impossible Casually trips over bike lol

  • - « Amidlisa ». - « Affaire Bibbiano». - « Amoris Séverine ». - « Amoris Audrey ». - « Élise LUCET viols d’enfants ». - « SKS la loi du silence ». - « Enfants du juge Roche ». - « Laurent Louis Eliot Di Rupo ». - « Réseau Coral ». - « Pierre BERGÉ pédophile ». - « COHN BENDIT pédophile ». - « MITTERRAND pédophile ». - « Jack LANG Coral ». - « Jean-Pierre MOCKY censure». - « Jean-Pierre MOCKY les ballets écarlates » - « Béatrice Dalle cadavre ». - « L’heure de se réveiller ». - « TF1 pédophile ». - « DE BEKETCH pédocriminels » - « Angers pédophile ». - « Gilbert ABBAS ». - « Élise LUCET viols d’enfants ». - « Roger Holeindre Coral ». - « Stan MAILLAUD » - « N24 Ardèche secte » - « Zandvoort le fichier de la honte ». - « Pizzagate ». Pensez donc à votre descendance, partagez, nos enfants ne pourront que vous en remercier.

  • He is the calm and nice cousin in family gatherings who is already respected by the bigger ones. But when he is alone, his true spirit appears

  • b side and em reference, shots fired to feminem

  • Good memories

  • nf dissed em in diss track.

    • Here you are again. Grow up 😂

  • There is a difference between laughing and smiling and being happy, a lot of people do not understand this.

  • "An Effin recovery clone of me " - eminem

    • Yes so no swearing being a christian singing only songs cinamatic beats mean he copies eminem. Eminems own brother nathan follows NF in twitter and IG. He does not follow MGK. Crook has said he is very talented twice now. Those two closest to eminem would not support him if so. Get a life and move on 😂

  • I’ve listened to this song about 20 times a day since it came out